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Comic creator and Phantom phan Matt Kyme is back reviewing a classic Phantom story. This is now the fourth story of the mini series we have been releasing during COVID-19. You can listen to the other three here:Review of the "Singh Brotherhood" in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #162Review of "The Sky Band" in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #166Review of "The Diamond Hunters" in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #167This time he reviews his all time favourite Phantom story - can you guess what it is?If you have other stories you would like Matt and or the team at Chronicle Chamber to review, please contact us.You can follow Matt Kyme at either:His websiteHis Facebook pageSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
It is a bumper podcast with 10 comics being reviewed and over two months worth of news to go through. It is also our first time we have more than correspondence with both Mikael Lyck and Ankit Mitra reviewing comics from Sweden and India respectfully. We have updates on both Phantom Kickstarter Games, an updated Phantom country map, a revival of an old disappeared Phantom website, The Phantom at Coles and much more. Below is a timestamp of each comic and topic of news we discuss in a two hour window.Comics Frew 1873-1876: 6 MinutesHeloise on Adventure: 33 MinutesFrew Giant Size: 38 MinutesRegal 1-2: 40 MinutesFantomen: 55 MinutesNewsCard Game Update: 1 Hour 2 MinutesUpdated Phantom Map: 1 Hour 3 MinutesBoard Game Update: 1 Hour 7 MinutesFrew & Coles: 1 Hour 13 MinutesThe Phantom in the UAE: 1 Hour 19 MinutesNew Fantomen Folder: 1 Hour 20 Minutes 30 SecondsRolf Gohs Passing: 1 Hour 22 Minutes2020 Fantomen Softcover & Christmas Album Available for Pre Order: 1 Hour 25 MinutesIncrease of Fantomen Budget for 2021: 1 Hour 29 MinutesAustralian Regional Newspapers cancellation: 1 Hour 34 MinutesLFMBEC Website: 1 Hour 43 Minutes 30 SecondsSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
Creator Grange Wallis is the artist behind the Frew Publications covers of the current "Ibis Mystery" saga (issues #1873 to #1876). In typical fashion, what started out as a recording for the next X-Band: The Phantom Podcast comics and news episode quickly became a detailed chat with Grange as he talked about his latest four covers. We have decided to release our chat with Grange as a stand alone podcast and our next, will be the latest comics and news in the Phantom world.This podcast is a brilliant insight into how Grange works and thinks as a phan but also a creator. Grange showed us the initial sketches of the four covers including what the covers almost looked like. He gave us a tiny sneak into the missing part five, we really did try and get more out of him, but he would not tell. He also talked about how cover #1873 and #1874 was based on a nod to the original covers by phan phavourite Antonio Lemos. You can follow Grange Wallis at either:His websiteHis Facebook pageHis Instagram pageSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
Comic creator and Phantom phan Matt Kyme is back reviewing a classic Phantom story. This is now the third story of the mini series we have been releasing during COVID-19. You can listen to the other two here:Review of the "Singh Brotherhood" in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #162Review of "The Sky Band" in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #166This time he reviews the third ever Phantom story "The Diamond Hunters" which sees him battle a bunch of rogues who are causing no end of trouble in the jungle. We see the Phantom kill for the first time and also show his face unmasked to Diana his love. "The Diamond Hunters" was created by the dynamic duo of Lee Falk and Ray Moore and started in newspapers around the world between 12 April 1937 and ended on 18 September 1937.Hope you enjoy the adventure and review by Matt. Again, this is best watched on YouTube. We have at least one more review coming up, If you like these reviews, let us know along with any other stories you would like Matt to review next.You can follow Matt Kyme at either:His websiteHis Facebook pageSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
Comic creator and Phantom phan Matt Kyme is back reviewing a classic Phantom story after the popularity of his review of the "Singh Brotherhood" in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #162.This time he reviews the second ever Phantom story "The Sky Band" which sees him battle an all girl band of pirates in the sky which sees the Phantom participate in a romping adventure as he is caught between three women who are all vying for his attention and love."The Sky Band" was created by the dynamic duo of Lee Falk and Ray Moore and started in newspapers around the world between 9 November 1936 and ended on 10 Aprirl 1937.Hope you enjoy the adventure and review by Matt. Again, this is best watched on YouTube. If you like these reviews, let us know along with any other stories you would like Matt to review next.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
