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On this week exciting episode........ Spaced vs Batman Vs Superman !!!   okay it's just Spaced.


For 77 minutes on July 18, 1984 a gunman walked into a McDonald’s restaurant in San Ysidro, California and opened fired on everyone and everything in his path. The post #43 The Tale of the San Ysidro Tragedy appeared first on Orbital Jigsaw.


The Vietnam War (Part IV): Tet Unravels the West. This episode is sponsored by Sudio. Sudio is a company making studio quality headphones with a stylish design; all while not overcharging just because they can. Visit the website and use the promo code THEMONDAYAMERICAN for 15% off any order! This …


How a shy, queer Canadian woman accidentally invented one of the internet’s most toxic male communities.


The crew returns to Outpost Four flush with success. Little do they know that their contact has been busy with his own work while they’ve been gone...     Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Head to the website for recipes of the food and drink made up in the show.


"Part of the paradox at the heart of manufactured housing," explains Esther Sullivan, a sociologist at the University of Colorado Denver "is that it's precisely the thing that makes it so affordable that also makes this a highly insecure form of housing." Sullivan says that about a third of mobile …


There is a new and large movie out in theaters right now, which means Our Watch Has Begun Anew. We promise, there's no Avengers spoilers present in this episode, save for the frank, challenging discussion about the sexually explicit nature of Stan Lee's latest cameo. Suggested talking points: …


Paul Stamets is a mycologist, author and advocate of bioremediation and medicinal fungi. Check out http://www.fungi.com/


Tawny Newsome and Andrew celebrate Tawny’s first episode as co-host as they discuss Childish Gambino’s new music video, Native American students getting booted from a college tour, and black Airbnb guests mistaken for burglars. Guest Jon Lovett (Crooked Media) joins to talk about the trailer for …


Brady and Grey discuss: transporters and dying while asleep, Brady's return from The Forbidden Kingdom, hotstopper follow-up, the best month of gaming, the temptations of a smaller phone, conclusion of the Super Bowl of Flags, ye olde corporate compensation corner, and robots are coming to take …


On this episode, we pay tribute to Captain Tammie Jo Shults of Southwest Flight 1380. Naturally, her skill and steady hand played a significant role in the emergency landing in Philadelphia. What role did radio play? We go to the tape. Plus, we announce the 100 Watts and a Wire TUNE UP. All of this …


Kellee Edwards had a dream of getting her own show on the Travel Channel. She also had a plan. As a black woman trying to break into the overwhelmingly white and male world of travel television, she figured she would have to be overqualified to get noticed. So she got certified as a scuba diver, …


Today we analyse the state of the British Empire in the mid 1700s..


Researchers have uncovered vulnerabilities in PGP and S/MIME, Tesla engineers reveal they considered adding driver attentiveness when developing the autopilot feature, Uber riders can now rate their ride mid-trip and Apple faces a class action lawsuit over defective keyboards. Starring Sarah Lane, …


3D Printing is in need of some real branding. Here personal branding expert Michael Bird discusses branding, the promise, and how it plays with 3D Printing.


Sunlight creeps over the horizon. The Graysons are one big break away from cracking their case wide open -- but will they find their quarry before Dry River wakes up? Augustus does some spectral recon. Gandy cracks open a dangerous tome. Errol angers a friend.


Welcome Voyager’s "Richard [sic] Picardo", and Julian Bashir's parents! But Bashir… we gots opinions. Hugh’s issues do not reflect a “rejection of Gene’s vision.” He doesn’t like how it was implemented. A new kind of Special Man? “Wholeness”? A reflection on Bashir not being that great of a …


The galaxy is a-buzz with news coming from the underground about Solo: A Star Wars Story, but that's far from all. The Star Wars universe is about to erupt - like a big bang bursting forth countless systems of new stories. In this episode we share proof that the long-awaited Obi-Wan film has …


The two comics are old friends, but how well do they really know each other's eating quirks? Plus, Kamau gives us an update on the racist incident he told us about last time he was on the show, and Dan reveals what comedians have taught him about food. Today's sponsors: Go to BenJerry.com to find …


Rod Rose has a very successful TV/Film production career he is now leveraging into becoming one of comedy's most demanded comedy special producers. He has all the tips and tricks you can need to film your own, or hire just him! This is so timely for all comics pressured now more than ever to …


In a special live taping at the 92nd Street Y in New York, Malcolm talks with WorkLife’s Adam Grant about how to avoid doing highly undesirable tasks, what makes an idea interesting, and why Malcolm thinks we shouldn't root for the underdog.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit …


John Cox explains his views on Gun Control on Daniel Myers live.


Celeste Dring joins in for this episode in which we speak to Lucy Bonham, an events planner who is organizing this year’s British Beef Council Annual Dinner and Barn Dance.   By Benjamin Partridge and Celeste Dring. Thanks to Tom Crowley.   Music: Simple Duet by Kevin MacLeod …


WARNING: This is not your ordinary The Way I heard It. This episode contains SPOILERS.  Storyteller Mike Rowe is joined by producer Chuck Klausmeyer to answer questions posed by fans of The Way I Heard It.  Mike covers everything from how the podcast started to where it's headed in the future.