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Wooden Overcoats

An Audio Drama and Arts podcast featuring Tom Crowley, Beth Eyre and Felix Trench
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Jem1 reviewed this podcast 4 days ago
"Laughed and cried and laughed (mostly laughed). Just listen to it, you won't regret it. "
jamescurtis29 reviewed this podcast on May 31st, 2019
"This is the only podcast which overfills my soul, simultaneously tearing it and making it larger. Every time I listen to it again I hear something new which makes me chuckle. Combining funerals and comedy really shouldn't work but it works so well. The Season 3 Finale makes me cry every time I listen to it, which has not happened in many podcasts. The cast and crew and creators of this extraordinary podcast work together to create an unparalleled production in audio comedy. Love it."
JRP_Acts reviewed this podcast on Apr 28th, 2019
"A hilarious sitcom about extremely British undertakers."
richardkemp reviewed this podcast on Oct 12th, 2018
"First season is excellent, season two was good, season three jumped the shark. Characters are now totally flanderised :-("
Travis reviewed this podcast on Sep 26th, 2018
"This is the only show to date that's made me laugh so hard I've cried, then turn around and make me actually cry in a single episode... Twice. Wooden Overcoats is a phenomenally produced and written show that juggles hilarity and nonsense with a grounded story and ever-progressing plot. Riveting, one might say..."
Gitte Malene Jensen reviewed this podcast on Mar 19th, 2018
"Entertaining, funny, well written, produced and acted."
jmdh reviewed this podcast on Nov 13th, 2017
"A delightfully quirky, sometimes sweet story with wonderful character development and situations. And spot on production! Highly recommended."
KKronfli reviewed this podcast on Sep 12th, 2017
"Witty, funny, a British sitcom with charm, laughs and a whole lot of dead bodies."
ntkach reviewed this podcast on Aug 15th, 2017
"A little on the dry side, but funny"
UkOrigin reviewed this podcast on Aug 3rd, 2017
"Very funny and hilarious British comedy podcast. The script is well written and acted, it has often caused me to laugh out loud while out walking. Highly recommended"
wtfrequency reviewed this podcast on Jul 31st, 2017
"This is a shinning example of what audio drama can be. It's extremely well acted and tightly written. "
circle270media reviewed this podcast on Jun 27th, 2017
"I was blown away with the very first episode. Fantastic writing, acting and sound. This is one of the very few audio dramas I re-listen to. Very impressed with current season's inclusion of their sponsor, and how they inserted this flawlessy into the story line. "
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