When www.Deepwoods.org stopped being updated and as technology has improved the Phantom Wiki is now the best Phantom resource out there. What makes the website stand out against all other past and current resources is the accuracy of the vast information stored plus the dedication of the people involved. We at Chronicle Chamber countless times hear of creators, editors, companies and publishers all using the website for research, ideas and much more. One of the main contributors of the website is Marko Davidavic and we spend an hour chatting with him about his jounary as a Phantom phan, some great discovers of his research like the comic from Iran, his Sweden LFMBEC visit plus more. Please note, due to where Marko lived the Internet connection was not the best, we apologise ahead of time for that, however press on as you will enjoy listening to Marko's story as a Phantom phan and Phantom wiki researcher. Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
On August 25 2016 a new concept was released by Frew called "Phantom's World" which consisted of stories from around the world never previously published by Frew (and in many cases English). Four years later the series has stopped and we look at the series in retrospect.Frew #1761 was the first Phantom's World issue and along with issues #1770 and #1771 it was part of the regular Frew series. Middle of 2017 with an influx of Frew's own created stories it made sense for the Phantom's World concept to be ran as a separate series. That separate series stopped in 2020 with Phantom's World #12. In total 15 Phantom's World issues were released we saw in total 43 stories majority of the readers had never seen before. This includes counting multi part stories like "The Queen of Saba" which had three parts. A further breakdown of these stories are:31 stories in total were previously published stories29 are Fratelli Spada stories2 other stories published by RGE (Brazil) and Charlton (USA)12 stories are new never previously published storiesThis includes four stories that were previously created for other companies but where not printed. These are "Expedition in the Jungle Pt1 & Pt2" and "The Honglong Kidnapping Pt1 & Pt2"."Expedition in the Jungle Pt1" was completed and planned as a sequel in 1973-74 but Ferri stopped working on the Phantom. Around 2000, Ferri and Felmang completed the story and the second part.One of things that many loved about the series was the range of writers and artists many Frew readers have never seen before. Unfortunately many of the creators are unnamed but some of the creators Frew readers had never seen prior included:Angelo TodaraoOsvaldo GrassettiGiovanni FiorentiniSenio PratesiAntonio SciottiRaul BuzzelliMario PedrazziRaul BuzzelliSanto D'AmicoDino LeonettiFrank VerolaGiorgio CambiottiAnnibale CasabiancaJosé MenezesWalmir AmaralWanderley MayhéJoe GillPat BoyetteThis list does not include Felmang, Germano Ferri and Pidde Andersson who had previously published Phantom stories.We go over the stories, the issues, our positives and negatives with the series. Did you enjoy the series? Let us know your favourite covers, issues and stories...Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
After our popular X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #155 with DC Phantom writer Mark Verheiden, we had to talk to to the other half of the ever popular DC Phantom series, Luke McDonnell.What follows is a packed 50 minutes of chatting with Luke as he talks all about the series plus much more including his favourite moments of the series, his time when he got to meet Lee Falk in person and how a certain cover was inspired by a Joe Kupert Tarzan cover. We also touch upon what he is doing now for Mr Comics and Art.It may be short compared to other podcasts, but this 50 minutes is a must listen to any Phantom phan who has enjoyed the 1989-90 DC Phantom series.You can follow Luke McDonnell at either:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lfmcdonnell/MR Comics and Art: http://mrcomicsandart.com/Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
Matt Kyme takes over the reigns of the X-Band: The Phantom Podcast and goes deep on the first Phantom story "The Singh Brotherhood" with a review that will sure cause a stir among some phans and die hard Falkists. Matt looks over various topical subjects including racism, sexual harassment, what Lee Falk and Ray Moore did brilliantly and even what they did not do well. Make sure you comment and tell us on social media what you think of this podcast. Do you agree or disagree? We recommend watching it on YouTube as included are funny topical clips / memes and the panels from the story being discussed - it really adds to the experience.Matt Kyme is no stranger to our podcast with him first joining us in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #69 in discussion with his Phantom tribute character "The Demon". We have also reviewed his "Day at the Races" story which featured in Frew #1850 in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #131.You can follow Matt Kyme at either:His websiteHis Facebook pageSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
While many of our Phantom phriends are still stuck in isolation we have some phun talking about the latest Phantom comics and news from around the world from USA, Sweden, India and of course Australia.In case you cannot listen to the whole podcast, attached below is a timestamp of the whole podcast:Regal Publishers Comics in English has a date: 3 MinutesIkon Collectables (Heat Changing Mug & Puzzle): 10 MinutesLegacy of Mandrake the Magician: 17 MinutesNewspaper Stories Reviews      Sunday 189 - The Spy Ship: 34 Minutes & 30 Seconds      Daily 254 - The Llongo Forest: 41 Minutes & 30 SecondsFantomen Comic Reviews      Fantomen 16/2020: 52 MinutesFrew Publications Comic Reviews      Frew 1870: 56 Minutes      Frew 1871: 1 Hour & 5 Minutes      Kid Phantom #9 (With guest reviewers): 1 Hour & 15 MinutesSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
Luca Erbetta is one of the few artists who draws covers for Frew Publications and also Egmont and as you will learn he also has a new cover coming out soon for a third Phantom publisher.In this podcast we learn all about Luca, his history as an artist for European and USA publishers and his blossoming Phantom career. Luca goes through in detail his 9 Phantom covers and other illustrations including commissions, the Frew / Phanfare Trading Card and his past Phantom costumes.We ask the question a lot of art collectors want to know is if any of the covers are done in traditional mediums for purchase. You will have to watch and listen for the answer.You can follow Luca Erbetta at either:His websiteHis Instagram pageHis ArtStation pageHis patreon pageSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
In our latest podcast we talk to Antonio Lemos Frew cover artist who has been producing covers since 1993 with over 170 to his name. This is phun podcast as we chat about all things covers, his love and discovery of The Phantom, his love for the water and his time in the navy plus his country of birth Uruguay. Antonio talks about his relationship with international superstar artist Eduardo Barreto who would have a short but successful stint as a Phantom Sunday artist, visiting studios of Phantom famous artists around the world in Cesar Spadari & Felmang. The differences between drawing covers for Jim Shepherd and the Frew Crew. Along with his experience's in being censored plus much more.This is a podcast not to be missed, you will have phun!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
This is a bumper podcast with five phans in Stephen, Dan, Jermayn, Mikael Lyck and Duncan Munro talking about the latest Phantom news and comics from all around the world. It may be almost two and a half hours long but you will have phun.Mikael Lyck gives us a review of the three latest Fantomen issues and Duncan joins us for the whole podcast and then we spend 45 minutes dissecting his latest new story printed in Frew issue 1869. In case you cannot listen to the whole two and a half hours, we will list a timestamp Sydney & Perth Supanova: 5 MinutesBastei Freune Magazine Issue #50: 17 MinutesWulfric Media: 20 MinutesMikael Lyck Card Game: 26 MinutesFantomen 2020 Softcover Album Cover: 28 Minutes 30 SecondsIndian Regal Publishers printing in English: 30 Minutes 30 SecondsBad News for Fantomet: 33 Minutes 30 SecondsFantomen Comic Reviews: 46 Minutes 30 Seconds      Fantomen 12/2020      Fantomen 13/2020      Fantomen 14-15/2020Frew Publications Comic Reviews      Frew 1869: 53 Minutes      Giant Size 13 Annual: 1 Hour 38 Minutes      Phantoms World #12: 2 Hours 3 MinutesSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
