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Wine & Crime

A Comedy and True Crime podcast featuring Amanda Jacobson and Kenyon Laing
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earthstar411 reviewed this podcast on Apr 16th, 2018
"This is just what every true crime lover needs in their lives. "
kayleeanna reviewed this podcast on Apr 12th, 2018
"Amazing as always. Sincerely yours, a Justice Butterfield admirer."
Cmd626 reviewed this podcast on Apr 10th, 2018
"These girls give me life. So happy I found your podcast. So funny. "
Mswillson reviewed this podcast on Apr 9th, 2018
"Great podcast! Funny but you still learn a lot. I laugh and feel like I am hanging out with them. I look forward to listening to them every week!"
katy_hogan89 reviewed this podcast on Apr 9th, 2018
"My favorite podcast ever! I look forward to the new episode every week. The Wine and Crime Gals are informative, interesting and absolutely hilarious. If you love true crime, this podcast is a must. "
Sfrick reviewed this podcast on Apr 9th, 2018
"These ladies are fantastic! My dark and twisty humor to a tee mixed in with my guilty pleasure of true crime. "
AshleyFolkner reviewed this podcast on Apr 8th, 2018
"These girls make me laugh so hard and cringe and cry depending on the episode. I’m entertained and educated from show to show, and I love they’re commitment to they’re listeners to bring them a great show each week. I’ve told everyone I know about Wine and Crime, now all the girls I work with are W&C junkies! "
Meagan reviewed this podcast on Apr 8th, 2018
"Love Love Love these girls! My absolute favorite podcast, I just cant get enough!"
Lydia reviewed this podcast on Apr 8th, 2018
"The best podcast there is! They’ve sucked me in from day one, and it’s still my fave. "
Rdunigan32 reviewed this podcast on Apr 8th, 2018
"Great episode by amazing ladies. I love this podcast!!!"
Aklein0416 reviewed this podcast on Apr 8th, 2018
"Wine and Crime is my jam. Alcohol and true crime, what more could you want. These ladies are hilarious and I feel like one of them. They’re my people. Give this show a shot if you love crime, alcohol and laughs. "
Tinamarie17 reviewed this podcast on Apr 8th, 2018
"This podcast is a truly great blend of the macabre and hilarity. The gals have such a good vibe and its just like hanging out with old friends. This episode is one on my faves. Hearing about psychics assisting in the solving of murders is fascinating."
Stacey reviewed this podcast on Apr 8th, 2018
"Love these ladies! They will have you in tears from laughter! "
AqueousAndroid reviewed this podcast on Apr 8th, 2018
"Wine & Crime has quickly become my favorite podcast! I'm a Minnesota gal and it just seemed to be clandestine that I would find this podcast captained by 3 Minnesota natives! They are the most real hostesses I've listened to in a long time and I genuinely look forward to each upload. If you like true crime, and you like your wine, this podcast is for you! Not only do you learn more about actual crimes that have occurred over the course of our history, but you also get to understand more about the wine that is being paired with the episode. I think this is a creative and fun way to approach true crime. It's not too overwhelming and there's something to be said about people who can have a sense of humor when discussing some grizzly details of crimes that had occurred. Bottom line: Wine &…"
CC-IA reviewed this podcast on Apr 8th, 2018
"I just want to be there with them every episode! So fun!"
BrittneyDunn reviewed this podcast on Aug 9th, 2017
"Love, love, love this podcast. So hilarious, informative, and entertaining!!! A must listen every single week!"
yfaofm reviewed this podcast on Jun 11th, 2017
"The 3 friends are HILARIOUS to listen too...regardless of whether they're talking about a case or their own can't help but feel like part of the pack. I hope to hear many more amazingly horrific stories from them! "
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