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The Masked Singer
Episode of
Circle Time
Gauri Joshi, Mariel Nardi, and Kris DiNardi talk about their love for Fox's new show The Masked Singer. 
The Masked Singer
Episode of
Pop Culture Happy Hour
The Masked Singer isn't your everyday singing competition. Based on a South Korean format, each week we learn the identity of the elaborately costumed "celebrity" who gets voted off. So far, we've unmasked football player Antonio Brown, and comedia…
The Masked Singer
Episode of
TV Lab
Sing your heart out, America! The highly promoted The Masked Singer premiered January 2nd, 2019 on Fox, and we’re here to take some wild guesses on some over the top performances. Do you know whose under the masks? Does Nick Cannon know whose under…
The Masked Singer (Fox)
Episode of
The Pilot Podcast
We review the new Fox reality game show, The Masked Singer, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we rant about the selection of panelists/judges, all the strange comments about body shapes/sizes, Nick Cannon’s hair, and who would make good celebrities …
060: The Masked Singer
Episode of
Cold Dog Soup
After two months off, Cold Dog Soup is BACK as Hankins, Free and Sean discuss the new FOX show, The Masked Singer. Executively Produced, as always, by Cassie Moore Reid. Support Cold Dog Soup by donating to the tip jar:…
015 - Appetizer - The Masked Singer
Episode of
Older Millennial
Sokrady, Morgan, Isabel, and Sagan debate the next movie for the show. They discuss the idea of picking moves from the current month for the show, and review some options for that. To find out the next movie, make sure to listen to the end of the e…
The Masked Singer: FINALE RECAP!!!
Episode of
The Jamie Grace Podcast
The Masked Singer was so good you guys!!!! Here's our recap from this Wednesday night's finale!! --- Support this podcast:
The Masked Singer (MM #2856)
Episode of
The Mason Minute
I'm sure by now you've heard about the new TV show on Fox called The Masked Singer. Everybody's talking about it, so I'm sure that the ratings are good. To me, the show really speaks to to our celebrity loving culture...
Nick Cannon (The Masked Singer)
Episode of
ON With Mario Interviews
Nick Cannon (The Masked Singer)Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at to learn about your ad choices when listening to podcasts, visit…
Bonus Episode: The Masked Singer
Episode of
Horror Movie Yearbook
The boys give their picks for The Masked Singer finale. Seriously.
Best Of: The Masked Singer
Episode of
The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
On today's show, when Stugotz uses "in fact", is it ever a fact?
Pre-Drinks - 08 - The Masked Singer
Episode of
Jan 28th, 2019BONUS CONTENT! A quick clip from our recording sessions. Recorded as Matt pre-drank for Drinkipedia. Consider subscribing to us on iTunes, it helps so much and we'd really appreciate it. New episode every Thursday, with bonus clips (l…
The Masked Singer: Semi-Finals Recap
Episode of
The Jamie Grace Podcast
We're only ONE episode away from the finals?!?! How did that happen so fast?!?! Hear our LIVE recap of the semi-finals and predictions for the finals here! @jamiegraceh | @theaaroncollins --- Support this podcast:…
Riggs - The Masked Singer Is...Okay
Episode of
Riggs & Alley
Riggs started watching the new show The Masked Singer and thought it was.....well.....decent.
Make Me Like "The Masked Singer"
Episode of
Make Me Like This
Jeff tries to make Brandon like the Fox series "The Masked Singer." They explore the purpose of the Pussycat Dolls, and discuss how Brandon can no longer use his Bill Cosby impression. The Make Me Like This theme song is called "Thinking About You"…
Walt Disney and The Masked Singer
Episode of
The WR Show
Review of The Masked Singer and talking about Disney buying Fox
The Masked Singer w/ Jack Allison
Episode of
Game Shows, I Suppose
JACK’S PLUGS:JackAM Session Live Gaminghttps://www.twi…
Vanderpump Rules ft The Masked Singer
Episode of
Pretty Little Popcast
This episode is all about Reality TV! We talk Vanderpump Rules, Andy Cohen's crazy baby shower and The Masked Singer. --- Support this podcast:
Can You Guess The Masked Singer?
Episode of
The Jeff & Jenn Show
Can you tell which A-list celebrity is singing behind the mask? 
Episode 55 - Rent Live, The Masked Singer
Episode of
Long Distance POPcast
Matt and Claudia are back (again) and talk TV, including a discussion about FOX's Rent LIVE and The Masked Singer.
The Masked Singer Review (Streaming on Hulu)
Episode of
Nikki Movie Reviews
#TheMaskedSinger #TheMaskedSingeronFox #NikkiMovieReviews #NickCannon The Masked Singer is a New Show That was Inspired By A YouTube International Show. Let's Dive Into The Good, The Bad and The Interesting about The Masked Singer. I Have Finally…
Episode 115: Dating Around & The Masked Singer!
Episode of
The Streamer's Guide to the Galaxy!
Welcome back Fellow Streamers! Thank you for your patience last week as we both needed a bit of a mental health break.  This week is a bit of a freeform episode where we discuss what we've been watching!  We discuss Dating Around, Captain Marvel, T…
The Masked Singer and Comedy Docuseries
Episode of
Brandon’s Entertainment Universe with Brandon Parnes
In this episode, Brandon talks about The Masked Singer and two documentary series on Comedy. --- Support this podcast: