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Suzy Buttress, The Casual Birder, enjoys watching birds.  Suzy is passionate about enjoying her local birds and getting others interested in birding.  Whether it is inspiring people to slow down and enjoy a Rook or teaching beginners to identify birds in the field, she hopes others will love their local birds too.Check out her podcast: The Casual BirderConnect with me on Twitter or email.Drink of the episodeLammergeier (Bearded Vulture)Ingredients8 cups cold water1 1/2 teaspoon orange blossom water3/4 cups fresh lemon juice (or the juice of 8 lemons)1/4 cup finely chopped fresh mint3/4 cup granulated sugar8 oz vodkaBlood Orange slicesCrushed iceDirections1. Add the water, fresh lemon juice, orange blossom water, and mint in a pitcher. Stir well.2. To serve, fill glasses with ice, pour 1 oz of vodka in each glass, and fill with lemonade.3. Serve immediately and garnish with blood orange slices and a sprig of mint, if desired.
Megan is out in Newfoundland seeing and photographing ptarmigans and moose!Follow Megan here.Find out more about Agami Heron.Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Agami HeronIngredients1 shot Brandy1 shot Green Chartreuse1 shot chilled water½ shot lemon juice½ shot simple syrupDirections1.    Mix the liquours2.    Pour in water, lemon juice, and simple syrup3.    Give it a quick stir
Shalini has been birding for many years and finds the joy in birding every chance she gets.  Follow Shalini here and #IndiAves.Find out more about Indian Pitta.Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Indian PittaIngredients1 ½ oz Hpnotiq1 ½ oz Light Rum3 oz Pineapple JuiceIce(Mocktail adaptation:...not a whole lot of work arounds for this...sorry)Directions1.    Fill glass with ice2.    Pour in liquids3.    Stir
Karla is a thoughtful birder and advocate for women birders.  She has had some cool experiences working as a field technician and out birding with her friends.Follow Karla here and Ecostudies Institute.Find out more about Hudsonian Godwit.Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Hudsonian GodwitIngredients1 shot Vodka1 shot Coffee liqueur1 shot Irish cream liqueur1 shot maraschino cherry juiceIceMaraschino cherry garnish(Mocktail adaptation:...not a whole lot of work arounds for this...sorry)Directions1.    Fill glass with ice2.    Pour in liquids3.    Stir4.    Garnish with cherries
After the recent post from an assault survivor in the birding community, more women have come forward to share their experiences revolving around abuse and assault.  It is important to believe women and empower survivors.  And I want to help women however I can - so you will find this episode is different than usual.  Kelly Longwell, a mental health therapist and sexual assault counselor and advocate, discusses an important topic: what to do if you are assaulted/abused and how to be a good friend to someone else who has.  Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Resources:Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)National Sexual Violence Resource CenterAisha White's Story & GoFundMe
Katelyn is a wildlife biologist, photographer, and passionate birder.  Her photography has even been featured in a variety of media sources - check some of it out here!Find out more about Prothonotary Warblers.Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Prothonotary WarblerIngredients2 oz ouzo4 oz lemonade4 oz seltzerGarnish with a lemon sliceIce(Mocktail adaptation: leave out ouzo)Directions1.    Fill glass with ice2.    Pour in ouzo, lemonade, seltzer3.    Gently mix4.    Garnish with a lemon slide
Sabrina is a lifelong birder that has traveled the globe looking at birds and has made an impact on her community as a volunteer guide.  She recently wrote an article for Birding Magazine describing some of the safety measures that some when out birding.Read her Birding article hereLearn more about Southern Cassowary: BBC Wildlife; San Diego ZooSafety Tips for Better BirdingConnect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Southern Cassowary Ingredients1 oz prune juice½ oz lime juice1 ½ oz vodka4 oz Ginger Beer1 oz orange liquorice(Mocktail adaptation: don't use vodka)Directions1.  Fill glass with ice2. Pour remainder ingredients into a shaker3. Shake shake shake4. Strain into glass
Janine is a passionate and charismatic Australian woman birder.  She is well known for her work in conservation and love for getting people out and appreciating wildlife.Learn more about her here: Echidna Walkabout, Koala Clancy FoundationLearn more about Star Finch here: Star FinchConnect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Star FinchIngredients3 oz guava nectar3 oz orange juice2 tb grenadine1 ½ oz spiced rumMaraschino cherriesIce(Mocktail adaptation: use ginger ale in place of the rum)Directions1. Fill the glass with ice2. Pour in guava nectar, orange juice, spiced rum, and grenadine3. Gently stir4. Garnish with cherries
Andrea is a birder and photographer in California.  As a newer birder, she has really utilized her resources: Google, Twitter, local Audubon, and more to get start on her birding path!Learn more about her here: Wandering AlwaysLearn more about Brown Pelican here: Brown PelicanConnect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Brown PelicanIngredients½ cup apple juice½ oz blue curacaoFill with preferred light beer (pilsner, lager, blonde, etc)(Mocktail adaptation: use ginger beer and Monin or Torani Blue Curacao that is non-alcoholic)Directions1.   Pour the apple juice and blue curacao into a pint glass2.   Fill with your preferred light beer3.   Gently stir 
Etta Cosey is a birder in the Seattle-area that has built a community of senior birders.  She is an avid learner and brave enough to work on gulls!Learn more about her here: Birding is for Everyone: Etta Cosey's Liberating Birding (Seattle Audubon)Learn more about McKay's Bunting here: Identifying McKay's Bunting (ABA)Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website.McKay's BuntingIngredients8 oz Hot Chocolate (I used Swiss Miss and Milk)1 oz Bailey's Irish Cream1 oz Coffee LiqueurToasted Marshmallow(Mocktail adaptation: use Irish cream flavored syrup and coffee instead of the liqueurs)Directions1. Make the hot chocolate2. Stir in liqueurs3. Garnish with the toasted marshmallow
Ana Amable works with the Jacamar Club to create opportunities to empower women birders in Peru and beyond.Check out some of her work here:Jacamar Club - Women BirdersAna's websiteConnect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Torrent DuckIngredients1 ½ oz Pisco.25 oz Lime Juice2 oz Mango JuiceGinger BeerIce(Mocktail adaptation: leave out the Pisco)Directions1. Fill glass with ice.2. Pour in the Pisco, lime juice, mango juice, and fill with ginger beer.3. Gently stir.4. Enjoy!
