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On this episode we get the grinch (Harry) to tell us everything he hates about the holidays. We discuss our love of Christmas music, cookies, and sweaters. We'll also tell you what you should and shouldn't do at your work's holiday party. Very exciting stuff, folks. Towards the end Andy makes up a winter holiday.
As the title says, personality at work is key. Is the way we are at work the true us? Does the previous sentence make sense? Can you make friends at work? All of these questions are somewhat explained in this episode.   Twitter: Instagram:
We finally found someone to join the show as a guest! During this one hour session we'll not only berate the guest for not bringing alcohol and snacks, but we'll also discuss performance management, underperforming employees, and finding qualified candidates.  If you have any ideas for future shows, please let us know on twitter:
So, this is an odd one for us. We have a guest on this episode talking about things he loves about his job. We end up going on a tangent and start talking about AI and machine learning... Also towards the end of the episode we almost have an epiphany and realize that we may actually *like* our jobs. We promise to never do this again.   Twitter: Instagram:
In this episode we focus on the office environment. Topics include office politics, dress code, and the office layout. Due to the nature of the content we had to beep out some audio to protect the listeners from our stupidity. 
Welcome to Work Trap, a podcast where we talk about things we hate about our jobs. Whether you work in corporate, retail, or wherever there are always things you may not enjoy about work.  Sit back, kick up your feet, take your blood pressure medication and join us on this journey!   Twitter:
Well, this is a loaded episode! It's all about finding a job: creating a resume, applying, interviewing, and the best way to eat a pizza! Spoiler alert: applying for a job pretty much sucks, almost as much as a phone interview. 
We're back in the studio (dining room) and we've got a recruiter with us to teach us the tricks of the trade. You'll find out how to prepare for a phone interview (don't sleep in), how to get to the in-person interview, and much much more.   Harry ended up hijacking this episode and he wouldn't let anyone else talk, so you'll have to hear his dumb laugh a few times. We deeply apologize for that inconvenience.    Twitter: Intro Music: Punch Deck
This one's all about work etiquette (sure hope I spelled that right). We debate if you should wash your hands in the bathroom, how long you can stare at a guy in the urinal next to you, and so on. How should you send e-mails; or should you send them at all? Finally, we discuss the dos and don'ts of using social media at work. Hint: delete facebook, hit the gym, lawyer up.   Instagram:   Twitter:   Google:   
Are you a wrathful person or do work problems not faze you? Is this the most relatable sin for the most of us? It sure is for Harry! Listen to this episode to find out what you can do to turn those wrathful thoughts into work successes. Wrath can be a drive to excel at work, but it can also burn many bridges.  Website: Twitter: Instagram:
This week is all about management and leadership. We start off the episode by defining multiple management styles and then try to figure out which one is the best. We find out that Harry is basically a dictator and everyone on the show is afraid to speak up. We go on to discuss how to deal with change in managers, especially when their management style is different from what you're used to. This also ties into how we deal with changes in processes and job duties.  Finally we end with discussing the differences between managers and leaders. Are they they same? What exactly makes them different, if anything? What makes or breaks a good manager or a leader? And an inspirational quote: Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. -Michael Scott, The Office Support us below: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram:
This episode is all about entrepreneurship and saying goodbye to the 9-5 lifestyle. We first discuss the motivation to start your own business. What makes you leave the comfort of a full time job? Is it the dream of becoming a business owner, or an exciting idea you want to bring to market? How do you plan for going out on your own? What type of doubt and roadblocks will you face? Can't forget about all them haters and detractors! Finally we talk about what success looks like as an entrepreneur. Is it the first sale you make? Is it the continued success of your business? Or is it just taking the first step and quitting your job?   Support us below: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram:
This week's episode is all about our favorite business model: multi-level marketing! In this episode you'll learn how to start your own business from home, working on your own time, with an unlimited earning potential! Be the #bossbabe you've always wanted to be! We cover the MLM model, why people fall for it, how much you can really make (hint: $0), and what you should do instead of joining an MLM (hint: literally anything else). We also make our own ridiculous MLM, complete with our business plan, revenue model, and marketing campaign... only to find out something like it already exists! Support us below: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram:
