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Somebody Date UsWord BombCleats & Cocktails
A podcast list by PodKatt
[An indefinite list] These podcasts have perfected the art of breaking down their walls, and letting listeners in to discover their passions, personalities and vulnerabilities. They’re not afraid to be word-nerds, and female sports fans, or single. The love for their content shines through. If you’ve been sleeping on them, wake the hell up! Read more about them here: https://www.kattielaur.com/blog/podcasts-by-women-to-stop-sleeping-on-vol-1
4 podcasts
Picturehouse PodcastFlixwatcher: A Netflix Film Review PodcastCinematic Universe
A podcast list by LouiseOwen
A list of all the podcasts made by guests who have appeared on the 90 Minutes or Less Film Festival podcast
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