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Colonel Uskford receives an ultimatum. Claire proves her willingness to act and exposes a spy. A lead puts Luke and Nat on the trail of a murderer. Director Meridian goes hunting and Kagami makes a costly mistake. Rosemary Kennedy is found.


Pilot: She's a girl. In space. On a research vessel that is slowly deteriorating. Oh, and there's this weird and potentially ominous light in the distance coming steadily closer, NBD. Listen in for science, references to "Jurassic Park", mysterious buttons, and of course, delicious cheese. For credi...


In episode 10 we talk Point Break, argue over Keanu Reeves acting ability, crush on Swayze, take a look back at the career of one of our best modern writer/directors, talk about a unique brewery from California, and struggle to open a Funky Buddha bottle.


Episode #52 (1.23.18) of Punk Rock and Politics Michael interviews guitarist, vocalist Trevor from the band Choice Not Chance about the illusion of democracy, the political class and we'll talk about VR.Let's get to the political mosh pit!


In Episode 17, the conversation includes North Korea, Trump, Fire and Fury, Walmart Racism, and the status of the podcast's future. Email us: politicswithdummies@gmail.com Twitter: @WithDummies Musics by: 390band.com


Everything changed for Facebook two years ago. The company was accused of making politically biased choices about which news stories showed up as trending topics in users’ news feeds. The adjustments Facebook made in response to those criticisms not only changed Facebook’s platform in fundamental wa...


Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds discuss legendary baseball player Rube Waddell. Sources


Joined again by co-host and fan of the show, Liz Wiley (https://lizajanechronicles.wordpress.com) to determine how social this social media thing really is. From cat fishing, post liking, and angry Twitter Trolls, the purpose of social media is bounced back and forth like a tennis ball. Get your rac...


Phosphate is a crucial element, for farming, and for life. And there aren't too many places to get it. What if it runs out?


Episode 103 The Greatest American Hero believe it or not we are looking at this superhero show from 1981. The Pilot episode of the series. School teacher Ralph Hinkley meets FBI agent Bill Maxwell on a field trip to the desert, where they are met by a UFO that gives them a mission and a red costume ...


In celebration of the Winter Olympics we have created our own Olympic Games, which will unravel over the next three weeks. On the geek half of the show we imagine what the Olympics would look like if they existed in the Marvel Universe, in what we call the Winter Geek Olympics. We debate which chara...


Topics include: Circus Freak Symposium and R U URBAN with Chachmyer for the 3rd time!


James Dulhanty of Kitto Insurance dropped by with Russian River Pliny the Elder and 18th Street Candy Crushable so we let him tell us more about his unique adventure into the brewery insurance game. We also discuss Dog Fish Heads mace beer and pop open a few cans of beer from Michigan thanks to a re...


Drift to sleep as I learn about clouds for the first time. A healing journey with my imaginary friend Bill. (starts at 19:14) Tonight’s show is sponsored by SleepPhones! Pick up a pair at http://www.sleepwithmepodcast.com/sleepphones and use “sleepwithme” for $5 off


On this episode, Juliette hates the cold, makes questionable decisions, heads to Mexico with Crazytown, loses a friend faster than a flip-flop, meets the Collector, mentors a youth program, and hatches a plan of fortune ... all while drinking Eagle Rare 10 year bourbon. This episode is sponsored by ...


In this episode of Pop Culture Leftovers Brian is joined by friends of the podcast Eric Wade and Jacob Harman. We have a ton to talk about in this episode. In this episode we’re going to be breaking down the new Venom trailer that dropped as well as the Super Bowl Avengers Infinity War trailer. We’l...


On part one of our two part series, we cover the enigmatic serial killer known as the Black Widow. Join us as we cover psychic Tillie Klimek who "predicted" her husbands' deaths, Mary Elizabeth Wilson who had a joke to go along with every murder, and Betty Lou Beets, a.k.a. Trailer Park Betty. Four ...


We talk about the big picture status of Italy during the 10th century and why it mattered to Byzantium.


Miles of Murder /// Part 2 /// 184 Part 2 of 2 www.TrueCrimeGarage.com One of Southwest Florida’s most well known and captivating cases has been the murder of a successful, well liked Doctor from Bonita Springs. Doctor Teresa Sievers was found dead inside her home on the morning of June 29th, 2015. ...


The Duke of Song Circuit and Grand Marshal of the armies of Later Zhou is dispatched by the 6-year-old emperor and his mom to the northeast to investigate and drive out a reported incursion by the Khitan Liao and their Northern Han allies. But he won’t make it very far at all before the nature of hi...


Does the daily news feel depressing? Does the world feel grim? It’s not, says Harvard professor Steven Pinker. This is, in fact, the best moment in human history — there’s less war, less violence, less famine, less poverty, than there ever has been. There’s more opportunities for human flourishing, ...


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal dish out potentially problematic parenting advice and share stories from their time as dads in the second part of this series.


Benchmark partner Sarah Tavel talks with Recode's Kara Swisher and Teddy Schleifer about her career in tech companies and venture capital. Her resume includes stints at Pinterest, Bessemer Venture Partners and Greylock Partners, but last year she became the first woman partner hired at Benchmark, wh...


When scientist Amado Guloy saw an opportunity to combine farm animals and big data, he traded the laboratory for the boardroom and created Rex Animal Health. But can he convince investors he’s got what it takes to make it in the business world?Join the conversation over at thepitch.show/discuss To f...