MFM – Episode 68: Why you should use a professional URL shortening service for your affiliate links – with Stuart Morrison

Released Saturday, 7th March 2015
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Interview with  Stuart Morrison. He will talk about  the benefits of using a URL shortener for your affiliate links.

Wat we talk in the show –  Stuart’s URL shortening website.

Warriors, do your potential customers take one look at your shortened URL and think to themselves… “no thanks, you’re just another affiliate offer”? Read our WSO and find out the truth about URL Shorteners and how they could be losing you money, diverting your traffic and hurting your SEO.

  • Are you an affiliate or internet marketer?

  • Fed up with URL shorteners not letting you do stuff?

  • Unable to shorten CLICKBANK hoplinks?

  • Want your own short URLs?

  • Want proper redirects?

  • DEMAND accurate clickthrough tracking?

  • Want to hide your URL data from your competitors?

  • Want a URL shortener with an API that you can easily integrate in your products/software/ebooks? -Stuart’s marketing website
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WordPress Website Marketing

The number one question we get asked is “How do I market my wordpress website?” – why “wordpress”? because we recommend this for most small businesses. WordPress is a great blogging platform but it is also an amazingly good content management system that helps any small business stay on top of their content.
Before we answer the question “How do we market our wordpress website?” first of all we need to look at WHY you have a website. Most small business have a website due to the “me too” syndrome – everyone else has a website so I better have a website. They trot off to a website designer or website programmer (both slightly […]