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A podcast list by ezygo22. "I've listened to about 1800 audio drama podcasts at this point. These are the ones I personally enjoyed that are still ongoing. This list is continually updated. For my other list of completed shows, see https://www.podchaser.com/lists/Audio-Drama-Recommendations-Completed-Shows-2011-2019-107ZzlOvV0"
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A podcast list by Rukland. "These are things that I highly recommend to anyone new to podcasts or to people just looking for something new. This list is my evergreen list. Meaning things on here are just that good, they are never going to disappoint and are must listens. "
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A podcast list by ezygo22. "This is a continuation of my previous list of recommendations for completed audio drama podcasts, starting with shows that end in Jan 2020. For the previous list, see https://www.podchaser.com/lists/Audio-Drama-Recommendations-Completed-Shows-2011-2019-107ZzlOvV0"
A podcast list by FeedingWerewolves. "Just what it says on the tin."
A podcast list by AlabamaAmy. "To me, the best of the best true crime deep dives are those that not only catch and hold my attention quickly, but those that keep me invested so much that I binge the entire pod. Bonus points for truly empathetic investigative journalists with integrity. Always looking for a new listen to grab and hook me; updating pods as completed. These are their stories."