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Will U Med With me?

A weekly Comedy, Health and Fitness podcast featuring Laura House
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Episodes of Will U Med With me?

Perfectionism is the worst. It keeps us from trying new stuff, following dreams, and sometimes even meditating. Liberate yourself! Med your way to freedom! Or something like that. Let's just let it all go for bit and see how that feels. Be your
Stress is the worst. If only there were a solution, like some relaxy thing you could do to feel better daily and over time. Oh, well. WAIT! There IS! It's meditation! Will you med with me? Let's do this!
Today we talk about Dalia Lama and Dolly Parton, how to get chill and EQUANIMITY. Does it have to do with horses? Kind of. Let's med together and never be sad again.
You know how you feel not fine a lot of the time? And that things aren't fine and you're not quite enough and not quite right or not...fine? Well, it's not accurate. You're fine. And meditation can help you experience that. Med with me and find
Good news! Not doing anything is super helpful sometimes. Even the Wall St Journal says so. Join comedian Laura House for a 10 minute or so, not at all weird meditation. We're back!
Dude. Come on. You can still meditate. Take a listen and find out how. Seriously. You can do it. 
Sometimes we want to be happy but we mess it all up by trying to be perfect. Or something like that.  Laura House, comedian and unlikely meditation teacher talks about new years resolutions and you guessed it, we meditate. It works for both beg
Comedian and unlikely meditation teacher Laura House reveals how to be happy all the time. Finally. 
Comedian meditation teacher Laura House will break down the best meditations so you don't have to bother with the bad ones. Or maybe they're all good? One or the other. Listen and find out. And meditate even if you've never done it before. 
Thoughts pound down like hard rain in your head. It's too much sometimes, this torrent of mind blips. These giant chunks of thought-hail. But meditation gets rid of them, right? RIGHT? We'll discuss it today. And we'll do a 10 minute meditation
This week we're answering the question, Hey, what's a mantra?  Do you need one? Do they take up much room in a storage unit? Is there any kind of two for one special? Once we get to the bottom of, we'll med for 10 minutes. It will be good. Med
Everyone wonders if you can be meditating whilst you're hating. Let's take a look at this incredibly timely question. AND we'll meditate together, no matter what probably-appropriate-at-least-incredibly-understandable though long-term harmful e
Is your brain a weird bad roommate? Do zombies prefer to eat happy brains? Commercials tell us that we'll be happy if we buy their thing...but will we? Meditation helps answer these questions, sort of. So let's meditate together, and be happy f
Sometimes the biggest bully is your own ego. Let's tamp it down with some sweet meditation. 
Ever feel like you're being chased by tiny invisible stress tigers? Well, good news/bad news, you kind of are and meditation helps. So let's do this!
I used to think of myself as half Buddha, half bitch. Turns out, that's what's going on inside everybody. Congrats! Meditation can shift which one we're focusing on. So, let's med together! On this safely socially distanced podcast. 
Join us this week as Laura discusses Social Media - get off your phone and listen. On your phone. 
Bliss is very important. Join Laura as she discusses this bliss, this bliss (unstoppable). This bliss, this bliss (unsinkable). This bliss, this bliss (it's criminal). Well, let's not go that far.
Join Laura and med and she discusses how everything we need is within us. I know that's a shocking fact for some of the people you know, but it's true for everyone. 
Wanna feel like you're on vacation (at least for a few minutes)? Meditate. Want that vacay feeling all the time? Make it a habit.  Here you can meditate even if you've never done it before or you do it all the time. 
Meditation won't take you to another dimension -- you know what maybe it will. If we've learned anything this year it's that anything is possible. Keep dreamin' meditators, see you in the 5D.
You've heard about 'The Now" ...is the 'the' really necessary? Of course not.  But still, welcome to The Enough. Was that enough...what about now? 
During the Great Time Warp of 2020, many people developed a new perspective on time. In this episode of Will U Med with Me, Laura discusses how meditation gives you time, and with it, the opportunity to respond in new ways so you're not draggin
Your brain is tired, dude. So just let it go. Let it gooooo. I'm sorry that you now have the Frozen song in your head. Meditate it away, okay? 
What's this episode about? We don't know! 
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