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Ep.10 – Michael Roesslein: Using Routine to Accelerate Health & Productivity - You, Optimized. Radio

Released Friday, 12th February 2016
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Michael Roesslein, of Rebel Health Tribe, joins me today to discuss the fundamentals of maintaining health in a stress-filled modern world and some key strategies to handle stressors, improve productivity, and self-navigate your health journey. We get into topics like oil pulling, adult coloring books, mandala, qigong, visualization, breathe work, heart rate variability, meditation, and yoga
Michael shares with us his new morning routine that he began a few weeks ago as part of a 10-week journey of self-love and optimization. Learn what he is doing and why it is transforming his day. You can find all the details HERE.
Michael is the founder of Natural Evolution Holistic Health, the co-founder of Rebel Health Tribe, and the co-creator of the Primal90 Total Mind-Body Transformation System. His dedication to improving the human condition through wellness started and continues with his own personal journey for optimal health.
By choosing love over fear, Michael has been able to overcome a lifetime of unhealthy choices that led to acne, eczema, depression, anxiety, insomnia, liver dysfunction, and finding himself significantly overweight. He was able to do this by practicing mindfulness in all his lifestyle choices, and with a thirst for knowledge that continues to never be satisfied.
Michael has a Masters degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. He is a certified CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, as well as a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. Michael specializes in stress reduction/management, gut and digestive health, immune and hormone balancing, sleep optimization, methylation, individual biochemistry/functional lab testing, and safe natural detoxification. These specialties all aim to improve the mood, energy, and lives of his clients and students.

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