Orietta Estrada is a writer, content creator, and fierce advocate for equity and inclusivity in the birding community.  Check out some of her work here:Black & Latinx Birders Scholarship FundOrietta's TwitterConnect with me on Twitter, email, or website.American WoodcockIngredients1 oz Vodka1 oz hazelnut liqueur1 oz coffee liqueur1 oz half and halfCaramel sauceice(Mocktail adaptation: not sure of an adequate replacement for vodka or these liqueurs)Directions1.    Prepare an old-fashioned glass by drizzling with caramel sauce, fill with ice.2.    In a shaker, mix together vodka, hazelnut liqueur, coffee liqueur, and half and half with ice.3.    Shake shake shake4.    Pour into prepared glass and top with caramel sauce, garnish with a gummy worm, if you like
Stephanie Lopez is a passionate naturalist from the Rio Grande Valley.  Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Ingredients1 oz light rum1 oz vodka½ oz cream of coconut1 oz half and halfHandful of chocolate chipsice(Mocktail adaptation: not sure of an adequate replacement for rum or vodka)Directions1.    Pour ingredients into a shaker2.    Shake, shake, shake3.    Strain into a glass 
Chidi Paige is a STEM educator and advocate for youth engagement and community building.  She uses games and activities to connect others with birds and wildlife.Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Other notes:Chidi PaigeBirdwiserFledging Birders Hannah and Erik Go Birding - The Birding Co-op EpisodeThe Birding Co-opIngredients1 oz Light Rum1 oz Dark Rum¼ oz Galliano2 oz Orange Juice1 oz Pineapple JuiceJuice from ½ limeIce(Mocktail adaptation: leave out the rums and galliano, add a dash anise flavoring and vanilla to your fruit juices)Directions1.    Squeeze lime into a shaker2.    Add juices, rums, and galliano3.    Shake well4.    Strain into a glass with ice
Cheryl Hogue is a passionate woman birder who advocates for others online and in person.  Her positively and insight is invaluable and is an inspiration to do better and create a diverse community.Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Kowa Women In SteppeGlobal BirdingIngredients½ cup lemonade¼ cup ginger beer1 oz rumsplash Blue Curacao1 Tb GrenadineIcelemon(Mocktail adaptation: leave out the rum, use Monin Blue Curacao which is non-alcoholic)Directions1. Fill rocks glass with ice2. Pour in lemonade, blue curacao, and ginger beer3. Carefully pour in grenadine so it sinks to the bottom4. Garnish with a lemon slice
Kate Dolamore is a watercolor artist that uses tiny paintbrushes and fine details to bring her fabulous critters to life on the page.  She is inspired by nature and started painting as a way to become a better birder!Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Ingredients1 cup of coffeePreferred amount of ½ and ½ 1 oz Fernet½ oz simple syrup1 squirt lemon juice(Mocktail adaptation: leave out the fernet, I am not sure of an adequate non-alcoholic substitute that will have a similar flavor.)Directions1. Brew a cup of coffee.2. Pour in the ½ and ½ to your liking, fernet, simple syrup, and a squirt of lemon juice.3. Stir and enjoy
Megan Shersby works with the BBC Wildlife Magazine, a wonderful publication that brings readers stories and information about wildlife all over the world.  Megan is a writer and general nature lover that works to bring us these incredible stories about wildlife from English backyards to the tropical rainforests.Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Ingredients1 shot rum½ cup guava juice½ cup orange juice1 tb grenadineJuice from ½ limeMint leavesIce(Mocktail adaptation: leave out the rum)Directions1. Muddle mint leaves in the bottom of a glass.  2. Fill glass with ice. 3. Pour in guava and orange juice, rum, grenadine, and juice the lime.  4. Give it a stir and garnish with an orange slice and mint sprig 
Bridget Butler, the Birding Diva, is an advocate for outdoor appreciation and conservation through education.  She offers classes in the field and online, talks, and guiding.  Check out the work she has been doing: Bird DivaOriginal Indigo Bunting ResearchConnect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Ingredients1 shot cranberry juice cocktail1 shot blue curacaoFill champagne/sparkling wine(Mocktail adaptation: not available for this one)Directions1. Mix together the cranberry juice and blue curacao into a cocktail shaker with ice 2. Strain into a champagne flute3. Top off with champagne
Marisa Oliva works in environmental education in the Rio Grande Valley, but has experience sharing a love of the outdoors, recreation, and wildlife with others around the world.  She uses tools and educational games, like Project WILD,  to engage with others. Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website. Ingredients1 oz vodka1 oz lemon juice8 oz club sodaJuice from half a peach (or ¼ cup peach nectar)Ice(Mocktail adaptation: leave out the vodka)Directions1. Fill a glass with ice.2. Add vodka and lemon juice, then top with soda water.3. Juice a peach into the glass4. Stir gently and serve.
