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Thanks so much for listening :) This is the 3rd Purpose Project episode on the wriinkle Podcast feed!  In this one you'll hear a short chat I had with Alex Manzi - he runs/hosts the Dreamer's Disease podcast and is also a mental health advoca
Thank you for listening :) In this episode I was inspired by my conversation with Annie & Hannah (HANNIE!) where we talked about their thoughts on the law of attraction. I've made the mistake in the past of just taking the law of attraction a
Hello! This is episode 2 of the Purpose Project  Each episode will feature a conversation with those people in the wriinkle community who are working to realise their purpose – they’re on a growth journey and are going after that thing, they h
Alright! Thanks for listening – hello to all the new subscribers this week, made up to have you :) Movement is medicine - that's what this episode is all about. According to the World Health Organisation about a third of the world's population
Alright! Thanks for listening :) So we previewed our upcoming Instagram project on Monday and as part of that I've been finding interesting people on Instagram who seem like they have a purpose, that big WHY, and are doing bits, and direct mes
Following on from that little preview episode we released last week this is the first wriinkle Short episode of this new Purpose Project. Exciting! We’ve put a load of thought into what wriinkle’s purpose is recently – what's our big, ultimate
New Project Preview Episode! So this one’s a little different to the wriinkle short you were expecting - that's because we're excited to let you know about a new project we're about to launch. Exciting times. We’ve recently been putting a loa
Here we go! Another wriinkle Short, thank you for listening :) This ones all about the microbiome. In this episode we get stuck into what the gut microbiome is, the microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses etc) that make up 90% of our body and how t
Here we go! Thanks for listening :) Purpose is such a big thing for wriinkle - we're all about empowering people to find their purpose, or more purpose in their lives. That’s our ultimate goal/purpose/mission. So we’ve been focused on definin
You are listenin' to a Wriinkle Short! This one's all about reading - a commonality with all of the worlds high achievers, prominent leaders, CEOs etc is reading prolifically. Also – I didn’t get round to this in the episode but reading can a
How doooo This episode is based on Carol Dweck's mindset theory which is all detailed in her brilliant book Mindset: Changing The Way You Think To Fulfil Your Potential https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/1780332009/ref=tmm_pap_used_ol
Thanks for listening to another Wriinkle Short! This one's all about EMF - electromagnetic fields - and in particular the effects on our health from the man-made synthetic kind of EMF that are being produced from our electonics, our smart devi
Here we bleedn go - another WS podcast episode. Sticking with the bio-hacking & longevity theme - this episode is all about Stem Cells. We dive into: - what are stem cells and what are their scientific/medical significance? - recent breakth
Well we've been lining this one up for a while - I'm going to share my microdosing experience with you. Firstly I think it's important to spend the first fe minutes of this podcast rationalising (or at least me trying to rationalise) the conte
Here we go, another WS - thanks for listening :) So we're staying on the biohacking thread that has run through a lot of these Short podcasts and it was inspired by our last wriinkle Podcast guest Ben Lewell, who shared lots of actionable ways
Here's a new wriinkle podcast - thanks listening! We were introduced to Ben Lewell only a couple of weeks before recording and we had such interesting conversations with him about meditation, blue light, flow states, mindset - which, judging b
Thanks for listening :) Way back in #002 of the podcast we spoke to up and coming filmmaker Simon Stanford and he was talking about one of his favourite books Steal Like An Artist – needless to say we got ourselves the book pretty sharpish aft
Here's a new Wriinkle Short! Thanks for listening:) There's a shift going on in our approach to, and perception of, what it means to call something your job or 'work' or a 'workplace'.  The way we’re working is changing – the office for natio
Thanks for listening! This episode was an absolute doddle to put together because intermittent fasting is something that i've been experiencing first hand for the last 3 months. It may be a relatively a short period in your life but in the las
Here we go – episode 21!  In this one we’re speaking to Georgia Plaskow, she runs Ohros – making 100% handmade, 100% soy vegan candles. Check out the Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ohroslondon/ We get into how Ohros came about and what G
Thanks for listening! The subject for this one came about only in the last few days - I was at a party and bumped into someone I'd met once a few years ago, and it quickly became apparent that they remembered my name and I couldn't recall thei
Thanks for listening! I mentioned in the previous episode that we've started a daily vlog - it's all about our journey on this wriinkle project. And it's fair to say it's been something that i've had to get my head around and bring myself to t
Thanks for listening! I mentioned in the previous episode that we've started a daily vlog - it's all about our journey on this wriinkle project. And it's fair to say it's been something that i've had to get my head around and bring myself to te
Thank you for listening to this new Short! So the idea for this episode actually came about the other day while I was getting some ideas together for that last episode on Flow states - so I was watching a talk at some biohacking conference on
Here we go, another wriinkle short - thanks for listening! In the last wriinkle short we briefly referred to flow, or being in a flow state, when I was talking about being at your creative best. And it’s just something that interests us so muc
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