Frequently Asked Questions

Questions. You have them, we have them, everyone has them. Here are a few you might like, with some answers alongside.

Questions From Everyone

What can I do on Podchaser?

Follow Podcasts, Creators, Lists, and other Users on Podchaser to see personalized podcast updates in your Podchaser Feed. Use your Podchaser Feed to discover new podcasts and support podcasts you already love.

Browse Podchaser's extensive database of Podcasts, Podcast Creators, curated Lists, and other active Users using Podchaser's powerful search function. Contribute to Podchaser's database by adding ratings and reviews, credits for podcast Creators, and curated Lists of podcasts or episodes.

Does Podchaser have an app?

For now we've made Podchaser mobile-friendly when you visit any page on your mobile device. An app may be on our roadmap though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I can't find _____ podcast on Podchaser. Can I add it?

Uh oh! Our database has most podcasts and episodes but we occasionally miss one here and there.

All podcasts have an RSS feed, and you can copy that feed's URL and paste into this form to automatically add the podcast and all its episodes to Podchaser's database. If you're still having trouble you can contact the podcast and ask them for their RSS feed URL, or let us know and we'll help you out.

Some podcasts choose not to be listed in public directories, so you might find that your favorite podcast doesn't want to be on our website. :(

I can't find a Creator on Podchaser. Can I add them?

Yup! Go here to add a missing Creator profile and contribute to our database. In the future, you can add new Creators by visiting our Creators hub page and clicking 'Add a New Creator'.

A recent episode of a podcast isn't on Podchaser. How do I find it?

Our system automatically adds new episodes from podcasts, usually just after they're released, but to avoid overloading podcast host servers we try not to check for new episodes too often, and usually focus our checking around when we believe they've brought out a new episode.

If a podcast brings out an episode out of the blue or at a different interval to usual, we might not get to it straight away. In that case, you can let us know and we'll make sure it's added quickly.

What are the differences between User, Creator, and Podcast Pages?

User Profiles

User profiles are how you interact with the site. When you sign up for Podchaser you automatically get a user profile. This page shows your personal activity as a Podchaser user and listener โ€” including your ratings, reviews, lists, follows, and more. Your activity here will affect what information gets displayed on your personal feed. Other users can follow your user profile to see your activity in their feed (you can control the privacy of this information via the settings menu). Your user profile should be your personal account rather than a podcast or group. From your user account, you can claim your creator and podcast pages (if applicable). To view or edit your profile, click your picture in the navigation bar and select "my profile" from the drop down menu.

Creator Profiles

Creator profiles are the professional podcasting presence for anyone who contributes to a podcast, such as hosts, guests, voice actors, producers, etc. They are specific to a single person and display the creators name, social media links, and a short bio, while also tracking podcast appearances. Podchaser users can follow them to receive updates on new appearances. You can claim your creator profile by visiting the page and clicking the "is this you" button. Once claimed, you'll be able to edit the profile's information. This will also link your user profile to your creator profile with a link card on your user profile.

Currently you cannot merge user and creator profiles into one because of the different purposes for the profiles. We chose to keep these as separate pages because some of the podcast creators on Podchaser prefer to keep their personal ratings, reviews, etc private. Weโ€™re looking at better ways to link the two profiles and better explain the difference between the profiles as we continue to improve your experience on Podchaser.

Podcast Pages

Podcast pages are automatically generated pages for shows. These pages allow you to browse episodes, listen, follow, leave ratings & reviews, add credits, and more. Users who follow this page will get updates in their feed. Podchaser's database of podcasts is pulled from publicly available RSS feeds. If your podcast is already on Podchaser, you can claim it with your user account by visiting the page and clicking the "claim" button. This will allow you to create a custom url, add links, add a merch section, put your podcast into new categories, get a Podchaser badge for your website, and more. If your podcast has not yet been added to Podchaser, you can add it by clicking on your profile image in the top right corner, selecting "Add a Podcast," and pasting the RSS feed url into the box that appears.

Questions From Creators

What is a Creator profile? How do I make one?

Creator profiles are a new way to showcase your podcasting contributions. Whether you're a host, guest, producer, editor, voice actor, or you contribute to the creation of a podcast in any other way, you deserve a place to show off your talent. Create your profile here, then add a bio for yourself, upload a headshot, and start adding your credits using our powerful search tool and database.

How can I add my podcast to Podchaser?

Simply follow this process to add your podcast to Podchaser. You will need to prove that you are the owner or administrator of the podcast account.

How can Podchaser benefit me and my podcast?

