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Bird Box Challenge

  • 15 days ago

Elizabeth, Radar & Dave recap the Bird Box Challenge they did on facebook live at

Bird Box Challenge

  • 10 days ago

We discuss the ableism inherent in the Bird Box Challenge, which began as a reference to a new Netflix movie starring Sandra Bullock. From the January 8, 2019 episode.

Kiki Bird Box Challenge

  • 14 days ago

'IT'S ERIK NAGEL'  INTRO [0:00:00] Intro SEGMENT 01 [0:01:57] New Years Eve. Couple has sex live on TV. NYC mass transit, cigarette restrictions, gender neutral birth certificates. Louis CK leaked audio.  BREAK [1:05:04] SEGMENT 02 [1:07:34] Gittles orders a solar system. Box office updates. Trevor sees 'Vice'. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch [SPOILERS]. Netflix 'Bird Box' [SPOILERS] Trailers: 'Stranger Things' S3, 'The Punisher' S2  HAPPY NEW YEAR HEAR 'IT'S ERIK NAGEL' ON:  IHEARTRADIO | ITUNES | STITCHER | GOOGLEPLAY | SPOTIFY | TUNE-IN | YOUTUBE Call The Show [24/7]: +16517648437  FOLLOW 'IT'S ERIK NAGEL': TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | WEBSITE |

Watercooler #152: Bird Box Challenge

  • 7 days ago

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Bird Box Challenge & Stupid Stuff

  • 2 days ago

Today we discuss stupid things we've done as kids as well as the Bird Box Challenges and how dangerous these challenges are. Please don't do any of the challenges you see out there that may cause harm to yourself or others. Crazy Lady's Podcast Episode 1 - Depression & Anxiety: Youtube: Twitter: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

Ep.81 El bird box challenge

  • 15 days ago

Asi es ya tenemos nuevo challenge del 2019, sobreviviremos a esta dinámica de internet??

The Bird Box Challenge featuring Super Dave

  • 3 days ago

Have you seen Bird Box? Dan hasn't, and wants to be apart of the Bird Box Challenge. He just doesnt know it yet. Also, this episode is dedicated to Super Dave Osborne, Bob Einstein.

Bird Box Challenge and Jimmy's Take

  • 15 days ago

The "Bird Box Challenge" is the next hot meme everyone is doing. Jimmy has some opinions on people who partake...

Nixon Talks Bird Box Challenge Idiocy

  • 14 days ago

New Year, same idiots. Why the hell are people blindfolding themselves and going out into the world? Because they're brain-dead idiots. I also get a few rants out of the way for good measure.


  • 12 days ago

This week of Any Given Sunday in the Endz the trio debated on if Friends was a good show and what shows were better than Friends, the 2 new movies Netflix dropped and how you would feel if an artist goes harder than you on their feature. 0:00 - 15:40 Is Friends a good show? 16:00 - 54:40 Bird Box/What sense would you give up 55:00 - 1:12:20 Would you feel upset if an artist went harder than you on your track? Available on #SoundCloud : Available on #GooglePlay : Follow Dreday! Twitter - Instagram - Follow Jemel! Twitter - Instagram - Follow #SplashNetwork! Facebook - Twitter - Follow Nick! Instagram - Twitter -

Escape Room and the Bird Box Challenge

  • 13 days ago

The Basement Boys are back for their first cast of 2019, and they've brought someone with them! Well, in truth, former hop-farmer-turned-journalist-and-blogger Shannon Ainslie asked to join Jason and Shawn, as she's a fan of what they're slinging. So the three not only discuss the phenomenon that is Bird Box, but whether or not the Sandra Bullock/John Malkovich vehicle is worth your time. They also touch on the Bird Box Challenge, which sees average folks attempting to navigate the world blindfolded like the characters do in the movie. Think anyone is dumb enough to try that? Stick with us! Shannon also learns Jason is capable of breaking anything, and Shawn can very easily trap himself in a car. Plus there's the Friday segment from the Radio NL 610 AM Morning Show, in which Jason, Shawn and Howie take a look at the weekend -- and 2019's -- big releases. You can hear it all right here, right now, by pushing play on the player below.

What's Up 2019! + Bird Box Challenge

  • 9 days ago

It's the first Tuesday Show of 2019! 2018 was incredible, and we're planning some big things for this year. Meet our new team member Tim Lee, our plans for upcoming Tuesday Show episodes, and perhaps most exciting, why we're focusing on making consumer packaged goods in the natural products industry our specialty. Oh, and we did the Bird Box Challenge, so you really should watch this one. You'll be glad you did.

The Bird Box challenge and Jimmy's Offer

  • 14 days ago

Jimmy guides Kelsey as she attempts the Bird Box challenge.

New Year Resolution: Bird Box Challenge Gone Wrong

  • 16 days ago

You are a business owner for a nail salon. Chase someone down for $35 and die? Or let them go away but remember to keep them from ever coming back? New year resolutions are being exchanged. Meanwhile… Somewhere, there is someone doing a bird box challenge and getting hurt. It’s getting so bad… It’s resembling the tide pod challenge. New year resolutions are being exchanged. Meanwhile… Somewhere, there is someone doing a bird box challenge and getting hurt. It’s getting so bad… It’s a resembling the tide pod challenge. Thinning the herd! 🤣

E153 - Tiki Bird Box Challenge

  • 9 days ago

E153 - Tiki Bird Box Challenge by Drunky your Walt Disney World main Stay, Rhiannon who knows more about Drinking at the Disney Resorts than just about anyone & your Skipper, Dickrichie who spends more time at Disneyland than anyone else in Disney Twitter.

EP131- Octagon Bird Box Challenge

  • 1 day ago

On the latest episode of American Slacker hosts Matthew and Jesse are joined by guest host Jordan River to talk bizarre news including Colorado cannabis stats, roadkill in fast food joints, trigger happy pups, the bird box challenge and make out sessions with private property. Then the guys jump into the MMA world with the Green Corner to discuss controversies surrounding Jon Jones, the Nunes v Cyborg fight, the Diaz Brothers’ latest thoughts, the UFC heading to Russia and much more. The show ends with a game called This or That with the hosts choosing the best of bad situations. To become a sponsor of the show click here! Check out the American Slacker Podcast Website, Facebook Page, American Slackers Group, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

Nuestro Bird Box Challenge y la caída de Apple

  • 14 days ago

[La Semana en CNET en Español #222] Te contamos lo que opinamos Bird Box Challenge y analizamos la caída de las acciones de Apple. Además te contamos lo que esperamos de CES 2019.

Bird Box Challenge: Dumb Meme Results in 2-Car Wreck

  • 4 days ago

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The toboggan Bird Box challenge -Jan 3rd

  • 15 days ago

Inspired by the warm weather and by the Netflix hit, Bird Box, Matt takes to the hill to kick off the #birdboxchallenge. It goes exactly how you'd think it would go. We also talk swearing thanks to Justin Moore & search for Edmonton's greatest hill!