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Vanessa made the decision to go to Maine with her husband, Kieron. Familiar faces await, with less than pleasant memories to boot. Where will this lead? You tell us. https://witcheverpath.com/vote
You chose to have Vanessa take down the flag. Kieron's going to run interference. Uncle Alfred shows mercy. And the next decision you make may very well be Vanessa's last. Listen and vote at witcheverpath.com/vote
This is first episode of our new storyline. When Vanessa receives a cryptic voicemail message from back home, she's confronted with the life and identity she thought she had left behind on the East Coast. Listen to this new story and vote for t
Here we are. Hagbard decided to meet Hector and Mira at the hospital. Also, Rommel has a surprise guest. You can read the new transcript here. You have until April 9 to make a decision. Where can you vote? Why at WitcheverPath.com/vote of cour
Alphonse leads Vanessa back home. Betty prepares her endgame, and Aunt Juliet finally appears in this, the final chapter of Witchever Path's "Underground." CW: Racism, Murder, Transphobia, Homophobia. You can read the transcript at https://Witc
Part Three is here and you reinforced that love means believing in your partner when the world is unbelievable. Uncle Nick speaks, the world gets smaller, and Threading is starting to unravel. Don't forget to vote for what our protagonists shou
The first of our anthology series where you control the path.
Marvin called the witch, and planned to meet with his siblings at the shop before taking any action against the winemakers. Unbeknownst to him, his sibling, Teenie has been abducted. The witch offered him a difficult choice, to learn a spell, l
Calvin reveals why he doesn't want them to call in outside help, but the family stands united because of your choice. Meanwhile, Charteuse and Crimson decide to sample their ill-gotten gains. The choice at the end of this one is going to bring
You voted for Marvin to let it be, and he did, but haunted by the decision, and by what appears to be a real ghost, he reached out to family to see what they would do. With a heavy heart, you thought he'd try to make things right. Let's hope he
Marvin helped an old man re-live his greatest memory and ease his passing...only to encounter a terrible scene the moment he found a missing earring. After seeing a horrible scene connected to whomever holds the thing, you decided to have him r
Our new story begins. Marvin has a unique hunger and ability. How he deals with the first and uses the second will determine what happens next.  CW: Racism, language, sex, elderly people dying. Read the transcript Don't forget to vote at Witch
It's that time of year again. Yule is upon us and everyone's favorite Aeon Priest, Januae is back in the realm of the fae to learn the true meaning of the holiday. Which is chaos. This cross-over features characters from Witchever Path, A Ninth
Sometimes, things fall into place. And sometimes they fall to pieces. Sgt. Burke came across a body in the woods, and signs point to Rainer having something to do with it. Ila and Marisol deal with uninvited guests, and Boots doesn't have to go
In this episode, Jas and Steven talk about the historical and mythological context behind the first Witchever Path story, "Squirrels," we discuss a meso-American deity that encouraged sin for the purposes of then devouring it, and Sticker Mule
In this bonus episode, we talk about the Orisha, the gods of the Yoruba and the diaspora. Jas brings the knowledge, and the two of them discuss the different aspects, dispelling misconceptions, and Zeus gets a new nickname.  You can also vote a
We may be on hiatus with our interactive tales, but we wanted to give you something special. Starring David S. Dear, Mike Gagne, and Melissa Croft.  Read the transcript here.
Rommel's certain of his victory, but the gang has a few surprises. Will Hagbard, Mira, and Hector prevail? All of your choices have led to this.  CW: Racism, Homophobia, Human Sacrifice. Can't listen right now? Here's the transcript. The songs
Part seven of our most recent horror story comes to you now! In this episode, Hector follows advice, Rommel prepares a toast to the future, and Hagbard comes up with a plan. Listen and then vote at witcheverpath.com/vote.  Transcripts, and show
Mira takes a few steps toward destiny. Rommel pushes it. Hector wants a moment of peace with his new family, but even Hagbard can't give it to him. Something's going to give. Listen and then vote at https://www.witcheverpath.com/vote. Can't lis
The baby is coming. Hector is going to be a father. Rommel reconnects with an old friend. Hagbard and Mira seek unconventional help for their increasingly tense situation. Listen and then vote for what happens next at https://witcheverpath.com/
You can find the transcript here. Here is the interview Rommel gave to the "True Crime" podcast, Thought Crimes. This interview happens before Episode Three of Chosen. We hope you like this. Starring: Melissa Geiser as Kristin McAllister Mike G
When you heard us last, Rommel gave an interview to a true crime podcaster about his release from prison, Hector and Hagbard reflected on the night their band, Illusory Redemption started on the road to ruin, and Mira’s Lyft Accessible Driver t
Hector tells Angie about the moment it all started to go bad. Mira moves forward, and Rommel agrees to an interview. The latest episode of Witchever Path is here. And don't forget to vote for what happens next at witcheverpath.com/vote.  Please
Former bandmates reunite to contend with the return of their former friend, and contend with the events that split them up in the first place. This is the first episode of "Chosen", our new storyline.  At the end of the podcast, please vote in
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