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Jim Resnick started his career in the automotive industry as a talented writer, reporter and photographer for a multitude of magazines like Car Craft & Hot Rod along with news publications New York Times ,WIRED & the New York Daily News ..to mention a few, while also carving out his editor in chief role for his very own Bimmer Magazine. As an industry expert highlighting test vehicles like the recent 2021 Rolls Royce Cullinan & the 2021 Mach E, Jim Resnik takes you on a vehicular journey with an authentic voice of both reason & practicality while providing glimpses into automotive design & technology.
As Spring & Summer is upon us , we reveal a few simple tips for your coolant & AC system to help you arm up your next service visit with your local mechanic or dealer. Join us with in studio special guest co host Dana Rapoport of Tech Force Foundation https://bit.ly/3kh0TmA
    The Mecum Auction Company is the world leader of collector car, vintage and antique motorcycle, and road art sales, hosting auctions throughout the United States. The company has been specializing in the sale of collector cars for more than 30 years, now offering more than 20,000 lots per year and averaging more than one auction each month. John Kraman serves as the director of company relations for Mecum Auctions. He is the spokesperson for Mecum Auctions at car shows and other public events sharing his in-depth knowledge of collector cars and to promote the Mecum Auctions brand---join us on this special edition of Wrench Nation as John Kraman shares some insight to the Mecum family history as we go behind the auction block scenes ! SPECIAL FEATURE DISCUSSION : The Steve Todhunter Collection of Ferraris & the SHELBY 427 Cobra FAM - ( owned by the late actor Paul Walker ) 
Inspiring Car Enthusiasts - Mark Greene of Cars Yeah Podcast From automotive artists, celebrities, journalists, authors, concours directors, racers, designer, builders, and more- Mark Greene of the popular Cars Yeah podcast has a deep affinity and passion as not only a true blue car enthusiast , but the captain of a wonderful journey with some of the automotive industry's phenomenal talents , taking you behind the scenes and inspiring us to tinker a build project , learn more, and be our best versions of ourselves .   With over 1700 interviews , Mark has laid out an automotive road map with an eclectic array of automotive talent that will have you binge listening for more ! We are honored to have a very special guest to the Wrench Nation family on this edition of the show , exploring his dedication and inspiration for the love of the automotive industry.
Show Topic : The Art & Style of Kustom Kar Culture    Stepping back in time during the 1950's & through the Southern California Hot Rod community of the 1960's ..many styles , designs and fashions developed through automotive artists like Von Dutch ( Kenny Howard ) , and custom car builder Ed "Big Daddy" Ed Roth ( behind the notorious Rat Fink culture  ) , along with names like lowrider custom builders Sam and George Barris .    Each of these distinct styles of customizing cars, like Barris Kustoms Little Deuce Coupe of which chopping down the roof line , shaved door handles or piecing together bits from a variety of different vehicle platforms gave it that new look of swagger and kustom kar  originality.   Kustom kar culture was born out of the shear necessity of unique expression and automotive design shaping the experiences of the day within the hot rod community that brought about a community vibe which included everything from wild pinstripe paint jobs, to chopped Mercurys to custom designed Harley Davidsons with deep black primer paint work , along with the music ,cartoons and movies that kept car culture a growing movement , including to this very day during the modern era of automotive design & technology. Special Guest Von Hot Rod https://bit.ly/3ri5VBS has a deep and respected legacy of motorsports & history, as well as the passion for kustom kar culture running through his veins from day one ! Whether operating a rock a billy nightclub, designing & building some phenomenal works of vehicular rolling art, or laying down some serious pin-striping artwork -Von continues to educate and share , while growing future generations to that kustom kar culture vibe of spirit and family .
Never Give Up the Hunt  Digging deep researching your next classic car acquisition does take time , and in some occasions this vehicular hunt can frustratingly dry up quickly. Investigating leads , clearing through abandoned desolate fields or historic farm barns , and the false advertisements that have you on a wild goose chase ..to only reveal a vehicle that was not what you were exactly looking for can make you just give up . All of these scenarios can play out when tracking down that very vehicle you so aspire to have.  Vintage Rare One of One Find Greg Ovist of Geezzup   http://bit.ly/3bB9sEP   is no stranger to car culture and that classic vehicle hunt. His methodical and structured approach has not only led to his personal top classic car find of a vintage 1 of 1 gem that will go through the rounds of restoration , but more importantly consulting many of his active clients who rely on his ability to aid in their classic vehicle acquisition !  Greg joins us on this special edition of Wrench Nation to investigate the strategies and techniques of how to acquire that classic vehicle for your collection, while shedding a few tips about how he approaches the hunt for his classic vehicle acquisition clients . 
