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How Can We Understand Our Masculine and Feminine Energies with Florentina Gionea

Released Tuesday, 20th October 2020
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In every Religion, Community and in Animal world, we have seen the combination of male and female bodies. There are some basic qualities that male and female both contains. From the ancient time we have some believes and rituals for men and women. These believes are on the basis of society, community, religion or for any dominant factors that are forcing us to believe and act upon it. But the mother nature made a two different personalities, and we should understand to feel it and to respect each other’s. Sometimes we cannot learn due to multiple factors and one of them is language. Our guest is phenomenal and amazing coach for men, but I believe that due to language barriers we couldn’t get knowledge and information from her. But on today’s episode we will listen her and will talk about the important characteristics of male and female. How we are defining our self as a male or female? What are the different factors are there which can impact on our feminine and masculine energies? How we as a men and women can understand each other’s? What are the resources we have to utilize the potential of our natural energy as a men or as a women? When we will find the way, we can understand ourselves and also the opposite genders, we can easily make a strong impact on each other’s by our talk, behavior, gestures and by our personality. As a man we are conflicting with thousands of problems, but due to that hypothetical believes, we feel stuck and it may cause of many disease and mental illness. But by today’s talk you will learn that as a man we have some enormous energies and by eliminating the perpetuating believes we can achieve the true potential of our life. So please don’t forget to listen, like and subscribe the amazing talk with Florentina.

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Guest Info : Florentina Gionea is a Spiritual Life Coach For Men. Her mission is to help men to access their divine power, feel alive, and aligned to their soul. She is the founder of The Awakened MENthorship, a special program designed for men to be able to express their masculine energy in a healthy and powerful way. She has 15.000 hours of spiritual practice and she is specialized in over 30 spiritual techniques and rituals. You can see more on her here, Website http://www.florentinagionea.com  Instagram www.instagram.com/florentinagionea_global  LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/florentina-gionea/   YouTube https://www.youtube.com/florentinagionea  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/florentinagioneaglobl . Florentina is offering a Free Full Power Activation Session. If you are interested to access it, DM her.


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