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Hello! We're back with a fresh episode all about Paranormal TV. If you're into ghost hunting TV shows then you don't wanna miss this one. It's a long one but a good one! We didn't want to cut out all the good stuff so its stuffed full of fun. 
Hello little undead fishes! This episode is all about Non-Western magical beliefs, also known as 'Cave-art and a little (magical) town in India'. Danielle goes back to her roots and get all archaeological on you  and Melanie brings us a most i
WE'RE BACK! Happy 2021 Little Undead Fishes!!! Have you missed us? GOOD! So we're back to launch Zombie Fishbowl with our first episode of the year, some parts recorded Pre-Coup and some Post-Coup and sliced together like some beautiful homuncu
After such a long wait you must be wondering what's going on, well, this episode will not make it any clearer ;) Melanie and Danielle just have a chat and bring the end to the year with some right ol' banter. Listen up for a little fun! We wi
Greeting little fishes! We have for you our Halloween episode for 2020 about POSSESSION. In this thrilling episode Danielle details the circumstances by which you might get yourself a Diagnosis of The Devil and Melanie details two really intere
Hello! A fun one for ya this week with Yokai. If you don't know what a Yokai is, first of all where have you been? and secondly, well have we got the podcast episode for YOU!  Enjoy a little Yokai history and origins and then settle in for sto
Hello little undead fishies! We're back with an episode all about that really obscure event in world history known as Y2K and the computer error that threatened to ruin everyone's new years parties!   WARNING: Shit gets political.  As much a
We're back with an all new episode dedicated to 'Reincarnation'. We bring in the history of the idea, folklore, religious dogma, and science! From the Aboriginal Dream Time to the Matrix, we cover the bases and hopefully teach you some stuff. E
Greetings little undead fishes, here is Part 2 of our Lovecraft splurge with a very tired and somewhat delusional Danielle rattling off a list of Lovecraft-inspired pop-culture STUFF and Melanie desperately trying to keep up! It's a bit of fun
We split this episode up into two parts like Cthulhu splits his (im)mortal enemies in half to bring you TWO delicious new 'casts. In Part 1 we talk about the man himself, HP, and no, we don't shy away from the elephant (or Old One) in the room.
Howdy! This week we shake up the formula a bit and Melanie tells us all about the weird and wacky world of Denver Airport- it's got all the big players in conspiracy theory world, questionable art, unfortunate design plans and lots, lots more.
IT'S OUR 1st BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY/LAUNCH DAY!!!! WOO! Thank you to all our loyal little fishes WE LOVE YOU. Ehem, anyway, this episode is all about the Table-Top Role Playing Game Dungeons and Dragons! We try to give you a nice overview of the
Howdy! In this episode we introduce our take on 'folklore'. Danielle gets all sentimental ('daaw) then quickly gets all professional again with a local legend and Mel rips some yarns with fancy accents and sing-songs. Do not miss it!!  Thanks
HI! Miss us? We're back with Episode 35 where we delve into the meaty topic of ransom notes through the gateway drug of kidnappings. Danielle talks handwriting analysis and Melanie shares the first documented case of the use of a ransom-note in
We know you were expecting some dead dudes curses but all will become clear when you listen to the episode. We changed it up and brought you some spooky content instead. So listen up little fishes, while we give you the history and ghosts of tw
This week's episode is all about Dreams! We picked 'Sleep' out of the random-topic-picker so we focused on dreaming and popped Sleep back on the list for later (there is sooo much interesting stuff about sleepy-time). We both had a blast resear
Are Video Games bad for you? What are Melanie and Danielle's favourites? Can you do some simple maths and work out precisely how old they are by how they willy-nilly just go 'I was 11 when this game came out in 1997!" without even thinking. Not
Sorry for the delay, but really, time is just an illusion. In this episode we have black holes, wormholes, paradoxes, quantum physics, SCIENCE! the multiverse, mythology, magical turtles, dinosaurs, NIPPLES!!! Listen and learn!
IT'S EPISODE 30 EVERYONE! I cannae believe it! We've made it to our 30's. Thanks for sticking with us! Anyway, in this episode we have a go at educating ya'll about conspiratorial thought patterns and slice up what makes something a 'conspirac
In this episode we explore the phenomenon of Out of Body Experiences (Or OOBES, I like OOBES cuz it sounds like boobies-D), including Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming and other such similar experiences. Basically, if your mind left your body w
In this episode we explore some of the rich folklore of the North American native tribes. We hope that you give us a listen and learn about just a few examples from these rich and diverse cultures that shared a continent for thousands of years
Melanie and her little sister get drunk and tell a few of their own personal ghost stories. I don't think I need to sell it any more than that. Listen little undead fishes and ENJOY THE SHENANIGANS!
This week we're going all 90s nostalgic and talking about the books (and all their incarnations) GOOSEBUMPS.  If you don't know what that is, we sure tell ya all about it. It's fun, it's educational and it's, did I say fun?? We also go into q
A brand new minisode for your ear holes with the one and only Melanie!  While Danielle is off (supposedly) doing Uni, Melzy is cooking up some little treats in the form of minisodes and spin-off specials (with potentially very exciting guests!
In this episode we talk about our favourite catacombs! There are a few tangents, as you would expect, but we stay pretty much on topic (except when we don't...). Here is the link to the NatGeo article I mention loads in the episode with the ga
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