Electric Vehicles : Understanding The Basics Before You Buy   With the outlook moving forward regarding all things electric vehicles , how will you know if it will be the right mode of transportation for you &, more importantly, if you are ready to make the transition from ICE ( Internal Combustion Engines ) to an EV platform .   On this special edition of Wrench Nation , we uncover the basic technology of Electric Vehicle operation , the vital infrastructure support required for an EV lifestyle, and the current\upcoming EV models to choose from, while visiting the current stable of hybrid platforms that may just be the more practical approach at this time. 
With a smorgasbord of paint conditions and available product , you may seem overwhelmed at times about how to ensure you're getting it right here without wasting time or money regarding your next wax and wash. We are honored to have Mike Pennington , Meguiars Director of Global Training, Event Marketing, and Consumer Relations help us navigate car care tips to help you understand how to utilize the right product for a variety of paint conditions and styles, as well as the right approach to washing and waxing your vehicle to ensure maximum protection and that showroom exquisite look !  
As LS SWAPS are all the rage seen on a variety of vehicles from the Mazda RX7 to the S10 pickup to the Porsche 911 -you name it and it probably has the engine bay , of course with modifications, to drop a nicely tuned LS series engine creating that next level of unearthly like horsepower.    How does one go about a legitimate strategy installing an LS series engine , and not get it wrong?  With so many options available , we discuss some of the basics about all things swappage of the LS power plant.    We are honored to have Terry COVERMAN66 -CHECK OUT HIS You Tube Channel  https://bit.ly/2Lhj3Yr  , an experienced authority on LS swaps who has seen a wide variety of power plant situations, share his approach  in hopes we can help you before you start dropping unnecessary time and coin on your project !   Terry has a home shop THE GARAGE SHOP - where he builds classic muscle cars with nothing but LS series engines under the hood and a YouTube channel helping many with their vehicle projects. From suspension builds to LS1 swaps -Terry has created a popular following with his sincere and candid approach , while keeping it honest and funny. Who says education has to be boring anyway??
Special Guest : Veteran World Class PinStriping Talent "Wicked Lines"  Johnny Martinez  The unique and personal message of each vehicle, or for that matter anything with wheels extends to the spirit & passion of that individual. Pinstriping became a clever way to express this spirit with creative art that has no boundaries of artistic style. *Visit his exhibition at the Murphy Auto Museum Fireball Art Gallery  http://bit.ly/2L3UZIe or catch Johnny on Fireball Tim's page and watch the video of him in action laying down lines on rare VON DUTCH motorcycle gas tank http://bit.ly/2MI7jhI How does such a craft stay pertinent into the future & remain for generations to come ? World class pinstriper Johnny Martinez of the West Coast joins us to share his story , some of his great art pieces and the importance of keeping pinstriping alive and kicking ! Please make sure to subscribe to our newer You Tube channel : Wrench Nation You Tube http://bit.ly/2WsQdpH & join us there for episodes !    
With a vast array of electrical, hydraulic and vehicle system parts that can go wrong , how will you know what you officially diagnosed will both fix it and is installed correctly for the long haul? We reveal tips on how to accurately test and verify, while ensuring that your repairs go smooth -covering alternators, starters, brake system components ,turbochargers wheel bearings & more.  Nelson Davis ASE Certified Master Technician L-1  ; Director of Training ;Technical Instructor ; Field Rep for Motorcar Parts of America https://bit.ly/2McPDKQ joins us on this edition of Wrench Nation Car Talk http://bit.ly/WrenchNation  
  With the recent success of CES2021 we reveal some of the new emerging automotive technology that is working quietly in your vehicle and some of the futuristic possibilities ,like Artificial Intelligence that someday could enhance your driving experience.  
