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Podchaser prides itself on four key values: leadership, community, passion, and appreciation. On our mission to power discovery for listeners, creators, and brands, these values guide our way.

Podchaser’s Company Values

Lead Always

Whether you are an entry-level support team member or a director-level department head, we champion qualities of leadership at Podchaser more than anything. We encourage growth for the individual and professional self and expect our team members to grow their expertise as Podchaser scales. We value creativity, new ideas, and experimentation; we want people willing to take risks and push themselves, who are comfortable with constructive criticism and strive to be thought leaders in their field. At Podchaser, we believe that communication, autonomy, transparency, creativity, and a growth mindset are all essential tools for achieving strong leadership and a good work-life balance.

Create Community

Crowdsourcing is the bread and butter of our product so we know how important it is to cultivate a robust, healthy, kind community both for our users and our team. At Podchaser, we purposefully build community through engagement, good humor, and an expectation of excellence. We push ourselves, we work hard, but we have fun while doing it. Internally, we seek to empower our team to be their authentic selves, to ask questions when things are unclear, to openly communicate when we are struggling or succeeding. It’s critical that we both help each other and motivate each other. We share our victories and our losses as one community. 

Exude Passion

Working in a fast-paced industry amongst a globally-dispersed team, there is no room for people without a fiery passion for what they do. We do what we say and say what we mean. We thrive because of our passion. It’s what gets us up every morning to tackle a revolving door of new challenges, projects, and goals. We see the impact of our work every day. Employees at Podchaser can expect to collaborate with different teams on a regular basis, work with cutting edge technology, and experiment with new projects that aren’t always on the official “roadmap”, expanding their well of knowledge and cultivating new passions along the way.

Radiate Appreciation

As a scrappy startup, we think it’s incredibly important to take stock of all the accomplishments we’ve had thus far. We’ve been lucky – and we know it. We also know that we couldn’t have done it without the hard work and dedicated of our smart, driven, crafty team. At Podchaser, we innovate to empower creators, both internally and with our users. We encourage and support each other to take risks, to push ourselves further, to be the best versions of ourselves. Taking the time to appreciate the achievements of each individual at Podchaser is absolutely critical to our long-term success. Because we built this together.

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