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As we wind down the old Wrong Foot, we'll be playing classic episodes in their entirety as they were first aired.   This show was first aired in March 2012.  Later in December, the motion picture "Her" opened. This is the story of Mac.  He was born a personal notebook computer from a small town in another part of the world, she got him at 25 percent discount.  As soon as he arrived, it was clear things were different.  Soon they were inseparable.  Love with a wireless connection, if you don't count the router.  It meant the end for her former companion.  How would he take it?  How would you?  
  One Less To Go Try these on for sighs. Eat Watchers Euphamedicine Eye Am Dee Bee
WRONG FOOT WESTERN THEMES Previously—a brief look back at Foster Valley to get you ready you for a three piece suit Preview WrongFoot Navy—an honor to serve Marshall Brody—Western theme Foster Talent: Larry Derek Part 1—Foster gives a client a chance to get some exposure Spraythewalk—no spaces tween words means itz what it iz Alcapulco Accapella—the sea, the surf, the sound of the 50s Foster Talent: Johnny Lang—Foster gives a newcomer the time of day Foster Talent: Larry Derek Part 2—A client gives Foster a piece of his mind, 10%. Sheriff Wilson—another Western theme Outros/Credits
This show has been vetted, reviewed and assessed for damages.  The full report will be released and there will be help to pay.  Make sure you listen.  It's Bags and Booties.  
   He made his move.  I made mine.  Mine was towards the pile of garments a few feet to my right.  His move was towards me.  I had the crucial decision whether to put on my briefs or grab the essentials before I was grabbed.  He moved fast for a man who seemed to relax on life support and got hold of my arm.  Was I about to enter a sparring match with this old coot?  And if so, is it billable time?
Say Goodbye to the Toll Guys "Changed"—In the last installment of this mini-series, Rocky makes his getaway plan by cutting through corporate red tape, while Roger goes with gelt.   Bonus track of Roger and Rocky explaining things.
Your Name Bank Negotiations He Who Knocksworst (Lunchtime Playhouse) Giant Check Bank
Previews Bueller's Other Day--imperfect attendance. It Came I Saw--wood I lie? That Feeling, That Filing--an early recording of Stump. Meet Stump the Mouse--first of two parts.  You loved him on the silver screen in 'Stump Goes Native' and 'Stump It Up', on your lunch box in 'Stump the Mouse Lunch Box', on your breakfast cereal in 'Stump Lumps', but not in gutter, for god's sake.  Nevertheless, this little rodent knows how to make the girls squeal and the guys watch where they step.  You never know what's going to happen next with this whiskered wonder kind, unless you listen.  Outro & Credits
Did you hear about Ramsom?  He Shat the Bed.  
Management is not responsible.   You downloaded it, you bought it. Please wash your hat and coat. Employees must watch hands before entering. The squeeky wheel is on the driver's side. This podcast has content, which you'll have to hear to believe.   It's all for one.
In the exciting conclusion of our two-part story of art vs. dinner, Foster Valley doesn't chicken out, he negotiates the crap out of a deal with some tough cookie and then makes sure it hits the fan.  Is he rewarded?  No, he has to scramble, cajole, hornswoggle, plead and asks nicely so that Lydia Linda Lorna gets the appropriate exposure and the food stays warm. Oh, and we'll split the check.    
They held out their hands and people put coins in them and then waited for change and on a rare occasion a receipt.   I remember like it was yesterday.  I was working at the Figtown Ferry Bridge and the boss comes over and says they're trading me to another toll booth.  I said, what?  He said they made a deal with the Turnpike Authority.  The NE Regional Highway Interchange, which operated the Figtown Ferry Bridge independently, was going to get Myra Fontaine and I was going over to Exit 21 because it was going to get EZ Passed.
Who doesn't want feet?   Ask her about her financial affairs? Good names are hard to find.  
     Before Buttercup could cipher his way through this unexpected set of circumstances, Delicacy Smoke had pulled up and opened the passenger door to her Buick.   Almost as if she was waiting for me to tell her I had something she might want to know about.  We pulled out of the Breezy’s parking lot before I could close my door.  When I did, I could see in the passenger side mirror my former suitors discussing whether or not to follow us.    "Would you like to know where we’re going?," she said. "I’m just glad to sit down."   "Tell me this, Mr. Tracker.  Are you just playing through … or just playing?" My black and white golf shoes were attracting more attention than a cushion seller at a hemorrhoid conference.  And they were just starting to feel comfortable. "I’m breaking them in.  For a friend." "What else would you do for a friend?" "Just that." "We’ll have to get you to be a little more giving of yourself, won’t we?"  "Of what? "You’ll see, Mr. Tracker.  You’ll see.  And so will we."  
