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A weekly Comedy, TV and Film podcast featuring Sam Canning
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Rejoice! In an unprecedented result, the third act of Shazam was actually the best part of the movie! Dr. Sivana is a next level creep, the foster kids are simply nice, and the villain is defeated through a clever brain play instead of the hero
We took a week off for The Holidays but we're back in 2022 to talk about the second third of Shazam! It's not terrible, but not particularly good either. Fortunately we still managed to wring two hours of discussion out of this viewing, due in
The era of Wow! Movie! is over. It's been several months since we looked the work of Mr. Snyder. We remembered what movies look like and we are capable of looking at one without reflexively bursting into applause. How does Shazam treat us now t
They said it couldn't be done! They said we would never finish watching Aquaman! We proved the haters wrong and forced them to spit out their cereal in a funny jpeg this week as we finally bring Aquaman to a close. Who knew this movie would be
Boy, we must really like this movie or be terrible at talking about it if we're four episodes into Aquaman, huh? Possibly both, because this isn't even all of it! This week, we watched about 25 minutes of Aquaman, partially but not entirely bec
~2 weeks later We're back in Atlantis once again to discuss I don't know how much of Aquaman. I've stopped writing it down but surely nobody is actually watching along at this glacial pace of ours. Anyway, Aquaman wakes up in chains and Orm imm
We bit off more than we could chew last week, so here we are to finish off the first chunkus of Aquaman! We're doing great! Patrick Wilson and Dolphin Lundgren are here to say LORE!!! at us, which is fun. So fun, in fact, that we gloss over a l
It's time to get wet! We're watching Aquaman, and despite feeling fairly lukewarm about it at first, we ultimately found ourselves talking for so long about how much we enjoyed it that we realized we needed to cut this movie into more than thre
The DCEU giveth, and the DCEU taketh away. I don't think I'm being too dramatic saying that. We didn't like the third act of Wonder Woman. The curse of blockbuster superhero movies strikes again and transforms David Thewlis into a CGI monster m
Well, who could've seen this coming? We're watching the second third of Wonder Woman and, well, we all really like it! So much, in fact, that we spent nearly an hour and a half talking about how much more enjoyable it is to watch than just abou
What if a movie was good for once? Well, that would be nice for us! Not sure if Wonder Woman is that movie yet, but so far, it's fine. It's got all the stuff you want in a movie: epic horse girls doing bow and arrow stunts with German soldiers,
Another movie down! We wrap up Suicide Squad and salute the brave Navy SEALs following the squad in the background who turned out to be the main characters all along. Sorry if this episode description is pretty sparse, it turns out this movie b
It's the second third of Suicide Squad and my brain hurts! The movie is hard to watch, but the Squad is here, and the Squad is Suicide. We even got two surprise bonus members: Slipknot and- We even got a surprise bonus member: Katana! Welcome t
Ah, jeez. We've really done it this time. We decided that it would be fun to watch the first 36 or so minutes of Suicide Squad (2016 film, not The). It wasn't! Amanda Waller is here, and she's got a plan to assemble a team of wacky weirdos. Is
If you're a fan of buildings getting knocked over, this is the episode for you! We watched the last hour of Man of Steel and you can probably guess what happens. Remember how Bruce Wayne was mad in Batman v Superman? Well, this is the part of t
Well, the honeymoon is over. We were all so excited to go on our honeymoon with Henry Cavill, but it's all unraveling as we watch minutes 44 through 88 of Man of Steel. You know it's bad when we managed to talk about a third of the movie for th
After a cumulative runtime of 425 minutes of bad movie, we've arrived at the promised land: Man of Steel. The Snyderverse movie that people generally agree is the least worst. Will we agree? So far, yes! It's a movie! It's less than three hours
Before we can even think about thinking about Man of Steel, we've got a lot to unpack about Batman v Superman and the DCEU at large. In this freewheelin' (read: disorganized and generally disgraceful but also good) episode, we attempt to pick u
Another movie down! This week we watched the last 45 minutes or so of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now that the boys are friends, Batman heads to the warehouse to kill a bunch of guys, Superman heads to Metropolis to fight a CGI monster
At long last, we've made it! We've arrived at minutes 73 through 133 of Batman v Superman, the part where Batman v's Superman! It's not all about the fight though: Lex Luthor also gets down to some mass-murderous shenanigans and some unbearable
"Ahoy," haha! This week we're watching 40 Minute Chunk #2 of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition, and it's boat time! Yarr! The world's greatest detective, The Bat Vigilante in Gotham, has finally gotten to the bottom of his mo
Oh no, we decided to do more! We're back in zacktion (haha) with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition! Unlike Justice League, this movie doesn't have convenient chapters to break this into, but it's also 3 hours long, so this w
We did it, actually! This week we watched the Snyder Cut epilogue, "A Father Twice Over". A quick montage and Lex Luthor and Knightmare and Marthan Manhunter later, the movie is over at last. Did we like it? No, but that's fine. It's been seven
We did it, almost! We finished the Snyder Cut, almost! This week we watched part 6, "Something Darker", the end of the movie, almost! We've only got like half an hour left! Hooray! Superman is alive again and looking at corn just like in the go
Can it be? A part of the Snyder Cut that we actually like? No, not really, but it turns out Part 5, "All the King's Horses", is the least worst part so far! What a nice treat for us, relatively speaking. The superheroes who are still not called
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