In our latest podcast we talk to Dietmar Lederwasch of "99.94 Editions" and the 2014-2017 Phantom Art Gallery fame. Dietmar is a super phan who has lived majority of every phans dreams by producing their own licensed Phantom products.In this podcast Dietmar goes into great detail of the "The Phantom Portrait Gallery" as well as the  two "Masterworks" collections he produced in the late 1990's and early 2000's. He then shows us around his house which is covered in original Phantom and fine art of the Phantom.To get a better representation of what he has around his house, this podcast was also recorded using video. We did experience some recording issues but please bare with us, you wont be disappointed. Youtube URL: https://youtu.be/C2NHVRCp6bQIf you would like to purchase any of the prints for yourself, please contact Dietmar at solanderboxes@hotmail.comSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
We review the latest installment of the 22nd Phantom saga which see's Kit and Heloise the children of our Phantom the 21st and Diana take over the role of the Phantom. For those who have come in late, read on below as we do a tale of the tape outlining the whole situation. In our review of the four stories as a whole, we get reviews by Gus Fraser and several phans who left their feedback on our social media platforms. It is then left to the three of us as we discuss everything from what we love and hate about the series. Not surprisingly the elephant in the room of the introduction of Nadir in the story, the proposed illegitimate son of Sandal Singh and the Phantom takes center stage. We discuss that in full. We then "play-nostradamus" as we predict what we would like to see with this 22nd Phantom saga.We would love to hear your views and opinions on Nadir and the ongoing saga but also our review on the podcast. You can leave your comments on our various social media platforms.It is important to take note of the following "Tale of the Tape"The story is set a "few years" into the future, imagines a dismal and dystopian future for the Phantom universe. An earthquake and tsunami has devastated Bangalla, wiped out Morristown, General Bababu is in tenuous charge of Bengalla, threatened by growing gang power and under pressure from international arms dealers. Sandal Singh is under threat as leader of the Singh pirates, with a coup planned by her cousin Rulah Singh. Bengalla in chaos...Meanwhile... The 21st Phantom has been missing for over a year. Hero was found in the first part of the story arc but Devil is still missing. Diana and the Phantom have split up over the possibility that The Phantom fathered Sandal Singh’s son (first appeared in 2015 Rodiagate [part 2 of Singh War - link to Phantomwiki] after apparently being conceived in 2011 Fateful Meeting - link to Phantomwiki). Has been named in pt 1 of this 4 part series - Nadir.Kit and Heloise initially struggled to work together but coming together now. During the Fight Against Singh story they split up, Kit to rescue father, Heloise to protect motherIf you want to read the stories, you need to read the following stories Fantomen:5/20196-7/201917/201922-23/2019Frew: 1864186618671868Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
Listeners of the X-Band: The Phantom Podcast have spoken asking for a creator interview from the very highly regarded DC Phantom Series from 1989-1990. We have listened and we present Mark Verheiden, the writer of the series.What follows is an in depth chat about the series, the stories and how well even today it stands up 30+ years later. We talk about why the Phantom doesn't always win, Mark's biggest fear writing this series and how it stands as a landmark moment in his career.Have you read the series? Did you enjoy it? If so, this podcast is not to be missed. Make sure you send us your questions or feedback of the podcast either via email and or our social media. If you have any other topics or creators for the podcast, let us know.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
This is the podcast a lot of phans have been waiting for. We talk to Rick Hoberg who was one of two Art Directors for the hit 1980's TV Series "Defenders of the Earth". Rick sheds light on the stories behind the show from never seen before animation cells and artwork, progress sketches of the characters and much more about the process and decisions of the way the characters looked in the show. We also get the inside scoop on two mysteries that have intrigued phans with why the art and animation style was different episode "Root of Evil" and why in some promotion pieces Jedda has blonde hair.We recommend watching this episode on YouTube as Rick shows us drawings from his collection at around the 35 minute mark of the podcast.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