When Mr. Golden checked in to The Happy Ho(t)Spice, he had no intention of leaving before check-out time, following his last meal and final words, again.
OLD SHOW 6:DEATH OF A WRONG FOOT Preview Maraca Vamps on Her Wrong Foot—Who doesn’t like maracas? Foster Talent: Biff is Happy But...—Our most favorite talent agent Foster Valley meets with Happy Tooman, an old associate, who has an idea for a project Foster won’t like which has a role Happy shouldn’t play. Hobnobbin’—R U Hobnobbin’? Toasting Bread—Who doesn’t like toast? Extend-a-Dream—Keep your eyes shut and nobody gets hurt Outros/Credits
"Now where you going?" "I'm going to back-track." "Just make the next possible left." "When did they make this a one-way street?" "When they put those signs with the arrows up." "If I take Montgomery, I can pick up 42." "There's construction on 42." "If you take this thing off my head, maybe I can help you find your way," I said. "Don't make me reach back there and smack you, mister!" "That's what my father used to say when we took family trips," I said. "Mine, too." "Buttercup, shut up and drive." "We're going to need gas pretty soon." "You didn't fill it up before we left?" "I don't like the prices at the stations in town." "It's not your money, what do you care?" "How long have you two been married," I asked. "Who said we were married?" "Shut up and drive, Buttercup, he's trying to get under our skins." "Why would he say something like that, though?" "I said shut up." "I'm not asking him, Corncob, I'm asking you.  It's an odd thing to say." "Take the next left." "Here?" "Stop questioning me and do what I tell you!" (Brakes screech) "Is it possible to get a seat belt buckled?  Or do you want to deliver me in pieces?" "Didn't you buckle him in?" "No, Buttercup, I did not buckle him in." "I can get pulled over for that, Corncob." "So, where we headed for, Old McDonald's farm?" "Why did he ask that?" "Cause he's a wise guy who wants to get smacked around." "That can't be the real reason." "You two sound like a couple of barn animals." "Which ones?" "Stop talking to him.  We should have put him in the trunk."
Font Size 14 Format: Italics Background color: Green Content: Podcast Tatoo:  "Loathers got to loathe"  
The 200th and Ultimate Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast We bomb the s#it out the *-word.   Yes, that's true.  Expletive repeated 732 times in F*cking Inn and &ucking %hicken, plus the Wrong Foot Song, clean as a whistle.  
"Welcome to Exit 21"-- Roger and Rocky are forced to care about your passing    "We Take Tolls" -- Rocky and Roger become the stars of their very own reality show
Mack gives up half of his computing power for the hand held device he loves.  And in the end, he is less than the sum of his and her parts combined.  Sort of a self-inflicted obsolescence, you could say. 
They stood in a booth as life passed by.  They weren't voting.  They were taking tolls.  In this episode the guys are on the night shift, because some people drive without sunshine.  Not much to do this time of night, so Rocky gets Roger to play fantasy football using passing cars to determine the plays.  Sounds like fun, right?  No?  What does it sound like?   
Maraca Vamps on Her Wrong Foot—Who doesn’t like maracas? Foster Talent: Biff is Happy But...—Our most favorite talent agent Foster Valley meets with Happy Tooman, an old associate, who has an idea for a project Foster won’t like which has a role Happy shouldn’t play. Hobnobbin’—R U Hobnobbin’? Toasting Bread—Who doesn’t like toast? Extend-a-Dream—Keep your eyes shut and nobody gets hurt Outros/Credits
You'll hear: The Throat Clearing National Anthem That People Eat Crazy Things Along with Fred's Cockortoo's Or When My Sugar Visit www.wrongfoot.net for more shows you can download and listen to.  You can also go to iTunes and search Wrong Foot to subscribe and you can rate it, if you’re very enthusiastic, one way or the other.  Follow the Wrong Foot Tweets at www.twitter.com@thewrongfoot for upcoming show announcements and a few #wrong words.
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