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Work of Fiction

A Business podcast featuring Jane Garza
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Episodes of Work of Fiction

Warring colleagues, shrinking budgets, low morale: TV producer Becky has only a few weeks to turnaround a troubled morning show before it’s cancelled. If she’s going to make it, she’ll have to quickly learn: - How to cope with sudden change -
Ever felt like getting change started in your organization would take a full-blown revolution? In Snowpiecer, Curtis leads the underclass as they fight from the back of the train to control the engine at the front. Aside from the apocalyptic fr
When they’re not harassing customers, playing hockey on company time, or debating the risks of working on the Death Star, Dante and Randall serve as clerks at the Quick Stop Grocery and video rental store. This classic portrayal of Gen X “slack
When American football coach Ted Lasso is brought over to England to coach “football” football, no one—not the fans, the players, or even his boss—expect anything but a complete fiasco. But the “Lasso Way” slowly wins people over, and in fact s
As a newly promoted manager at San Francisco startup SPRQPoint, Zoey must build team spirit, placate a demanding boss, and navigate office relationships—all while people break into song and dance around her, expressing their innermost thoughts
When Mae gets a job at Amazon/Google/Facebook stand-in The Circle, her work quickly becomes her life: constant customer feedback tracks her performance, tiny cameras follow her every movement, and her social profile keeps her engaged with othe
While the monsters of Monsters, Inc. might think they’re in the business of scaring children, they’re the ones who should be scared: their workplace is a culture of cutthroat competition, toxic colleagues, cover-ups, and misplaced company value
Quarantine making you stir crazy? Can’t take one more Zoom meeting with colleagues? Then you’ll appreciate the predicament facing the two characters in The Lighthouse: stuck on an island for four weeks, living in close quarters, with no one els
When developer Richard comes up with a new technology for file compression, he finds himself suddenly launched into the heart of startup culture in Silicon Valley. We take a look at the early stages of Pied Piper, and what it means for: - The
To work her way up the career ladder, Tess McGill will have to overcome casual sexism and backstabbing bosses, all while navigating a relationship with her business partner. It’s a fascinating look at how women’s roles in the office have evolve
Perhaps no fictional leader better represents the “brilliant jerk” than Willy Wonka—the candy-making genius who invites five children to his factory to find his successor. This episode is your golden ticket to learning: How “geniuses” and “bril
Join NOBL and adopted elf Buddy as we journey through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest and the Lincoln Tunnel, exploring the very different workplaces cultures of Santa’s Workshop, Greenway Press, and Gimbel’s. Cozy up with a cup of ho
For the Roy family, business is nastily, backstabbing-ly personal: when their father, the founder of Waystar Royco, is incapacitated, it sets off a battle for leadership of the media conglomerate. In other words, it’s a great case study for tal
Does your workday last an eternity? Ever wondered if you’ve sold your soul just for a paycheck? In this very special Halloween episode, we look at literal offices from Hell as portrayed in The Good Place, The Devil’s Advocate, and Your Pretty F
Did you get the memo? This 1999 cult film shows what happens when typical office drone Peter finally has enough of middling managers and useless consultants. It’d be greaaaaaat if you’d join us for a conversation about: Purpose, impact, and emp
70-year old Ben Whittaker is hired as “Senior Intern” at an e-commerce startup, where he meets the savvy but overworked founder Jules Ostin. Though he faces skepticism initially, Ben wins over the team, serving as a font of wisdom as Jules deba
Ryan Bingham flies around the country firing people (sorry, “transitioning” them)—until he finds his job threatened by a proposal from his new, younger, digitally savvy colleague Natalie Keener. In this episode, we do a deep dive into introduci
Jake Sully is shipped off to the moon of Pandora, where militant human invaders and native tribes are in desperate need of some basic conflict resolution training. This bioluminescent backdrop provides unique insights into: Leadership Styles, T
Power struggles at your office making you feel like you’re working in Westeros? In our first episode dedicated to a TV series, we look at the different leadership styles of Cersei Lannister, Daenyers Targaryen, and Jon Snow, and how leaders att
Wannabe journalist Andie will get any job she wants—if she can just survive a year as an assistant to Runway Magazine's notorious editor, Miranda Priestly. If you’ve ever had a boss who makes impossible demands—and it seems like everyone’s had
Don’t let the aliens fool you: Men in Black is really about recruiting and onboarding new employees. When NYC beat cop James has a run-in with an alien, he’s initiated into the secretive world of the Men in Black, a shadowy organization dedicat
That’s right, we’re talking about Fight Club. In Episode 3, we compare the employee experience at the film’s nameless (and soulless) automotive recall agency with life-affirming (though violent) Fight Club/Paper Street Soap Company/Project Mayh
In Episode 2, we analyze the company cultures of RegalView and WorryFree, two dystopian employers in the recent satire “Sorry to Bother You.” “Cash” Green starts working his way up the corporate ladder, enjoying his newfound perks and status—at
Spoiler Warning: We will be discussing the movie's plot in its entirety. In our inaugural episode, we analyze Gregarious Games and Innovative Online Industries (IOI) from Ready Player One. It’s 2045, and societal collapse has driven people to
We're members of NOBL, an organizational design collective that helps leaders align company culture to strategy. Every month, we're going to take a break from helping real organizations change to discuss fictional leaders and organizations from
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