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Welcome to the show! Just a heads up, we spend the first 5 1/2 minutes getting serious and talking about current events. It’s an important conversation, but feel free to skip to minute 6 if you’re not in the right space for that right now.Then, we get into a surprisingly super good episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!, as season 2 sort of… kind of… maybe… comes to a close? Join us for a discussion of Winged Dragon mechanics, Kaiba family drama, and the triumphant return of Yami Tea.Later, Lauren joins us for Tyler’s favorite Yu-Gi-Or-Not yet, and we talk about what’s coming next for the podcast!
Hey, how’s everyone doing this week? I hope you weren’t looking forward to an action-packed episode that really moves the plot along, because uh… this ain’t it, fam. But join us anyway as we discuss Kaiba’s dubious security practices, Mokuba’s entirely separate heist movie, and the introduction of our strict new one-boy-per-boy policy!Later, Lauren joins us for a surprisingly tense Yu-Gi-Or-Not, and we talk about one of the toughest Monster Bracket line-ups yet!
It’s the end of season 2 as we know it, and we feel fine!This week, Jimmy and Tyler recap season 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh!, desperately try to remember all of the relevant plot beats, and wrap things up before we jump into the next season.Later, Lauren joins us for Tyler’s worst game yet, and helps us finish up the Season 2 Monster Bracket, in which we crown an ULTIMATE CHAMPION!
This week, everything’s made up and the Life Points don’t matter, because magical BS is here to save the day! Can Jimmy and Tyler decipher the twisted web of fate and figure out how Kaiba STILL doesn’t believe in magic? Well, no, probably not, but it’s a fun episode anyway! Later, Lauren joins us for the reclamation of her Yu-Gi-Or-Not throne, and the end of the Monster Bracket quarter-finals!
Well, they can't all be winners. Six months into making a show about a show about a card game, we discover that the worst part about the show actually is the card game.  Join us as we dissect an episode so boring, even its official synopsis is only two sentences. We talk about winning at Stardew Valley, good anime, more things to do with a library card, and the extra-terrestrial origins of our card of the week. Then, much like the animators of this episode, we try desperately to stall for time.  Will Kaiba ever find a different dueling strategy? Is Mokuba tournament-legal? Can we please, please, please get back to the interesting episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh again?
Jimmy does an offensive accent! Tyler gets excited about speedrunning, and proves that he knows nothing about video games! Later, we discuss the first of two very spoOoOoOoky parts! Join us as we get introduced to Bandit Keith, Bonz, Sid, and Zigor-- four characters that we will definitely remember the names of in the future. Who could forget our old friends Zlid, BonBon, and Ichor?  Is Bonz okay? Did Bandit Keith build an unlicensed arena on Duelist Kingdom? Is Joey maybe a cat person? Seriously though, is Bonz okay?
We discover Pepper's true podcast calling! Join us as we look up Yu-Gi-Oh videogame speedruns, bring the conversation back to Beyblade (again, somehow), and dive back into the zombie horde. Joey finally finishes his duel against Bonz, and we're reminded that being a bad guy isn't about what you look like on the outside-- it's about whether or not your name is Bandit Keith.  Meanwhile, Tristan punches a rock! Bakura is bad at dungeoneering! Yugi plays the friendship card! If you were looking for any episode to jump into season 1 with, boy howdy do they spend a lot of this one re-summarizing the plot. Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Did Pegasus have a past life as an Imagineer? Will Tristan's string of great one-liners ever end? Hey kid, wanna buy some cards?
While Jimmy’s getting lost in the faraway land of Canada, let us return to season 0, for a spooktacular bonus episode!This episode really does have it all: Kaiba, puppets, an Englishman, oh my! Join us for a wild ride back into what is truly the darkest side of dimensions, won’t you?
Surprise! We’re back, and we’re bringing you what you’ve all been waiting for: some juicy, juicy fan-fiction. We asked for it, you wrote it, and now Tyler’s going to subject Jimmy to it. This episode of Fan-Fiction comes to us from friend of the show Garrett! It gets real meta. We’ll be back next week with our first real episode in over a month!
Editing Note: The recording cut out right before the Monster Bracket for some reason. Luckily, we got all the important stuff out of the way before that, so enjoy! This week on the show, it’s Part 1 of our 2-Parter about a 4-Parter? Listen in as we ramble our way through two episodes with super high stakes that we absolutely cannot respect. Later, Lauren helps us discover the magic of the Dilu Horse!In the missing audio, Blue-Eyes White Dragon faced Curse of Dragon, and Rogue Doll faced Gaia the Fierce Knight. If you know us at all, you can probably guess how that turned out.
Twas the night before Duelmas, and all through the kingdom, not a pod was to be cast, (okay, maybe just one). Our Top Five lists were placed by our microphones with care, in the hopes that St. Kaiba soon would be there! Jimmy has coffee, whilst Tyler drinks stout, you should listen to this episode, to hear what it’s about!
Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should old acquaintance be forgot, much like this show assumes we forgot about our old friends Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler? Join us for our first episode of 2019, where we encounter a brief mystery in the show’s opener, talk about our New Year’s celebrations, and make some Very Very Good recommendations. Later, we talk about Pegasus’s proclivities, HitClips, failed McDonald’s branding experiments, and the WORST EDITING CHOICE THIS SHOW HAS EVER MADE. Eventually, we round out the episode with a decent summary, a lackluster cliffhanger, and a pitch for a new PBS show. Yes, we really do all of that. Will we ever get an explanation of Joey’s accent? Will the “men” in the room ever listen to Tea? Will Pegasus ever learn to differentiate between his internal and external monologues?! You can get in touch with us on Twitter and Instagram @yampod, email us at, and leave us a review on iTunes!
DJ WEEVIL IN DA BUILDIIIIIIIIIIING!This week, Joey faces off against some gross gross bugs, the boys pitch a show that’s basically “Are You The One?” meets Fortnite, and Lauren surprises us all with a RECORD-BREAKING run of “Yu-Gi-Or-Not?”!Later, Pinch Hopper versus Vorse Raider!
In an unprecedented turn of events, we’re doing three episodes for the price of one (still free)! This week we’re watching the full trilogy of “Mime Control”, in which Yugi reminds us that he’s the main character of this television show! Later, we do a Monster Bracket Boss Rush and do three match-ups in a row!
In this Episode: This week, we make things weird. Like, really, really, weird. And that’s before Yugi and the gang hack into the Matrix. Listen in as we read some listener-submitted fan fiction, talk about sci-fi tropes, and explore the show’s take on video game quests. This week’s recommendations: Jimmy: Watch “Love, Death, and Robots” on Netflix Tyler: Enable “Dark Mode” on all your devices You can get in touch with us on Twitter and Instagram @yampod, email us at, and leave us a review on iTunes!
C/W: This episode talks about death and mortality quite a bit. If that’s something that you’re uncomfortable with, you may want to cut out when we start discussing the episode. THIS WEEK! We’re nearly there. 80% of the way through this five-part duel, and Pegasus has rewarded us with some fierce lewks. Join us for this ultra-chill hang sesh where Tyler loses his voice, and Jimmy feeds a cat. Oh, and we talk about Yu-Gi-Oh. This week’s recommendations: Jimmy: Read Saga Tyler: Make up new insults, you brambling knop-wagons! You can get in touch with us on Twitter and Instagram @yampod, email us at, and leave us a review on iTunes!
In this Episode: Just as Yugi & Co. get home from Duelist Kingdom, they find themselves launched into yet another duel! This duel is unlike any duel they’ve encountered before, because this time, the stakes are… Absolutely nil. Join us as we discuss our least-favorite brothers, the irresponsibility of a small child’s parents or guardians, and the beginning of the end of Season One. This week’s recommendations: Jimmy: Watch Star Trek Voyager Tyler: Make your own “Special Sauce” You can get in touch with us on Twitter and Instagram @yampod, email us at, and leave us a review on iTunes!
In this Episode: Join us as we dive into the deep end of Yu-Gi-Oh shipping, discuss the dashed hopes of seeing a new game this episode, and get into the mixed-up crazy world of Konami integrated marketing schemes! Also: Hot Grandpa? This week’s recommendations: Jimmy: Get to know the animals in your neighborhood! Tyler: Watch “The Perfect PokeRap”! You can get in touch with us on Twitter and Instagram @yampod, email us at, and leave us a review on iTunes!
In this Episode: In this week’s episode, if you die in the podcast, you die in real life! We return to the wonderful virtual world of KaibaQuest 64, in which our legendary heroes are out being heroes… lengendarily. Join us as we discuss the metaphysical implications of getting de-rezzed, sliding door physics, and the Big 5’s ongoing misunderstanding of what constitutes as “game design.” This week’s recommendations: Jimmy: Read Hellboy! Tyler: Do laundry! You can get in touch with us on Twitter and Instagram @yampod, email us at, and leave us a review on iTunes!
It's just weird smells and twenty-five ravenous dragons all the way down. 
This week, we spend far too long discussing art on our audio podcast! Later, we recap an incredibly dense episode filled with magic! Feelings! Big Yugis! Bad-Kuras! and increasingly complex shadow realm rules. Join us as we discuss the implications of "attacking the electric lizard", variant Yugi sizes, new Duel Monsters mythology, and Guy Fieri, Magician of Flavor. Do Blue Eyes White Dragons go to Heaven? Have we completely forgotten about Grandpa? Did Jimmy tell a joke so good that Tyler completely forgot about the card of the week?
Jimmy dives deep into the source material, and reads the incredibly violent, original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga! Read along here:  Later, we discuss the first of two parts in Yugi's first duel against fan favorite Weevil Underwood, the mysterious and unknown rules at Duelist Kingdom, and how cocoons make slurping sounds sometimes apparently. We're sorry about that last one.
We buy some digital cards, and introduce a new segment aptly titled "Kaiba Bullshit"! Later, we witness the thrilling conclusion to Yugi's first official duel in the Duelist Kingdom, and learn the values of Honor, Friendship, and Planning Ahead. Come along as we relive the back-and-forth of Weevil and Yugi's field-bonus-based duel, unexpectedly relate to Mai Valentine, and ask this timeless question: How many Summoned Skulls would Summoned Skull summon if Summon Skull could summon Summoned Skulls?
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