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The award-winning Curiosity Daily podcast from will help you get smarter about the world around you — every day. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll get a unique mix of research-based life hacks, the latest science and technology news, and more. Discovery's Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer will help you learn about your mind and body, outer space and the depths of the sea, and how history shaped the world into what it is today.
A podcast about how we become who we are. Almost anything can seem normal. Are you sure you really want to know?
Welcome to the Quiet End
I grew up in a world where I was always told what to do, who to be and how to feel. Refreshingly Human is a space where we can share the human experience in an honest, open and safe way. I believe that when we strip people of the labels we've assumed them to be, we can actually connect with their lives more than we realise. By openly sharing our stories we can find that line of humanity and work towards being Refreshingly Human. Listen to new episodes every Monday.
This podcast aims to make you know less.. Yes, less. I believe it is our perilous grip on what we “think” we know that causes most of our anxieties. Mental Health conversations are becoming mainstream and I am here to stoke your curiosity with interviews and stories surrounding this area of life. Join me on solo and interview episodes as I aim to crack the code on the how and why we think and feel the way that we do.
A search through theology, history, philosophy, science, religion and personal experiences to discover Spiritual Realities. Drop your preconceived notions of god and explore “out of the box” concepts of a higher power in order to more deeply connect with the divine, others, and ourselves. ...let’s try and discover some Universal Truths and how we might apply them to live healthier, happier -or at least more content- and “better” lives! Join McCall (+ friends/listeners) every other week, with BONUS episodes in-between. Contact: +1 ‭(925) 365-6833 or +1 WALDO-LOVE-3 Support this podcast:
Your favorite panel of non-experts engage in topics on the human psyche and the world's workings with a seamless flow of information to humor. Learn something, have some laughs, and dive into the human mind. Every Sunday, a new release! Livestreams can be found on our YouTube channel:
Long-time friends Rob (The Artist) and Phil (The Therapist) reveal their perspectives on the human experience.
Hello and welcome to “A Walk In The Heart;” a podcast to share our passion for spirituality, tantra, yoga, meditation, and self-growth in an inspiring way. Through these series of podcasts, we will be promoting healing, transformation, and spiritual deepening for those people looking to deepen their spiritual connections, to embrace spirituality as part of their everyday lives, and for those who wish to transform and heal.
At a time when the world is changing fast, when social media facilitates and accelerates an exponential acceleration of everything... it's time to Hit Pause. Join me to discuss and think about our world... the morals of technology, the philosophy of our modern times. It's time to slow down, to reflect, to take a journey inside ourselves. "Know thyself and thou shall know the Universe and the Gods", said Socrates. Executive in the Silicon Valley, citizen of the world, I ponder, wonder, to find inside the path to what's next outside. Welcome. Time to Hit Pause.
Hosted by behaviorist and horror film actor, producer, and writer Mark D Valenti. Given his background, Mark brings a unique spin on the horror genre. He digs deep with horror film guests, provides practical insight into navigating human behavior, and analyzes horror film characters. The show is guest-centered, allowing them to explore their values, fears, and motivation.
Seks, sens i reszta życia. Audycje sensualne i inspirujące - do poszukiwania równowagi, dbałości o relacje i emocje. Krytyczne - zwłaszcza, gdy w grę wchodzi ideologia, kultura i deficyty w myśleniu. Dla tych, którym o zmierzchu najlepiej się myśli. I dla tych dla których zmierzch to pora na odpoczynek. Na nieprawomyślne i nieobyczajne zmierzchy zaprasza psycholożka i sex coach – Marta Niedźwiecka. Życie się robi lepsze, o zmierzchu.
Photography, the mind & how they intersect
How powerful is the mind really? What capabilities do we have that are ready to be unlocked? Join Tony Wake every Friday and explore topics like hypnosis, mind control, NLP, psychology, neuroscience, quantum theory and metaphysics.
En inquiétame hablamos, semanalmente, de todo tipo de temas relacionados con la psicología: desde la felicidad hasta la tristeza, pasando por relaciones, ansiedad, depresión, y muchos más.
Evolve is a podcast aimed to help you evolve into the person you've desired to become. Evolve's initiative is to serve the global community of individuals who are looking to evolve their life/reality, to pursue a lifestyle of freedom, independence, and to be the best versions of themselves.
Best friends Amber and Coral discuss some of the most interesting and under reported murders and mysteries. Join them for some true crime chat, but don't forget your iced coffee!
Dogs and their people: true love and other stories. Get up close to the funny, tricky, tender business of sharing life with dogs, and bring the joy of dogs to your ears.
TLMP breaks down the science of winning in high performance sport - especially soccer. Expert guests join Julia - chief at White Lion Performance - to share stories and make complicated themes simple and adaptable for players and practitioners alike. Topics include neuroscience, sport psychology, rehabilitation and injury, strength and conditioning, coaching, personal development, and more. There are no secrets. English episodes release on Fridays. Folgen auf Deutsch werden einmal im Monat erscheinen. IG: @whitelionperformance
Videos and talks about research projects at Coventry University
Vidéos du site d'apprentissage sur la sociologie des entreprises
A collection of podcasts and videos from the University of Warwick focussing on research stories in society, politics, philosophy and law.
CUCR is a well established interdisciplinary research centre within Goldsmiths' Department of Sociology with a distinguished history of collaboration with local communities and activists.
Feed for Persoonlijke effectiviteit course.
Jannes Eshuis, docent van de cursus Inleiding in de psychologie vertelt over de inhoud van de cursus, onderwerpen die aan bod komen, het cursusmateriaal, de begeleiding en de tentaminering.

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