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Podchaser tracks podcast sponsor activity across the top 5,000 podcasts.

Top 30 Podcast Sponsors in Last 30 Days

List of brands and advertisers who spent the most on podcast advertising over the past 30 days. Sorted by ad spend.Learn More.

Updated: June 21, 2024


Est. Spend (Last 30 days)

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About Podcast Sponsors Data


Podchaser uses machine learning technology to monitor the top 5,000 podcasts (by Power Score™) for integrated host-read sponsorships and syndicated audio-matched advertisements. Our model combines this data with Podchaser's unique dataset of listening behavior from millions of devices and industry-standard podcast advertising rates to generate a directional estimate of ad spend for each brand over the last 30 days.

This feature is currently in beta. Use Podchaser's sponsor data to better understand podcast advertising and track advertiser spending. Send feedback

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Our more detailed Podcast Sponsors data can be accessed as an optional add-on of Podchaser Pro, a collection of services that help to make podcast data accessible to companies and individuals.

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