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Not complete yet, but I am on board for the journey. QCODE is putting out some solid audiodrama. The story is a good mystery to date. The audio quality is top notch and the casting solid as can be. In a world where the TV options are too many to even count, it's nice to hear something like this get the podcast treatment. I'm down for whatever they offer up in the future.
in an internet dominated by put downs and snarky jokes (which do have their place at times), Chris brings a level of positive vibes on any topic his guest throw at him. He'll probably run out of time to do this show once he has too many new things he likes to find free time to podcast. Topics are all over the board so if something doesn't jive with you another will. Plus the real kicker is Chris holds himself (and his wife) accountable with the follow up episodes where he has done his homework and dug deeper into a potentially new found hobby or interest. Australian Rules Football? Check. Nightmare On Elm Street? Check. Gardening? Check. Good Podcast? Check!!!!
In all seriousness this is the best podcast ever. Ian, Sean, and David are hilarious and such great chemistry. The good vibes gang is great to listen to at and such a fun collection of guests and draft topics. 45 min of jibber jabber before they even get to picks and I enjoy every minute of it
A show pushing a decade and a half. I've only been listening for the last four but enjoy the consistency of episode quality, the chemistry between Seth and Jonathan is off the charts. They cover all topics. Give advice and let you in on their lives. Patreon supported so they don't have bend to any advertising. I wish they wouldn't bash every movie but hey, most deserve it
Award winning wranglers of wildlife in words! Not all the pods I listen to can cross over to my full family but Varmints is. I love the way they cover animals in multiple ways - smarts, stats, would you eat it, and pop culture connection
A show that has the courage to watch bad stuff so the rest us don't have to (unless they want to). Well produced and solid chemistry
I know the last thing this world needs is more hate, but what if it's legit? Not hating for hating sake, but more an informative criticism! Good humored tounge in cheek chatter.
Fun and inventive. Amazing amount of time and effort to make each episode. No corner of the pop culture universe is off limits. Fun to follow on social media as well.
My only issue is it t wasn't longer
This is how true crime is done right. Josh is a great story teller weaving the information in a very informative and engaging manner.
This side project/experiment is great. Paul is fun to listen to no matter what odd topic he's chiming in on. Good use of listener voicemail and personal anecdotes. Hoping he keeps it up in 2020 even if thinking a hot dog isnt a sandwich is wrong
Sad to say I'm very late on these folks. Oddly entertaining in a way that makes you question your own level of weird. Plus McGuffen Industries makes the best products
This is on my must listen list. Two versions of the show: one a book club style podcast recommendation show. The other, where they just about new things they discovered. They even explore their bodies together. Also a fun Facebook group to join.
A variety show of a podcast. Literally something for everyone. Interviews? Yep. Fake concert tours? Duh. Amazing Facebook group. Uh-huh. Informative even if the research is only cursory. Humorously entertaining.
These are some fine outstanding young men who the future generations will look up to. They letw know what to expect from local Olive Gardens, the state of Bill Engvall, and of course very fun comic book origin stories. They done about a witch using social media that is amazing.








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