Karina Sanchez is a first generation college student, PhD candidate at the University of Northern Colorado, and founder of the Women in Graduate STEM organization at that college.  She studies the effects of sound and urbanization of American Robins.  Check out her website for more.Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Drink of the Episode: Bee HummingbirdIngredients1.5 oz white rum½ oz lime juice½ oz lemon juice2 tbsp honey1 tbsp waterIce (Mocktail adaptation: leave out the rum and use soda water instead)Directions1.    Melt honey in water2.    Mix all ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice cubes3.    Shake well4.    Strain into a chilled cocktail glass
Stephanie Seymour is a passionate birder and musician who has recently come out with a fantastic album, There Are Birds.Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Drink of the Episode: Ruby-crowned KingletIngredients1 oz vodka1/4 cup sugarfree red bull½ cup Ruby Red Grapefruit JuiceDirections1. Fill glass with ice2. Pour in vodka, red bull, grapefruit juice3. Stir and enjoy!
Jennifer Bristol is an advocate for getting families out in nature.  Her family has a long history protecting and conserving natural spaces in Texas.  She recently put out a book, Parking Lot Birding.  Check out Jennifer's website for more.Connect with me on Twitter, email, or website.Drink of the Episode: Magnificent FrigatebirdIngredientsFresh mint leaves2 ounces Tito’s Vodka1 ounce fresh lime juice2–3 teaspoons simple syrup 1 ounce strawberry puree     (or 3 strawberries)IceClub sodaDirections1. Add the mint leaves, vodka, lime juice and simple syrup to a cocktail shaker.  2. Using a muddler, muddle the mint and strawberries. 3. Add 1 cup of ice.  4. Then cover the cocktail shaker and shake for 15 seconds.  5. Strain into a tall glass filled with ice.  6. Top with club soda, as well as extra mint, lime wedges, and strawberries for garnish, if desired. 
Emilie Chen is a birder and photographer.  I was fortunate to meet her through the Portland, Oregon birding scene and have really enjoyed her bird photos and getting to know her!  Emilie has built a career in the environmental non-profit field and is a genuinely lovely person.  Enjoy!Check out Emilie's Instagram!Drink of the Episode: ShoebillIngredients3 oz Green Chartreuse2 cups Iced Tea1 1/2 cups Pineapple Juice2 oz Lime JuiceIce to fillSwedish FishDirections1. Fill fishbowl with ice and chill.2. Pour in chilled Green Chartreuse, pineapple juice, lime juice, and then iced tea. 3. Stir mixture.4. Pour in several Swedish fish and garnish with one.5. Grab a partner and start drinking!
Monica Iglecia is the Assistant Director of Shorebird Habitat Management for Manomet and works to help improve wetlands and coasts in ways that support declining migratory shorebird species. Check out Manomet to learn more about the amazing work they do and to see what you can do to get involved.Drink of the Episode: Ruddy TurnstoneIngredients1/2 oz Frangelico1/2 oz Fireball1/2 oz Kahlua1/2 oz Crème de CacaoCoffeeWhipped CreamDirections1. Combine Frangelico, Fireball, Kahlua, Crème de Cacao in a warm mug.2. Fill remainder with coffee.3. Top with whipped cream! 
Samantha S. Hauser is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with research interests relating to ecology, conservation, and genetics.  She is also an awesome science communicator who contributes to 46 Questions and does the weekly #BirdQuiz on her Twitter account.Check out her website: Samantha S. HauserConnect with me on Twitter or email.Drink of the episode: Black-Capped VireoIngredients1 oz Blanco Tequila 1/2 oz ChambordSplash of Lime JuiceSteps to Make It1. Carefully pour Chambord in shot glass2. Slowly pour Lime Juice on top of Chambord3. Slowly pour Tequila on top of Lime Juice4. If made properly, there should be defined layers5. Drink in one shot to create a Black-capped Vireo! 
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