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gruadrated an episode

4 minutes ago
Today, Dan and Jordan take a detour into Project Camelot world to go over the latest entry in the saga of Sweary Kerry's interviews with Mark Richards, a convicted murderer who likes to pretend he's a space warrior. In this installment, Kerry a

Doug16mmGravesreviewed an episode

8 minutes ago
A new episode from the legend Legalman! A fresh new blackpill that is highly informative, insightful, & wry; full of useful acts & ideas about our legal & political system & law enforcement in our country delivered in a fast, fun, & articulat

Sue Wellsrated an episode

10 minutes ago
This week we look at the Baltic Sea Anomaly! What is it? Some say it’s a crashed UFO others say it’s just a rock deposit…. Some say it’s fish… (I don’t understand that one either)   Sponsors Magic spoon – (code: GRAVE)  Bes