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Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets

Released Wednesday, 10th March 2021
 1 person rated this episode
Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets

Wednesday, 10th March 2021
 1 person rated this episode
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This episode we help wizards looking for Dark Secrets to - wait, do you hear that? What's that sou-

This episode, your host, Smoochulon the Suave, helps wizards to find others to spill their deep, Dark Secrets. Broadcasting to you from the Heart Tower at the center of the world's lovelines, Smoochulon brings his smarter, handsomer, better expertise to your relationships. He's here to show you just what you've been missing.

Will Sore Error find someone to help them understand their magical tome, and to unsummon their many millipedes? Will Tashlynda the Tenacious destroy all who oppose her (yes)? Will Phuzor Auroras find a business partner for their magical energy drinks? Can tippy Germaine plumb the depths of acoustical grammyrie?

And were Tim Gizzard the Lizard Wizard and Quartz able to get Tim's bluray back from the Freezy King?

Go to @wiz4wiz on twitter after the show or click here to vote on which wizards will date.

Transcript here

This episode was written by Marc Campasano and Max Kreisky, and sound designed by Tal Minear (@starplanes)Smoochulon was Josh Rubino (@profcoppermane)

Our wizards this week are: Sore Error, written and performed by Achitha Sangenethy(@achitasang), Tashlynda the Tenacious, written and performed by Hannah Wright (@chemicallywrit), Phuzor Auroras, written and performed by Ramy Abdelghani (@delahk), Tippy Germaine, written and performed by Grace Gist (@g2_lpi) Quartz, written and performed by Josh Michel (@thesocialest), and Tim Gizzard the Lizard Wizard, written and performed by Jake Isenhart )@jake_isenhart)

Every wizard personal ad in this show was written, performed and recorded by a member of the community. There may be some explicit language and variable audio quality.

Content Warnings for this episode: bug sounds, innuendo, Smoochulon

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