We are joined by Mikael Lyck, the creator and developer behind "The Phantom: The Card Game" and we discuss and review the stories that form the Card Game that is currently on Kickstarter and is fully funded. The stories we review are "The Story of Devil", "Diana in the Jungle Patrol" and "Year One: The 21st Phantom".CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGNhttps://bit.ly/CardGameKSDevil’s Story1979 Team Fantomen story, written by Donne Avenell, with art by Georges Bess and has been published in 14 countries. One reviewer labelled this as the best Team Fantomen story ever!Sweden: published 5 times, first in Fantomen 23/1979, most recently Krönika 6/2007Australia: 1992 (#1013), 1996 (#1125) and the 2017 Frew TPB “For Those Who Came In Late”Diana in the Jungle Patrol1973 Team Fantomen story, written by Magnus Knutsson, with art by Jaime Vallvé. This adventure has almost exclusively published in Scandinavia. We have also spoken to Magnus in  X-Band: The Phantom Podcast Episode #119.Sweden: 3 times, first in Fantomen 5/1973 and most recently Krönika 2/2003Australia: Once (only time outside Scandinavian nations) in 2018 (#1804) The 21st Phantom2004 Team Fantomen story, written by Claes Reimerthi, with art by Paul Ryan. Sweden: Fantomen 17/2004 (also rest of Scandinavia 2004)Australia: 2004 (#1390)We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts of these three stories. If you have other stories you would like to see based on a card game, let us know.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
Come join us with just under two hours of Phantom phun as the guys talk everything new that has happened in the Phantom's world for the last 4-6 weeks.We talk all things Kickstarter, COVID-19 and how its affecting Sydney Supanova and the LFMBEC dinner plus updates on the Chronicle Chamber Phantom Bushfire Phundraiser book.Then between the team of Mikael Lyck, Dan Fraser and Jermayn Parker, we review in great detail eight new comics from Fantomen, Frew and Hermes Press. Some of the feedback is quite opinionated and we would love to hear from our listeners if they agree or disagree with our opinions. We do not review Frew #1864 (The Fight Against Singh, Part 1: Shadows over Singhtown), as we will save that to review all four parts together in a stand alone podcast. Please visit this link if you want to check out the "The Phantom: Card Game" Kickstarter Campaign.If you want to skip through the podcast and only listen to certain parts. Attached below is the runsheet with the time stamps for each subject:Phantom News:Supanova & LFMBEC fallout with COVID-19: 5 minutesThe Phantom Card Game Kickstarter Campaign: 10 minutesAnalysis of the Fantomen 2018 best stories results: 17 minutes & 30 secondsThe New Sculpture from Brazil: 20 minutesChronicle Chamber Phantom Bushfire Phundrasier Book: 22 minutes & 15 seconds Comic Reviews:Fantomen Comics Review (8/2020, 9/2020 & 10-11/2020): 25 minutesFrew #1862 & #1863 (Inked in Blood): 35 minutesFrew #1865 (Collectors Replica Series): 54 minutes & 30 secondsFrew Trade Paperback #3 (The Triads Series): 59 minutes & 45 secondsHermes Press President Kennedy Mission Graphic Novel: 1 hour, 18 minutes & 30 secondsSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
We are joined by Mikael Lyck, the creator and developer behind "The Phantom: The Card Game". We talk to Mikael about the game, the history and how it came about along with the Kickstarter campaign itself. Mikael explains the pledge levels of the campaign and some of the stretch goals which will interest a lot of phans as they start planning their budgets.CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGNThe kickstarter campaign runs from 1st May to the 30th May. If you are after one of the limited versions of the pledge levels and trust us, you do not want to miss out on that, you will need to pay attention to the important start time of the Kickstarter Campaign which is highlighted below. The start time is 5pm CEST time. That is:11pm Western Australia Time1am Eastern Australia Time (2 May)3am New Zealand Standard Time (2 May)11am New York Time8am Pacific Daylight Time8:30pm India Standard Time4pm British Summer Time12pm Brasilia TimeIf we have not included your time zone, you can click on this World Clock link and add your own location / city to get your correct time.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
Today we’ve got an extra special podcast for you to celebrate our 150th* episode. At the end of every podcast we thank our patreons and we try to give incentives for our patreons such as the Phantom Preservation Project, prizes, behind the scenes etc, because without our patreons none of this would be possible so, today, in episode #150 we are throwing the lines open to our patreons. We have 13 patreons join us and they take over discussing a range of topics including what products and merchandise they would like to see produced and what are the key items to add to your collection. However one discussion did make the phone lines melt which was what would they do if they were handed the keys to Frew and Fantomen for a day.A huge thank you to all our patreons who support us and to our listeners for making our 150th* podcast a possibility. Here's to our next 150 episodes.*yes we are aware this is actually our 158th episode - It's a Phantom / Frew tradition.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