By adding your Creator profile and claiming your podcast on Podchaser, you'll unlock a slew of resources to help build your personal brand and grow listenership for your podcast. Here are just a few ways you can benefit...

  • Collect ratings and reviews for your podcast and individual episodes of your podcast for valuable listener feedback and discoverability. Accumulate ratings to see your podcast rise in the ranks of Podchaser's trending podcasts and episodes. Ask your listeners to 'Rate and review on Podchaser'!
  • Share your Creator profile to give potential listeners a great way to discover all of the podcasts you help create.
  • Give your listeners a platform-agnostic way to share your podcast. Podchaser links can be opened on any device and give your listeners an easy way to listen to your podcast using their preferred listening platform. Assign your podcast a unique Vanity URL in your podcast's settings for easy sharing!

How did you get my podcast information? What is this sorcery?

We poll various online sources for our podcast and episode information in order to create a comprehensive, aggregated database of every podcast, ever.

Can I edit my podcast's profile?

Most aspects of your podcast profile are defined by the data in your RSS feed, but you're able to edit the sections that we can't get from your feed. Simply claim your podcast by going to the podcast's page and clicking Claim This Podcast. Then, you'll be able to manage your links and categories, receive notifications for ratings and reviews, and unlock our powerful marketing tools like a custom website badge and Vanity URL.

How do I change which categories are visible on my podcast profile?

For the sake of space, we may only show the top 2 or 3 categories that you have defined. We will always show them in the order defined within the Categories tab of your podcast management page.

To change the priority of your categories, go to your podcast page from My Podcasts, click the Categories tab and you can drag your categories into the appropriate order.

Can I remove my podcast from Podchaser?

Your fans and our team will be sorry to see you go, but yes, you can remove your podcast from Podchaser if you'd like to. Simply claim your podcast to prove you're the owner then contact us to request a removal.

Can I collaborate with or run a promotion with Podchaser?

We exist to support podcasts and creators, so we'd love to hear how you'd like to collaborate. Contact Cole to discuss your ideas.

Questions From Listeners

How do I listen to podcast episodes on Podchaser?

Each episode page has a play button that allows you listen to that episode through our browser-based podcast player. You can also open any podcast and episode in your favorite podcast player. Simply go to a podcast or episode page, click 'Listen On...', and see your options!

My favorite player isn't in your list, how do I add it?

We're adding support for new players all the time, but if your favorite player isn't listed you can let them know to contact us so we can work with them to organize integrating their app.

How do I rate and review something? Does it even matter?

Of course it matters! Every new rating and review contributes to our recommendation algorithm so others can discover great podcast content.

You can rate and review podcasts and episodes of a podcast. To leave a rating and a review, click the Rate button or Podchaser stars on any podcast or episode page. This will bring up a modal for your star rating and review and an option to add unique Tags.

Once you submit your rating and review, it will immediately display on the podcast or episode page. Then, you can click the 'Share' button on your review and share your thoughts with the world!

What is my Podchaser Feed?

When you Follow Podcasts, Creators, Users, and Lists on Podchaser, your personal Podchaser Feed will populate with new episode releases, recent episode reviews, guest appearances from your followed Creators, List updates, and personalized recommendations based on what you Follow and rate on Podchaser.

Browse the "Popular" Feed to see recent trending activity on for all Users, Podcasts, and Creators!

Questions About Lists

What is a Podchaser List? How do I make one?

Podchaser Lists are a powerful new way to organize, share, and annotate lists of podcasts or episodes of podcasts. You can create a unique list of podcasts, give it a custom title and description, separate the list into sections, and add notes throughout your list. Then, make your list public and share it! Explore Lists from other users here.

To make your very own List, click here!

How can I publish a list so everybody can see it?

Lists start off as private, but can be set to public by clicking the Publish List button in the toolbar (on mobile you will need to press the gear icon). If you've previously asked to keep the list private, you can use the dropdown to change it to public at any time (and vice versa)

Once a list is public, it can be shared, liked and may show up on the front page or Lists page.

Coming Soon! Private links, so that only users with the link can see the list.

What is the Add Note button for?

One of the key features of our curated lists is the ability to add a personal note to every entry in the list!

Use it to:
  • Pitch a show to your friends to get them to listen
  • Use episodes to tell a story or create a timeline
  • Keep personal notes on podcasts or episodes
  • Or whatever else you can think of!

I've added an episode to a list, why can't I add a podcast as well?

Currently our lists can only have either episodes OR podcasts in them - this is to allow for correct filtering and sorting in future features. We are considering multi-type lists for the future though, including reviews, creators and more!