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Ep.1 – Dr. Jack Kruse: Health Impacts of Natural & Artificial Light - You, Optimized. Radio

Released Tuesday, 29th December 2015
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In this episode, I sit down with Dr. Jack Kruse (@DrJackKruse) and discuss the overarching health impacts of light and our modern enviornment. We cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • epigenetics

  • circadian biology

  • mitochondrial function

  • mercury toxicity

  • the gut microbiome

We discuss modern diseases like multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, autoimmune conditions, melanoma, and diabetes, among others and how our interaction with technology and absence of full spectrum sunlight may be playing a huge role in modern epidemics.

Connect with Dr. Kruse

Blog: http://jackkruse.com

Twitter: @DrJackKruse

Facebook: Dr. Jack Kruse

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Dr. Jack Kruse is a respected neurosurgeon and CEO of Optimized Life, a health and wellness company dedicated to helping patients avoid the healthcare burdens we typically encounter as we age. He is currently in private practice in the Gulf South.

As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Kruse’s research has been published in respected dental and medical journals. His popular blog, www.JackKruse.com, gets over 250,000 unique worldwide visitors per month from countries like Australia, Germany, Russia, and Zambia (Africa).

In 2007, New York native Dr. Jack Kruse, then a Nashville-based neurosurgeon, suffered a torn meniscus in his knee at 6’2”, 357 lbs. Ashamed and frustrated that he’d let his health spin out of control, Dr. Kruse knew his life had to change. He devoured anything he could find on obesity and disease, reading between 5 and 6,000 articles over 18 months, uncovering research on the new science of leptin receptor biology and the dietary lies and propaganda of the USDA, agra-food complex, and the pharmaceutical complex. Dr. Kruse realized he was dying from the same epidemic that now plagues 150 million Americans and billions worldwide as the Standard American Diet is imported to the rest of the developing world. Leveraging leptin’s cutting-edge science and using evolutionary biology as the beacons for optimal health, Dr. Kruse lost 77 lbs in three months and 133 lbs in a year.

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