Join us with an engaging chat with Lennart Moberg who worked for Fantomen for 15 years and was one of the few who wrote and drew stories for Semic / Egmont. If you read Team Fantomen stories in the 1990's you would have marveled at his stories. We are talking about classics like Hoogaan's Revenge, The Set Up, Hunted, King of Chicago, The Psychopath, The Murder Rap plus many more.Lennart was also part of the Team Fantomen crew who mapped out and planned stories we all read, loved (and hated!). He retells us what the meetings were like under Ulf Granberg and he even retells us the weekend meeting as they created the infamous Luaga v Lubanga v The Phantom saga.We go through specific stories, specific creators he worked with along with his new recently published comic "Hell Week" plus his work on the Fantomenland zoo. This podcast was extra special for Stephen and Jermayn with their genesis moment to their addiction coming from two of his stories.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
After an acknowledgment of the virus, this podcast becomes a refuge where you can focus on the Phantom instead of the worlds crises. This is a bumper podcast as we go through a lot of news and comics to review and discuss.There is some great discussions throughout the two hour podcast as we discuss editing of covers and comics, the famous Golden Eagle story, the end of the Phantoms World series, the ongoing Giant Size series with the cross over stories and new characters plus Mikael Lyck announces the start date of his kickstarter campaign and reviews the Fantomen Magazine 70th anniversary plus the two latest Fantomen comics.The runsheet with the time stamping is below.Phantom News:Bushfire Book - 6minMikaels card game - 15minNew Sy Barry Print - 19minBoss Fight & NECA Toys Release Dates - 21minComics Kingdom new format for Sunday - 25min 45secRobert Aman: Phantom Comics and the new Left book - 29minPhantomWiki update - 33minPublisher News:Mallon Anniversary Edition - 34min 40secFrew drops the number of Regular Issues - 40min 30secFantomen 70th - 46min 40secComic Reviews:Latest Fantomen Comics - 48min 30secLatest Frew ComicsFrew 1860 - 53min 30secFrew 1861  - 1hourPhantoms World 11 - 1hour 15minGiant Size 12 - 1hour 39min 15secSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
Moonstone has a very important part to play in Phantom history with the small publisher printing the most Phantom books from USA. One of the men responsible for this rich history with our hero is Mike Bullock. He wrote 50 Phantom stories through out this time and as you will discover listening to the podcast, he had many more Phantom stories already penned and ready until they lost the license.We talk to Mike about that ill fated take over from Dynamite Entertainment and the conversation he had with senior editor Joe Gentile when they received the news.Other discussions we had was about the amazing artists he worked with, the bad guys he introduced and how they were all pitted against the Phantom. The story behind the "Invisible Children" saga and much much more.There is no video for this podcast but do not let that stop you listening to one of the most insightful podcasts you will listen to for a long time.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
One of the most anticipated X-Band podcasts we have been apart of as we interview Erik Arana who is Partner / Creative Art Director at Boss Fight Studios. In July 2019 BFS announced they had a license for The Phantom and in February 2020, at the New York toy fair they showed off the first samples of their Phantom line. What followed was a chat and demonstration with us of what has so many phans excited with this announcement. Erik explains the H.A.C.K.S line, what a wave is, drops many a hint on what may come in wave 2, 3 and further down the track along what will be in wave 1.We also ask the important questions like when they be available for pre order, the likely release date, the price range and how phans from around the world can get their figurines.We recommend after you have listened to the podcast you watch the Youtube video as Erik shows us in detail the Phantom prototype plus the the 30 points of articulation and how you can customise your own Phantom.A huge thanks to Erik for his time and we hope you will be as excited about Boss Fight Studio like us after listening and watching.Happy PhantomingSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/chroniclechamber)
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