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A weekly Comedy, TV and Film podcast featuring Sam Canning
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Act 2 of Fantastic 4? Geez, if I wanted to look at all these numbers, I'd go to a library and look up numbers in a book! But it's true, we did watch Fantastic 4 again. There's not a lot of superheroism to be found in this part of the movie, but
Oops, we're back! We got so scared of Thing from the Fantastic Four that we slipped and fell off the Brooklyn Bridge and weren't able to record an episode for over a month. Finally, we're back to watch Blade again! What was happening in this mo
Alright, I don't think it's a stretch to say that things got a little heated during our previous discussion of Blade. We got a little worked up because of how much this movie rocks, and we all said some things we regret. There's no reason to fo
Bleh, bleh! I vant to vatch a good movie for a change! Good thing we're starting our journey through the Blade trilogy! Blade is a movie of vampires, but we do the vampire voice less than you'd think. We're too happy to be watching it to think
Have we finished Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance? Yes... hell yes! In this breakneck third act, Moreau kills dozens of politicians while Nadya gets a hundred headshots and the devil does yoga. If that doesn't sound like a movie, well, I don't
scrape scrape Huh, what's that scraping at the door? Could it be a new episode of Zero to Zero talking about Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance? This week is a week of transformations: an excavator becomes a devil, a man becomes a goblin, and the
Blackheart and his band of elemental goons have been defeated, but we're not done with Ghost Rider just yet! This time, we're heading to (checks Wikipedia) Romania for the sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance! It's grittier and grayer than
We took a week off to mourn the deaths of Gramble and Alligator or whatever their names were, but we're back to finish Ghost Rider! In the thrilling conclusion, we will finally learn the true identity of Sam Elliott (the previous Ghost Rider?!?
It took a little while, but we're finally at the part of Ghost Rider with Ghost Rider! Yes, Nicolas Cage's skin has flaked off to reveal a cool skull on fire. Will acclaimed director Mark Steven Johnson make the movie become epic when the actio
Yee-haw! It's finally time for the rootinest, tootinest superhero movie around: Ghost Rider! Nicolas Cage has finally graced our podcast with his whole deal, and it's either good or something, depending on who you ask! We may not all have the s
What a treat 2011 has for us: it's another third act CGI monster fight! Thank you, Green Lantern! Fortunately, the movie also gives us a fight between two human actors (covered in CGI and throwing CGI at each other!) Will the Green Lantern Corp
Do you like LORE?! This is the part of Green Lantern where Hal Jordan gets the Green Lantern Corps' knowledge database put in his head to save time on lore dumps. Naturally, we then get a bunch of lore dumps! Meanwhile, Hector Hammond's head is
At long last, we have arrived at the movie that was so disappointing, it delayed the official start of the DCEU: Green Lantern! Is it as bad as people say? Can it possibly be any worse than the actual start of the DCEU? Not really, but that's a
Thank god, it's our final viewing of Catwoman! Why was this movie so disgusting? In the third act, we're forced to contend with sloppy sushi slurping, smashing Sharing Stone, and a silly sexy sleuth. Still a better love story than Elektra! Next
Despite a whole bunch of computer internet problems, we're back to discuss Catwoman once again! This is the classic part of any superhero movie where our protagonist discovers their powers, robs a jewelry store, rips up a precious gift from the
After one of our classic unintended breaks, we're back with Catwoman! Will this movie be as historically terrible as everyone says? As long as it's not as boring as Elektra, I think we'll have a good time either way! We've got Hooba, we've got
Against all odds, we survived Elektra! Truly one of the worst movies we've ever seen, in or out of this podcast. Why are all the supervillains so easy to kill? Why is Elektra so incompetent that they basically have to do it themselves? Why was
Oh boy, we already didn't like Elektra but it's somehow gone downhill in the second act! The villains get worse and the movie gets more racist! We see three minor supervillains die in this part and Elektra didn't do any of it. Why is she even h
Daredevil set the bar very high as a fun bad movie - can Elektra keep the momentum up? Or will it be a slow, boring, dark, miserable slog? Well, not to spoil things, but the character didn't appear on screen for over a decade after this movie c
It took us way too long for how short the movie is, but we're finally wrapping up Daredevil! We've had a great time with it so far, but will it stick the landing? Or will Colin Farrell turn into a big CGI monster man? Was 2003 before movies bec
Remember when movies had a three-act structure? This week, we're reminiscing about simpler times as we watch act 2 of Daredevil! Elektra has arrived, and things are somehow very quaint and also horrifically weird at the same time. Matt loves to
The reviews are in! We're one third of the way through 2003's Daredevil, and this movie is officially Bad Ass! It's got Seether, and it's got Nickelback, and it's got some of the worst lawyering you'll ever see outside of Ace Attorney! Movies u
Sorry, this isn't Daredevil! We sat down to talk about it but we ended up reading and laughing at Screenrant for 20 minutes first. Giga will be out of town next week, so rather than post our first Daredevil episode and then take a week off, we
We are finally done with Watchmen! Well, they didn't do the squid. Do we care? Not really! We're focused on a change far more offensive than that: Themes! Who would have thought we'd have a problem with themes from the guy who wrote the Kents t
Three quarters of the way through Watchmen! The movie continues to be a combination of gross, boring, and most of all, blue! In this week's viewing, Rorschach is unmasked and Nite Owl is un-underweared. Will we find a way to shoehorn a third co
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