Formula Drift : Matt Haugen Racing Tokyo Drifter, Entrepreneur, World Traveler, SEMA Car Builder, and USC Graduate Student are a few facets that make up the man behind Haugen Racing.  Infamous for his extravagant style and his vivid Yellow, Red, and Blue colors, Matt Haugen has made a name for himself in his short drifting career.  Matt joins Wrench Nation http://bit.ly/30S48Iy to discuss his years at USC , trips to Japan and the ups and downs of drift race life during COVID . Check out Haugen Racing http://bit.ly/3p9649p & follow their journey as Matt methodically chisels through the ranks of Formula Drift while sharing with many of his fans on YouTube http://bit.ly/3aACOo9   
  With over 1 billion views and well over 3 million You Tube subscribers , we connect with Scotty Kilmer to discuss his 50 year career as a mechanic , as well as discuss his view of the automotive industry. Show intro Lincoln MKZ Water Pump Disaster :30 Moose Licking Quandary 4:07 Scotty Kilmer Interview 10:17        
Electric Vehicle Recharge Access : The Challenges Ahead It’s more than just passenger cars that are slowly transitioning towards electric vehicle platforms  — from New York to Mississippi , quiet electric transit buses are sprinting throughout municipalities across the country  !- Los Angeles will see the first Electric Fire Truck in the nation next year , while the sounds of the neighborhood garbage truck go somewhat silent as a more efficient electric sanitation truck comes to market real soon .  A recent study performed by Duke University revealed the serious health costs with each gallon of gasoline purchased at the local fuel station,  carrying with it.. up to $3.80 in health and environmental costs.  Electric vehicle demand is here.. but this demand carries a huge concern for the consumer about the practicality of it all ...and the available charging stations to operate with ease and convenience.  Eversource Energy https://bit.ly/35GGTUI  is leading the "charge" forward with the energy technology & resources for the electric vehicle market ! Lead EV Program Director James Cater joins us as we navigate through the fascinating future of electric vehicle platforms , however, more importantly the vital demand and function of EV Charging stations -
The Trends that Keep the Collision Repair Industry Up at Night  So many of the gadgets we use in our home , like GOOGLE NEST products that learn our behaviors -so does it go for the automobile . MS&AD, the fifth largest property and casualty insurer globally, will use artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Tractable to analyze photos of vehicle damage on auto insurance claims in Japan, speeding up recovery for its policyholders -how does this help both the consumer and body shop technician ?  The shift toward increased electrification of vehicles means those working at automotive repair facilities will need thorough training on how to avoid safety concerns, especially with high voltage batteries and related systems -how is the collision industry preparing for this & are student technicians receiving the basics here ?  Education & The Shortage is Real  Collision repair training programs graduate only 10 to 15% of their students, which means that only 10,000 of those currently enrolled will achieve a certificate, associate degree, or other formal designation--what is the key to improving the percentage rate of graduates ? School Grant Opportunities https://bit.ly/2UwI1UI Student Scholarship & Grant Opportunities https://bit.ly/3pEDb6f The Hire Our Heroes program supports military veterans and family members of veterans who are studying collision repair in a local high school or technical college. Brandon Eckonrode , Collision Repair Education Foundation Director of Development stops by this edition of Wrench Nation Car Talk  http://bit.ly/WrenchNation to help navigate the future success of the collision technician .  Your help is needed for the many students who are looking for an opportunity in the collision industry -take a moment and sign up for the Collision Education Virtual Golf Fundraiser https://bit.ly/35wQJZe  Please support our great sponsors who help us keep our show innovative & informative & the lights on ! Direct Mail ~ MAIL SHARK ➡️ http://bit.ly/2TBfWw6 BG Products ➡️ http://bit.ly/3dbgnVi Bolton Technology ~ Digital Inspections ➡️ http://bit.ly/2IE6zHD The Parts Authority ▶️ http://bit.ly/PartsAuthorityLocations Vision Collision ▶️ https://bit.ly/2L8rwJy Anytime Auto Glass & Tint ▶️ https://bit.ly/3jwfI3o Pronto Auto Parts https://bit.ly/35yQ48B  
The Art & Style of the Vintage Pinup : Mitzi Valenzuela.   While the sexy and sultry pinup exudes an era surrounding WW2 , history proves the pinup has been around for a lot longer than we think. With the development of high speed printing and distribution the pinup calendar was a major part of not only Americana, but a world wide movement to embrace the freedom of individual style.  Mitzi Valenzuela of Mitzi & Co. https://bit.ly/329OMjm has been working as a freelance photographer for the hot rod industry, while creating masterpieces of pinup art for many years. Shooting average ladies to fulfill their dreams of pinup style and elegance is a passion of hers of to which can be seen with year after year calendar editions at Mitziandco.com With an array of photography for custom cars, bikes and classic car shows across the country , Mitzi joins us , http://bit.ly/WrenchNation , for this special edition of Wrench Nation to reveal the fascinating art of the pinup.  Please support Mitzi , as she has an array of unique non photoshopped original Pinup Calendars available here https://bit.ly/329OMjm
Classic Car Restoration : A Beginners Journey & Basic Tips  You're finally at a point in life to start your very first classic vehicle restoration and you begin the journey. Whether that is a pin pricked , hand selected ,well researched CLASSIC vehicle that you have been eyeballing for years, or that hand me down that has been sitting in the driveway, somewhat neatly covered , or, in most occasions collecting odd home items on the hood & trunk over the years, of to which your well natured better half states.."when are you getting rid of this old THING".....you carefully enter restoration mode.  Judy Gives it her Best Shot  When Judy Anne Deaton , Huntington Beach Miss West Coast Official  https://bit.ly/2TLHFJw acquires her classic chariot , the 1951 Packard Patrician 400, she is ready to roll up sleeves and start her journey restoring the historic rolling art piece on time and within her budget.  With the help of famed vehicle restoration mechanic and builder Ken Vela of WIKD KUSTOMS -Ken Vela Instagram https://bit.ly/2TLJbep  ....the work begins !   
