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Atheism Destroys-- we'll all be talking about Godlessness soon enough; Theme: Rely on the 'experts...' except experts on the economy; Economy collapsing and the Biden admin doesn't change anything; Kamala Harris goes off the rails--she just doe
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U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Sunday said, “It’s going to be a tough few weeks” for the United States in confronting the omicron variant of the coronavirus.  “The cases numbers are high, hospitals are struggling,” Murthy told ABC’s “This
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Welcome to a brand new episode of The Banter Roundtable Podcast! In the show today, we blame anti-vaxxers for everything, tackle Joe Rogan’s spectacularly bad day, the Bernie Bros’ relentless attacks on Joe Biden, and a new Covid protocol that
First, the Biden administration is dealt a loss as the Supreme Court shoots down the vaccine mandate for businesses. We'll hear from local representatives about Indiana's anti-vaccine mandate bill and the progress it has at the statehouse. Next
Today, I will talk about the case of State of Madhya Pradesh v. Jogendra & Another, 2022 SCC OnLine SC 33, wherein the Hon’ble Supreme Court discussed the meaning and the definition of ‘dowry’. To know more about the present post, please visit
   This week on The Paranormal Patriot, Tom begins the show by discussing the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the vaccine mandate.  Was it the right decision?  Where do we go from here? Tom will also ask why Joe Biden is getting increasi
We take a look at President Biden's tough week, after the Supreme Court dealt a blow to his mask-or-test mandate for large employers and his attempt to reform the the filibuster died in the Senate.
The funeral for a New Jersey man on Sunday comes at a most poignant moment for his family, as it coincides with the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. Rabbi Israel "Sy" Dresner was one of the earliest Freedom Riders in the 1960s and was cl
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On this episode of Flashpoint, WCNC's Ben Thompson talks to two Charlotte Council members as they lay out a busy agenda during an election year. "Trying to do a lot of things at once, and doing them with a lot of funding at once is what makes t
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1. Yati Narsinghanand, one of the religious leaders who organised an event in Haridwar last month that called for the genocide of Muslims, arrested, becoming the second person to be taken into custody following an intervention by the Supreme Co
Tonight we are discussing a reddit post that I came across on a liberal subreddit. The post discussed the normalization of pedophilia in the United Sates. We will also dive into the OSHA mandates being shot down by the Supreme Court, along with

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