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Audio Drama Recommendations : Completed Shows 2011-2019

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Creation Date October 5th, 2018
Updated Date Updated June 21st, 2022
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About This List

Update May 13 2022: Pruned dead links. As of Jan 2020, I've listened to 979 audio drama podcasts. These are the ones I personally enjoyed that have reached completion in their main storylines. All future completed podcasts will be added to this list at https://www.podchaser.com/lists/Audio-Drama-Recommendations-Completed-Shows-Jan-2020--107ZztLhfm
  1. Shows that I loved

  2. This cutting-edge science fiction drama unfolds as a futuristic detective story. Murder, blackmail, conspiracy - and it may all be orchestrated by an Artificial Intelligence. Years ahead of its time, The Fourth Ambit is still an exciting and th
  3. Decoder Ring Theatre presents new stories and characters inspired by the classic broadcasts of the Golden Age of Radio. The crimebusting exploits of The Red Panda - Canada's Greatest Superhero! The mystery of that hardest-boiled of detectives,
  4. Life's not easy for Doug Eiffel, the communications officer for the U.S.S. Hephaestus Research Station, currently on Day 448 of its orbit around red dwarf star Wolf 359. He's stuck on a scientific survey mission of indeterminate length, 7.8 lig
  5. The world's favorite new time podcast in the style of old-time radio. The Thrilling Adventure Hour anthologizes the thrilling adventures of space cowboy Sparks Nevada (Marc Evan Jackson), married mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle (Paul F. Tompkins
  6. The crew of the MRS Hyacinth rush to survey a Jovian asteroid, hoping it is worth enough to ransom the crew of their sister ship - the Corvus - before the deadline hits. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  7. When love is your business, you have no business falling in love. Join the gang at Regal Bride as they battle birds and brides in this zany holiday romantic comedy! Starring Paula Deming and Keiko Agena as Emma and Jackie, the best friends in
  8. When an experiment in a time much like our own goes horribly awry, Dr. Sally Grissom finds herself stranded in the past and entrenched in the activities of a clandestine branch of the US government. Grissom and her team quickly learn that there
  9. An eight-part mystery story. Recordings have surfaced of ten people that are locked into the same space together. We don’t know where they are, or if they'll get out. But the answers must be somewhere on these tapes. See acast.com/privacy for p
  10. A fiction show about a Korean American son (Joel Kim Booster) who wants to come out to his mom (Esther Moon), but can't because they don't speak the same language.

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