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Fort Dodge was a pivotal fort during the Indian campaigns of 1867-69 and 1874-75. The Wet and Dry Routes of the Santa Fe Trail met here; the Fort Hays-Fort Dodge Trail ended here, and the Fort-Dodge-Fort Supply Trail began here. Millions of pou
In part two of Trail to Medicine Lodge provides a first-hand experience of a young freighter named Billy Dixon. Dixon describes his journey southward from Fort Harker to Fort Larned and across the Arkansas River to Medicine Lodge. During the tr
 Welcome to Wild West Podcast, a time in early Kansas history when forts were the sentinels along the Santa Fe Trail to protect onward travelers of a westward expansion. In this new series entitled Fort Dodge the Sentinel to the Cimarron, we wi
 Part one of "Trail to Medicine Lodge" describes the reasons behind forming a peace commission to end the war with the Plains Indians while describing the Medicine Lodge location in Kansas. The story progresses as Billy Dixon, a hired freighter
 Wild West Podcast proudly presents Hancock's War, The Edmund Guerrier Story an unprecedented season of violence on the plains of Kansas. Settlers, overland travelers, and railroad construction crews in post-Civil War Kansas were becoming incre
The Tale of Two Gunfights and One Crazy Mule is an authentic story base on the first-person account of Emanuel Dubbs. Emanuel Dubbs's story takes place on August 20, 1871, when he arrives in Newton, Kansas. The story opens when Dubbs and his wi
Wild West Podcast proudly presents "Texas Billy and Squirrel Tooth Alice." This true story begins in Abilene, Kansas, when Billy Thompson arrives after a long cattle drive from San Antonio, Texas. Billy Thompson, known as "Texas Billy," decides
 In part five “The Gathering Tribes” the Indians become aware of the Adobe Walls settlement and gather under the leadership of Quanah Parker to form a war party. Quanah Parker a Comanche war chief seeks the advice of a spiritual leader by the n
 In Part four “Prairie Thunder” the Buffalo Hunters from Dodge City establish a new settlement along Adobe Creek called Adobe Walles. The hunters are waiting for the big herds to arrive while Billy Dixon explores the territory for the movement
Wild West Podcast proudly presents Utes Revenge, the First Battle of Adobe Walls in part three of Return of the Great Hunters. Forty buffalo hunters from Dodge City are camped out along the stake plains in the Texas Panhandle when George Plumme
Billy Dixon and a company of fifty hunters travel south on the Jones and Plummer Trail past the Cimarron River and out into Indian Territory.  When the expedition reaches Adobe Walls Creek, Billy Dixon, Tyler and Masterson decide to explore an
The Jones and Plummer Trail was established in the fall of 1874 when two former buffalo hunters turned merchants and freighters. These two men Charles Edward (Dirty Face) Jones and Joseph H. Plummer, established a store at the head of Wolf Cree
Buffalo Days, Legends of Dodge City, is about outfits of buffalo runners who traveled in and out of the Arkansas River Valley from 1870 to 1872. The book is a collection of individual stories of how men became legends of their experiences, foun
This is the story of Moses Embree Milner, one man's life on the frontier as an Indian Scout. By the late 1860s the Army had been involved in the Indians Wars for 20 years and because of the vast, challenging land to the west, the Army needed mo
Even though a Town Company had organized the small settlement in August of 1872, Dodge City was still unincorporated. The town had no elected or appointed officials. A county government had not yet been organized, and consequently, there were n
 Throughout the American West, regular troops delivered state-sanctioned violence to execute United States law and policy. To accomplish this task the US military established multiple forts to supply military troops to punish Indian plundering,
Dodge City was founded on June 17, 1872 as makeshift bar setup five miles west of Fort Dodge. The Founding of Dodge City tells the story of when George Brown meets George Hoover who has set up a makeshift whiskey bar in the middle of the plains
Dave Morrow mustered out of the Military in May 1866. He drifted into Hays City, Kansas, where he lived for several years. David Morrow might be considered typical of many Easterners who came to the Kansas buffalo range about 1870. Dave quickly
 In the Death of an Endless Resource, the great buffalo slaughter is on, and in 1873 the herds became harder to find.  In the southern prairies, the buffalo completely vanished. To prosper in buffalo hides, the buffalo hunters sent two men to F
In May of 1872, Richard Irving Dodge takes a wagon to a high point above the Kansas plains called Pawnee Rock. The story written and produced by Mike King provides a clear description of the great southern herd coming north for the summer grass
The Wild West podcast presents the Gunfight at the Plaza the retelling of the gunfight between Bat Masterson, A.J.Peacock, and Al Updegraff. The story begins on April 15, 1881, after Bat Masterson living in Arizona is telegraphed by an unknown
 Dodge City, Kansas founded in 1872 from its very beginning’s was a lawless town. Many newspaper accounts during the early days proclaimed the town to be as “rough a community as ever flourished under one flag.” Some have claimed the reason for
Ham Bell of Dodge City Kansas, is a notable legend. He is recognized for his frontier spirit, and his ability to create. He was an entrepreneur; a person who was defined by his willingness to risk loss in order to improve the quality of life fo
The purpose of this podcast is to tell the story of Bill Tilghman, and his Buffalo Days. Tilghman was among the first white men to locate a buffalo hunting camp on the extreme southwestern border of Barbour County, Kansas. The camp was only a f
Emanuel Dubbs has an encounter with Billy Brooks. Among the many lawless characters, who in the beginning drifted into Dodge City, was Billy Brooks. Brooks was a shabby character sporting a narrow mustache with a long rounded face trimmed out w
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