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Hospitality - A True Hack of Any Business with Miss Georgia Anna Dolce

Released Tuesday, 3rd November 2020
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"HOSPITALITY" - Today's episode teaches us new terminology of any Industry from Restaurant to Manufacturing and from Marketing to Food. Many Business owners, Entrepreneurs & Giant companies delivering great services, Quality products and great values but few of them are delivering the Warmth of Hospitality. We have a wrong myth of providing great customer services, customer surveys and low values to get more customers. But my friends we are wrong and using that Stereotype Old Fashioned wrong believes that can never help us to make us profitable. To really get your Business to the next level, you need to make sure that you are not just providing Great Services or products but also an emotion and the human factor as well. If you want that your clients will become not just customers, but they admire you to others and become your fan then you must try in whatever way it is possible to make the combination of both service & hospitality. We will learn How the Hospitality in any business can increase your sell and your clients. How can your human efforts and emotional intelligence provide exponential difference in your profit? We will figure it out the typical stereotype methods but listen World’s Most deliberate Methods to improve, empower and Grow our business beyond our competition. We also will learn the Anatomy of the Hospitality in detail to utilize its power and can get quantum leap in business.

Guest of The Day: Miss Anna Dolce. Miss Georgia & TED Talk Speaker is one of the best mentor in the Hospitality industry who helped hundred and thousands of people in their businesses. She started her own business at just 17 when she was in Georgia. She achieved a beauty title and then followed her passion and become most sensational coach for the restaurant owners. Her Ted talk speech is one of the most influential speech in the world.


In this episode she differentiate that service is just transactional values where hospitality is emotion that attached with that values; Service is just Skill where hospitality is Spirit ; Service is physical labor where Hospitality is Emotional Intelligence; Service is for our guest , clients , customer's needs & wants where Hospitality is anticipating our guests expressed or unexpressed need & wants.

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