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Episode from the podcastWriting Your Best Self

What Your Handwriting Can Teach You About Yourself & Your Life

Released Tuesday, 11th May 2021
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What can your handwriting reveal about you and your life?

The answer is a LOT more than you might think!

This episode's guest is Misty Cogdill - a graphology and mindset coach who helps people understand who they are through the way that they write.

I experienced a handwriting analysis from Misty a few months back and I was shocked at the accuracy of the reading. In fact, I asked Misty if she'd been stalking me on Facebook! This experience left me so curious about how handwriting can reveal so much, I had to get Misty on the podcast.

If you're ready to have your mind blown about the unseen power of handwriting, tune into this episode now!

"Your handwriting is a graphic representation of your thought patterns. It's a map on paper to how you think."

In this episode, Misty and I explore: 
  • How changing your signature or name can change your life dramatically.
  • How the FBI uses handwriting.  
  • The energetics of individual letters and how you can access these energies through your handwriting. 
  • The significance of your name and how it holds a pattern and an energy. 
  • What it means if you write tiny and how that differs from big, bubbly handwriting. 
  • Why you rewire your neurological pathways when changing your handwriting intentionally. 
"The first letter of a person's first name is your biggest challenge in life. The first letter of your last name is your life's path. Once you overcome your biggest challenge it becomes your greatest gift." 
  • Why the name we were given at birth impacts our life and causes us to see the world through different lens. 
  • The energy and meaning of the letters P, G, and A. 
  • Being intentional with your handwriting in your journal to spark a deeper experience. 
  • The best times to journal so you connect deeply with your soul. 
  •  The difference between writing with a pen and a pencil - and the best color to write with. 
  • How Misty discovered the energies of the letters. 
"Your personality is formed from the letters in your name. If you were given a different name, you would have had a different experience in your life."

Misty Cogdill has been studying handwriting analysis since 2011. She works with business owners, network marketers, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, service professionals, and anyone who wants to increase their business and reach their goals using handwriting analysis and the power of questions.
Download Misty's journaling prompt HERE.

Misty's book - You Can Heal Your Life With Handwriting
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