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A weekly Science and Medicine podcast featuring Greg Fish
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Want more people to become environmentalists who care about Earth’s future, sustainability, clean air and water, and advocate for green energy? Forget luring them on luxury eco tours and shuttling them between pristine tropical alcoves and toxi
On another extended episode of the WoWT Podcast, we talked to Marc-Andre Argentino, one of the world’s top experts on QAnon and conspiratorial ideation about how the far right conspiracy of everything has evolved to become an omnipresent menace
With this horrible year coming to an end, we’re thinking about the future, the far future that is. That’s why this week, we’re doing a deep dive into the continued popularity of cyberpunk and mind uploading tropes, the science of merging humans
You’d think that in societies where we prize sharing, caring, and getting along as much as we can, angry jerks who throw temper tantrums when things don’t go exactly their way would be swiftly ostracized and face serious consequences for repeat
You spent months fine tuning your neural network, constantly tweaking its architecture, training it until it achieves 99.5% accuracy, but when you deployed it in the real world with less than stellar results. Why? It’s probably because you mana
We think we have a pretty good handle on what life is, but the reality is that thinks we think of as living are just a subset of possible chemistries and mechanisms by which life could evolve and function. To really understand what it means to
You’re not just being paranoid. Your every step on the internet, every download, and every time you open an app are logged and stored somewhere. Almost always, the raw data is examined by software to find persistent bugs and patterns of use for
Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, and ancient alien cities buried under the Antarctic ice are standard fodder for many works by occultists and science fiction authors asking us and themselves whether over the hundreds of millions of years during which lif
We’ve been launching things into space since the late 1950s, and while the aspirational talk about exploring the final frontier keeps getting louder, we’ve been a lot quieter about the fact that all those rockets left a vast, orbiting field of
After finally solving our audio problems thanks to some professional help, the WoWT Podcast is finally back, and before we get going again, we’re revisiting our episode on the psychology of cults to correct some of our predictions in light of C
When pop culture wants you to think that a certain character has superhuman intelligence, that character is given an enormous head and it’s either outright stated or heavily implied that their brains are enormous compared to ours. But as scienc
It’s only the start of May and already the world is done with 2020 and its pajama apocalypse. So how did we get here? What makes COVID-19 so insidious? Why are so many people apparently so angry about trying to stave off a novel opportunistic d
One of the most important traits all social animals have to make sure they stick together and help each other survive as a species is empathy, and humans are no exception. But how do you measure how empathic someone is and study the origins of
After looking through our files, it turns out we never uploaded an episode we recorded in the beginning of December about the strange substance known as antimatter. It's all the rage in sci-fi and scientific documentaries, but there's not a lot
We promised to talk about cyborgs, what they are, where the idea originated, and why it's so important to understand how to merge our minds and bodies with machines over the long term and here we are. On this week's episode we dive into the ori
We know we need more people in STEM careers as we try to build a workforce of the future. But our current attempts to teach them the skills they'll need for the jobs of tomorrow are a little out of date, specifically the kind of math to which w
The science illiterate and fact averse love to call scientific bodies of knowledge "just theories, not facts" with the predictability of an atomic clock when faced with something they find irksome, but this betrays a glaring lack of rudimentary
As the world became more and more complicated and interconnected, an awful lot of people in both high and low places decided not only that they shouldn't try to keep up with the pace of change, but they didn't have to and learning about what wa
Science fiction movies are one of the primary ways people learn about space exploration and get inspired to help build humanity's future. This is why a movie which treats it as a complete waste, doesn't even pretend to be scientifically plausib
Probiotics are quickly becoming a huge business, claiming to heal millions with the power of balancing the biosphere of symbiotic bacteria in their guts. But the science is a lot more complicated than hawkers of supplements and yogurts will hav
According to numerous disaster movies, global warming should cause downright apocalyptic storms that will wipe out human civilization. The reality is a lot more subtle and often distorted by news coverage, and while it's hard to say that tornad
Governments really, really want to snoop on your messages and are once again demanding that tech companies create a backdoor for law enforcement to crack encryption standards which protect everything from your electronic payments to your medica
Thanks to a crash landing by an Israeli lunar experiment, the nearest world to our own has a small colony of living things alien to its environment. Well, sort of, since the tardigrades, the extraordinarily hearty creatures on board, are in a s
According to science fiction, the 2020s were supposed to be an era of autonomous flying cars and jetpacks zipping around massive cities that looked like forests of glass, steel, and concrete. Now that we're just a year away from that point on t
Imagine if everything you knew was just a simulation inside a supercomputer or a cluster of servers on a distant alien outpost, controlled by sophisticated otherworldly machines. But this isn't a rehash of The Matrix. Your body isn't in a vat b
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