Ep50 Crimes Solved by Psychics

Released Thursday, 18th January 2018
 70 people rated this episode
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mystrudel reviewed this episode on Jul 24th, 2018
"If psychics were real, then at least one would have proven their ability in controlled conditions by now. Not one has."
michelleatroast reviewed this episode on Apr 13th, 2018
"This is literally the first podcast ive ever listened to and im addicted. Seriously makes my day."
Jonilee88 reviewed this episode on Apr 11th, 2018
"These Girls are Amazing!!!"
Melmars reviewed this episode on Apr 10th, 2018
"I LOVE this episode and so many more! I listen while at work and look forward to a new episode every week! The gals are hilarious and their research is amazing! Keep up the great work and don’t change anything! :)"
DyeaT reviewed this episode on Apr 10th, 2018
"Hilarious and informative! Love the info on wines and obsessed with your hilarious discussions of true crime!💕"
atnotsohairykari reviewed this episode on Apr 10th, 2018
"These ladies are hilarious. They tell the story with pinache and wit. They’re respectful while being comedic at the same time. Their accents are on point and I love it. My favorite podcast of them all. "
WendyM reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"This was a fun episode; the ladies do a good job balancing between skeptism and belief. The whole podcast is enjoyable, despite the morbid topics. They show respect to the victims, utter disgust for the perps, and through it all, their friendship shines. "
sadiemclean reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"Obsessed with them. I always feel like I'm hanging out with them and laughing along with their jokes...even if I'm in the car with only my dog. If you don't appreciate Minnesota accents, laughter and true crime, look elsewhere. "
Mmgilbert18 reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"Listening to these three is always an hilarious adventure. I love how much of their personalities show through & how much I actually learn each episode. "
Danasaur reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"I never thought I would never find a podcast that didn’t feel like a podcast. When I listen to the Gals, I feel like I’m sitting with my friends at our local watering hole. FYI— I CAN tell the difference between Lucy and Kenyon!"
tinaoler reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"OMG! Loved this episode and love you girls more. Your humor and research is outstanding! Hugs to you all!"
allisonmeyerbond reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"LOVED this episode!! This podcast is undoubtedly my favorite, and they knocked it outta the park with this episode...love the Wine Crime Gals!"
BekahMcDuffie reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"One of the highlights of my week is downloading the newest Wine & Crime! You'll laugh, you'll get drunk, and you'll feel like you have new 3 best girlfriends all whilst educating yourself on a true crime topic. "
hannahurb reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"I loved the topic of this episode! It was very unique and I really enjoyed hearing the interview with Charles at the beginning of the episode. It even inspired me to get a psychic reading for myself! I absolutely love this podcast, thank you for making my work day better!"
Kaarinmvp reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"The girls on wine and crime are so fun to listen to. If I knew them in person, I know we’d be friends. 😊"
AliciaBear reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"Love this episode!!! Love these girls!!!Love this podcast!!!"
krambow reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"Love the podcast"
emilyisabell reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"Wine and Crime is by far my favorite podcast and this episode doesn't disappoint. I usually don't love when podcasts have guests on but the psychic in this episode was funny and informative! Love it!! "
Bkauf93 reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"First of all, PSYCHICS amaze me but so do the wine and Crime girls. Another fabulous episode. "
Shanwils reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"This podcast..... so entertaining! Feels like you are hanging out with some of your best friends laughing at stupidity and justified ranting about horrific crimes. By FAR my favorite podcast out there! Can’t reccomemd enough!"
smithaba reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"I love the gals on Wine and Crime! Every episode makes my commute so much better! "
dinah reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"One of the joys in my life! I look forward each week to this podcast, I'm from Canada but currently live overseas and this is literally my SANITY. When i'm feeling a little homesick I listen and it feels like i'm hanging with my own friends... who are drunk ... and discussing cannibals. Iduno about you but that sounds a solid start to any week. "
larsont13 reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"Great podcast. The ladies are funny and knowledgeable. "
Jenb_03 reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"I have finally found people who have the same dark humor and obsession with true crime as myself! Look forward to their episodes each week and no better excuse for a glass....er..bottle of wine! "
Megwilder reviewed this episode on Apr 9th, 2018
"I cannot stop laughing. These gals are absolutely hilarious. This drive makes my morning commute enjoyable! "
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