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I love the content of this podcast, but the delivery made it a little unpleasant for me to listen to. Longworth's voice is very slow an gravelly and has a really strange ominous tone at all times, which was a difficult voice to listen to as just pure narration. I wanted to like this podcast, but I really couldn't get past the production. The information itself though is awesome!
Good storytelling, compelling research, and historical context. <3
A lot of ads, but top grade production values and very well done. Longworth is great but her character voices are a bit terrible.
I was raised on classic Hollywood, and Karina Longworth does her homework. She's also a charming host, and I love the themed seasons. I got into this podcast during the Star Wars season, and I'm a huge movie buff but still learned a lot. Not the biggest fan of some of the voices, but I applaud her for trying. Good production value, engaging, educational, and entertaining. A podcast for classic Hollywood enthusiasts and for anyone whoever thought classic Hollywood was as squeaky clean as most of its movies,
Excellent podcast on all things Hollywood and the cultural influences of the 20th Century. Podcast is at its strongest when it does a series with an overarching theme - like Charlie Manson's Hollywood or The Blacklist.
I must for cinema lovers
Consistently excellent! A real insight into some well known and lesser known Hollywood stories and actors. A must listen for any film fans.
One of my all time favourite shows if not THE favourite show. The voyage offered by Karina Longworth through “Hollywood's secret and/or forgotten history“ is truly amazing and masterfully delivered. She manages to deliver intimate, heartbreaking and mind blowing stories while maintaining the right touch of humor. The later is supported by her own impressions, and others from guest contributors, who succeed at bringing back to life the like of Marlene Dietrich or Howard Hughes. “Daddy... Buy me that...”
Top quality cinema history podcast. A topic I had little interest in, but oh those were the days before the I heard the Joan Crawford episodes. Those were simpler times. Now my reason of existence is but to wait the long wait for episodes of this magnificiently produced and expertly narrated (you are brilliant, Karina Longworth) minutes of this podcast, telling the most fascinating pieces of cinema and art history.