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MA Alexander

Sci-fi and fantasy junkie just looking for novel ways to tap into the creative collective of human consciousness.


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For a mostly single narrator driven podcast, Ostium is a compelling and enjoyable audio drama! As a huge fan and player of the Myst games back in the mid 1990's, which the podcast creator mentions as a dorect inspiration, this podcast has a similar mystery quest and isolation adventure feel. Really enjoying this podcast so far!!
This podcast is a richly written story told in an incredibly well developed universe. Every effort is made to grasp the listener's attention and keep us listening. Absolutely loved every moment and can't wait for more in upcoming seasons!!
Loved hearing Philip's story of survival and can't wait for more in a second season!!
To the creator(s): Can't hear a word she's saying but this is still a good podcast!! I just wish I knew her secret!!
By far, one of my most favorite audio dramas of all time. The Earth Collective definitely ranks in my top five so far. Simply sublime storytelling which is told via an incredibly well developed character who is just as unknowing as we all are in the beginning. Nothing will stop our hero from finding the truth about his roving society's history and the many unanswered questions that linger about 'The Dark'. The ancestors' rich history slowly, but surely, comes to light through the episodes, never leaving us wanting for too much more than necessary. Questions are answered in such fulfilling ways and bring deep satisfaction constantly throughout. This podcast was so appealing to me that I binged all three seasons in two days and started the 4th on the next. Kudos to the creator and voice actors. I can't wait to hear more about The Earth Collective and its residents!!
This is a great first episode to what promises to be an interesting podcast. Given the times and what our world is facing I applaud this creator's work and her wish to remain anonymous.
The deeper threads are finally coming to the surface and I'm afraid I must have missed much of the gist along the way. Extreme slow burn over two seasons and I'm still not sure what is going on exactly. There is much more storyline embedded in this podcast than I originally thought. Hope to glean much more information about this mysterious town in Season 3.
Love this crossover with Ars Paridoxica!!!
Really nice sci fi twist in this episode!!
Great story so far!! Has all the elements necessary for a good apocalypse setup: radio transmissions depicting an end of world scenario; a super secret bunker to shield our survivors; the heartwrenching separation of two lovers.
Interesting premise. Sponsored adverts, although cleverly integrated into the story, are a little cumbersome with two breaks per episode. Despite that, the idea of officials choosing who survives the apocalypse using a computer generated, merit based scoring system entirely scored by one's work related contribution to society is chilling. It eliminates any possibility of integrating those individuals who are not the most viable candidates to the system, workwise, yet are still considered highly valued members of our society. A great conundrum to explore.
Pressure mounts to figure out how Lazari, the town, and 'The Sleeper' are connected! This could go anywhere!! Can't wait for the next installment!
Love this expansion of the storyline regarding Lazari! It just keeps getting better and better!
Great narrative to explain Lazari's 'situation'. So creative and fresh! Love this episode!!
I really liked this podcast! It was pretty spooky, given the current state of politics in America. This show presents a fictional situation that could actually come true this day in age with the alternate realities that get dreamt up by people in positions of power. Very enlightening. Just love Rami Malek as the lead! His voice is a beautiful representation of the real emotion he exudes while performing.
Am so impressed with this storyline so far and the ingenuity of its creator! This podcast is a one-man show, which is really hard to believe!! It feels like it took teams of people to create this content!! So excited for future installments!!
Wow! What a gem!! Love the writing and production! Impressed by Cole Sprouce's (Disney's Suite Life of Zach and Cody) voice acting props!! He is a fantastic narrator who really sells the trauma he's experienced within the storyline and the effect it's had on his life. Would love to see more like this from the writer!! Excellent work!!
It took a minute or two to get into the story, but once I got past the complex security procedures (and understood the why of them) I was addicted! Nice story development early to make it more comprehensive later.
Loving it so far!!








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