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Ep.26 – Alex Charfen: Creating Success Through Momentum & Contribution Pt.1 - You, Optimized. Radio

Released Monday, 11th July 2016
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Ep.26 – Alex Charfen: Creating Success Through Momentum & Contribution Pt.1 - You, Optimized. Radio

Ep.26 – Alex Charfen: Creating Success Through Momentum & Contribution Pt.1 - You, Optimized. Radio

Monday, 11th July 2016
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The Entrepreneurial Personality Type



What You’ll Hear In This Episode

01:00     Alex enters the workforce at 8 years old
03:30     At 16 years old Alex is forced to sell his first business
07:00     How Alex became an Executive Vice President at 21 years old
08:30     Health issues and the internal struggle of being a misfit and called retarded
12:30     The difference between CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies and autistic kids
15:25     What is the Entrepreneurial Personality Type and how to find out if that’s you
22:00     What drives momentum and success
25:00     How calve raises changed Alex’s life
29:20     The simplicity of optimizing health: edition by subtraction. And why it matters for business success.
36:20     Alex’s low point. 280 lbs, on 5 medications and his doctor’s warning of heart attack.

Alex Charfen is the least-likely person to revolutionize the health and fitness industry…but he’s doing just that.

Alex has struggled with his health and fitness since he was born, when a birth defect led to a diagnosis of “failure to thrive.” Throughout childhood and as an adult, Alex tried every nutrition, diet, exercise and supplement plan he could find to become fit and healthy, working his way to a 42” waist and being his doctor’s highest-risk patient for a heart attack.

And yet as a consultant to some of the most successful people in the world, he learned the simple adjustments these individuals made to stay healthy while performing at the highest levels. Leveraging these insights, Alex created the Low Risk / High Reward Transformation Program to help people achieve optimal health through low-risk strategies in Breathing, Hydration, Nutrition and Movement that offer the highest rewards.

Alex’s “10-Day Natural Thirst Challenge” has a goal to help 10,000 people reawaken their body’s Natural Thirst Instinct in 2016, leading to healthy hydration habits that will last a lifetime. He is also co-founder and CEO of CHARFEN, and is regularly called upon by major media outlets, including MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The Huffington Post to provide his unique views and insights.

Resource Links

Website: Charfen

10-Day Natural Thirst Challenge

Facebook: Alex Charfen

Instagram: Alex Charfen

Free E-book: Entrepreneurial Personality Type

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