Windshield Myths & Tips  We reveal the truths & what you need to be aware of regarding CHIPS , CRACKS ,NEW SAFETY TECHNOLOGY & installation errors TO AVOID with Rey Romero of Anytime Auto Glass & Tint   https://bit.ly/2GItmSK With 30 % of insurance claims , & between 13-14 million windshields replaced every year, chances are that you will have to deal with either a chip repair or complete replacement. But really , how do you know if the workmanship was performed properly and with the latest in ADAS ( Advanced Driver Awareness Technology ) was the vital camera ,radar systems calibrated properly..or at all ? We investigate the common symptoms of improperly installed glass and what to look for on this edition of Wrench Nation Car Talk http://bit.ly/WrenchNation Windshield problems ? Contact us at the garage for a referral near you http://bit.ly/DesertCarCareChandler Please support our great sponsors who help us keep our show innovative & informative & ... the lights on ! Direct Mail ~ MAIL SHARK ➡️ http://bit.ly/2TBfWw6 BG Products ➡️ http://bit.ly/3dbgnVi Bolton Technology ~ Digital Inspections ➡️ http://bit.ly/2IE6zHD The Parts Authority ▶️ http://bit.ly/PartsAuthorityLocations Vision Collision ▶️ https://bit.ly/2L8rwJy Anytime Auto Glass & Tint ▶️ https://bit.ly/3jwfI3o Odd Automotive News : Police Chase & Driver Pit Stops for Gas https://bit.ly/3jnM9Ag Please SUBSCRIBE  to our YouTube channel for additional automotive topics , guests and news http://bit.ly/2FF1GwH    
Joe Ritz of Sports & Collector Car Center joins us as our special guest as we discuss the attention to detail and team work required to service & repair investment grade collector vehicles https://bit.ly/3lPCqUT Go Straight to Interview : 12:46 With its dedicated staff, Sports & Collector Car Center, https://bit.ly/3lPCqUT , has earned a reputation for its “old world craftsmanship combined with new age technology”. They proudly maintain and service all fine automobiles including Jaguar, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati among others. In addition they are experts in the service, maintenance & restoration of all fine Sports, European, Classic and Muscle cars.  
Special Guest Bill Nalu of Interstate Auto Care Detroit Michigan joins us for a discussion about the trials and tribulations of operating an automotive service center during the uncertainty of COVID-19
Brake System Failures  With a great deal that could go wrong with your braking system , we reveal the top failures and how to stay proactive with simple basic checks that can keep you from over spending. We discuss the symptoms to be aware of and what you can do to inspect early on to avoid catastrophe. Brake Squeaks Dash Warning Brake Light Brake Master Cylinder Leaks and Brake Booster Failures Brake Pad and Brake Shoe Lining Life How often Should Brakes be Inspected Cost Factors    
Many younger pre teen girls claiming a passion and interest in Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math ( STEAM) lose interest only a few short years later (according to a 2017 Microsoft Study) of to which poses a great challenge for industry as well as educators and the institutions promoting the sciences - including the automotive sector.   Sarah "BOGI" Lateiner pays a visit to Wrench Nation as we discuss the importance of positive role models for younger women entering the tradeshttps://bit.ly/360EPHH  
During this particularly difficult time where most are still not flying to destinations across the country , many are taking advantage of the open road and hitting their favorite road trip spots while investigating new points of interest. Is your vehicle ROAD TRIP ready ? On this edition of Wrench Nation Car Talk we go deep under hood and under carriage providing some essential requirements of how to prepare your vehicle for a successful road trip ,covering those top reasons for a roadside breakdown and how to avoid them .    
2020 Fountain Valley Car Show We spend some time with show contributor Ken Vela of WIKD Kustoms who has connected with his first year planning one of the largest car shows in Southern California. From historic classic motor bikes , RV Trailers and vehicles to a surprise find VON Dutch Ranch truck making its first appearance in decades .    
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