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Jessie goes through the Official handbook of the Marvel Universe with a guest and talks about the characters that we know and love and have forgotten as well.

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Tyler and Jason Sharing Wines, Ideas, and Blunt Opinions

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Die Sendereihe "Andruck" beschäftigt sich jeden Montag zwischen 19.15 Uhr und ca. 19:59 Uhr mit aktueller politischer Literatur.

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Where you don't need sight to cook dinner tonight

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A place for artists and entrepreneurs to build the elite skills you need to live the life you want. It's not about what winners do, it's about who they become. Learn the secrets that successful people know, but nobody will teach you in school. Come here for weekly inspiration, motivation and coa...

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Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles Sermons.

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We Hate Movies

Each week the WHM gang force themselves to watch bad movies that were better left forgotten to fuel off-the-wall tangents, inane impressions and unabashed comedic silliness. This is a comedy podcast for movie lovers that can't help but relish pure trash.


La littérature (lundi), les expos (mardi), le cinéma (mercredi), le polar (jeudi) et la bande-dessinée (vendredi).

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The KUTX team looks high and low for songs and artists that should be on your radar. It's a no-frills showcase for some of the great music that comes through the "live music capital of the world." Join us to discover new music and revisit some old favorites -- one song at a time.

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Tryina Eat

Three guys who love food and eating, talking about anything and everything under the sun. We argue, a lot, but while we usually end up agreeing about most things, it takes a while to get there and there is a lot of fighting on the way. From sports to politics, movies and video games, we cover it al...

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Closing Argument with Walter Hudson, every weeknight from 9p-11p on Twin Cities News Talk AM1130 and 103.5 FM!

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Alex Wood is a stand-up comedian. He's also a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. On the 1st of every month he's quitting one of his vices while trying to keep his sanity. Over the next year he's quitting; weed, caffeine, chewing his nails, red meat, dairy, cigarettes, porn, social media, credi...

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Raw interviews with celebrities of all shapes, sizes, and personalities. Hosted Pete "Scoot" Carter.

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It's like a book club, but we actually read the book. Join hosts Becca and Corinne as they recreate their days working and hanging out at their local independent book store.

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Join Bryan, Kevin, and Kimberly weekly as they speak and drink with members of the theatre community. Games, chats, and throwing one back with your favorite people.

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Design is universal. We all live and work in the built world, and every object, system and environment in the built world has been designed. Clever is a podcast about design. Well, actually, it's about designers, too. Sure, they're visionaries, problem-solvers, critical thinkers, rebels and aesthet...

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Explore the far reaches of the world’s horrors in the audio drama podcast The White Vault. Follow the collected records of a repair team sent to Outpost Fristed in the vast white wastes of the Arctic Circle and unravel what lies waiting in the ice below. This Fool and Scholar Production is intended...


Super Shuffle is a computer-generated podcast featuring randomly selected episodes from other podcasts. Updated daily.

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Wedding pros, Daniel Moyer and Danielle Pasternak, come together to share their wedding industry and wedding planning knowledge through stories, interviews, tips and practical advice. In the wedding world, there is a great deal of dated information prancing through the interwebs and the Put A Ring ...

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Build your vocabulary with Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day! Each day a Merriam-Webster editor offers insight into a fascinating new word -- explaining its meaning, current use, and little-known details about its origin.

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The Walk

A thriller in which you, the listener, are the hero. The Walk begins in Inverness station, Scotland. Through a case of mistaken identity, you "the walker" are given a vital package which must be couriered to Edinburgh, but as you're about to board the train, terrorists blow it up and set off an ele...

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Every other week, Marianne and guests discuss a horror film, picking it apart and digging into the guts and gore. Join us! This podcast is produced by IABD Presents. Visit us at iabdpresents.com

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Stageworthy is a podcast about people in Canadian theatre. On the podcast, host Phil Rickaby talks to people who have pursued various theatre careers, from actors to directors to playwrights to stage managers and everything in between and beyond. Each episode explores the draw of the theatre for ea...

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Evan Schmitt asks producers, artists, actors and entrepreneurs about the most important thing they've learned.

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This is a feed of the latest 100 episodes from all podcasts produced by Chris Marquardt. To subscribe to individual shows, go to https://chrismarquardt.com

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