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158: Speaking of Success... | How an Assignment in Corporate America Led to a Lucrative Entrepreneurial Career with GDA Speakers for Gail Davis

Released Monday, 6th April 2020
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Living big and supporting the women in your network and community are some of the most important parts of building a thriving business. Gail Davis from GDA Speakers joins me to talk about how she took a measured risk and built her own speaker’s bureau.
Gail is the founder and CEO of GDA Speakers. She shares the story of how she started organizing speakers and her first success. This prompted her to explore starting her own speaker’s bureau which has grown exponentially over the decades.
Gail explains why she had to shift her identity from entrepreneur to business person in order for GDA Speakers to actually grow. When she made that conscious decision to scale the company, she had to change her mindset. As she’s grown as a business person, Gail developed a sense of humility towards her former entrepreneurial self. This has played an important role in her business growth.
Gail’s marriage ended in divorce when she was 6 years into her entrepreneurial journey. This forced her to decide whether to take her casual business seriously or to abandon it altogether. She decided it was time to go all-in. By working hard, she altered the company culture and outlook into that of a growing business. 
Gail also shares what it was like being a single mother while growing her business. It’s all about balance. It’s essential to find hobbies and interests outside of your business - you never know how stepping away will help you work through problems.
The most important aspect of any business is having a passion for what you’re doing. You can learn the skills, but passion comes from the heart. Gail explains how her passion is driving GDA Speakers.
Finally, we talk about how women need to be more willing to stepping out of their comfort zones. Us women need to play big and stop minimizing ourselves. We can do it all, ladies!
How can you step out of your comfort zone today? Are you passionate about your business? 
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In This Episode:
  • Why you need to shift your identity from entrepreneur to business person
  • What role humility has in business
  • How quickly you can change your company culture and outlook when faced with a huge life change
  • How you can balance being a single mother with growing your business
  • Why you NEED to develop interests that are outside of your business
  • Why passion is the most important aspect you can have for your business
  • Why it is so, so important to support and encourage other women to step out of their comfort zone and play big
“The challenges I’ve faced are just learning how to shift from this entrepreneurial idea to becoming a business person and making decisions that are scaleable.” (14:42)
“Some problems that seemed insurmountable at work all of a sudden become so clear because you walk away from it. I think when we’re too heads-down we get lost.” (24:44)
“We’re all women, there are many different paths, and I think we need to support each other. Thank goodness for those women who did not have a job and were able to take care of my kids and support me while I was building my business. It takes a village!” (29:35)

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