We're back with the 2nd episode of the 7 deadly sins; this time with gluttony! We discuss gluttons in the workplace, like the people who show up at 6am to show off, people who live and work beyond their means, and so much more. Towards the end Andy and Eddy get pissed at Harry for not having watched a very classic movie.   Where you can find us:
This episode we flip things around a bit! Instead of discussing a movie, we read a workplace novel called Operation Clusterpuck by Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss. We managed to snag them in for an interview as well! We talk about Jennifer and Michael's inspiration for the book, how they quit their jobs, corporate communication, terrible bosses, and most importantly, pot lucks! Patreon: Twitter: Instagram:
This week is all about being fired and firing others! We discuss the double-edged sword that is at will employment, and how it can screw employees.  We also share our stories of being fired and firing other employees. We talk about what kind of thoughts run through our heads when we're in those situations.    Support us below: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram:
This one's all about Risky Business. What does the movie teach us? Living in privilege in a high income suburb really sets you up for success. What if you're not Joel from Glencoe? How does your career and the risks you take effect your future? I guess sometimes you just have to say what the heck.   Patreon: Twitter: Instagram:
Folks, it's the season finale! Yes, we have seasons. Yes, we'll be back in a couple of weeks. In this episode we discuss people who stay at their job too long, and why you shouldn't do that. We'll tell you how to get out of that rut, as well. We also talk about how to relax and unwind after work. Harry admitted to having a drinking problem, we think? Eddy hates Ja Rule. Make sure you listen to the very end, there's a delightful surprise! Instagram: https:/ Twitter:
Welcome to season 3! In this installment of Work Trap we'll discuss popular movies and how they relate to the workplace. What do we love about them, what they portray correctly, what they get wrong, and much more! Some movies may be an obvious choice to relate to work and some may surprise you. Stick around and join us on this journey. First episode is all about one of our favorite movies; hopefully you can guess from the episode title. If not, well you'll just have to listen anyways.  Have feedback? Hit us up below: Twitter: Instagram:
What's the difference between envy and jealousy? Well, you won't find the answer in this episode. However, we'll discuss the things we envy at work, how envy can complicate relationships, and much more! We also got a bit off topic and discussed the concept of the two week notice when leaving a job, but it was good so we kept it in. It's our gift to you. Website: Twitter: Instagram:
In this third episode of the third season we're talking about Thank You For Smoking. What have we learned from this movie? Public speaking, debating in tough environments, loyalty, and when to back down from an argument to save your career.  Also, we have a Patreon account. Please consider supporting the show. We promise we'll never put ads in our shows and you can enjoy our rambling ad-free. Patreon: Twitter: Instagram:
Folks, this is it... our last episode of the second season discussing the seven deadly sins. We think this is the sexiest sin of them all. Listen to this episode to find out what our most "proud" moments are, what pride means in the workplace, and much more. The season ends how it started: with Adam being our gracious guest.  We'll be back next week with season 3! Exciting stuff coming! Website: Twitter: Instagram:
This week we're joined by Vincent from @arezzo.jewelers to discuss owning a small business. As a business owner, Vincent explains what it takes to run an independent company, and why it's not for everyone. We discuss if the grass is greener on the other side; is it as glamorous to own a business as it's portrayed in the media? We dive deeper into unexpected tasks and expenses that arise, such as the infinite paperwork and a myriad of taxes that have to be paid. Finally, we talk about building partnerships and relationships with customers and suppliers.    Support us below: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram:
On this week's episode we tear apart an article that we found pretty infuriating! The author lists six ways to fast track your career as an entry level employee. While the article may have some terrible advice that will get you fired, we provide an alternative to actually help you succeed!  Support us below: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram:
Hey everyone! We're back from our (unannounced) summer vacation! Where did we go exactly? Nowhere. Anywhoooo... This week's episode is all about taking time off from work to go on vacation, take a sick day, etc... We really get caught up in defining what time off actually means: do you have to respond to e-mails, can you completely check out, did Epstein really get merked by the Clintons? Patreon: Twitter: Instagram:
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