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Southern Family Decorreviewed a podcast

2 minutes ago
Love this show. Having been someone who keeps a lot of stuff, this show is refreshing and makes me re-evaluate the things that I keep, and what holds me back from possibly living the life I desire. This couple makes me feel that I can truly hav

Lucas Duffreviewed a podcast

8 minutes ago
Rolling those 1s so you don't have to! I just started listening with the new campaign Restoration and this story has been hilarious and fun to follow along! The light heartedness and great roleplaying make this an easy listen when you're going

Deannarated an episode

18 minutes ago
This week, Diana swaps out her husband for a Horse Dude and Mike and Sarah act out other people's PG-13 dirty talk. Digressions include shoulder pads, Billy Joel and "Seinfeld" (twice!). There's a moment 55 minutes in that is going to make you