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Join Brendan Hutchins and Mark Steadman as they discuss the latest podcasting news.

A Scottish Podcast the Audio Drama Series

'A Scottish Podcast' is a serialised modern audio drama. It chronicles the story of Lee, a washed up former radio DJ who launches a paranormal investigation podcast. Lee wants to see his show The Terror Files mentioned up there alongside podcasts like The Black Tapes, Limetown, and The Message. And he’ll stop at nothing to achieve it. Aided by his jaded musician pal Dougie, the pair travel the length and breadth of the country in search of Medieval Demon Kings and Lovecraftian Gods of the Sea. So why not join them on this unique tour of the ancient and mystical lands of Scotland? You’ll walk through the long-forgotten catacombs under Edinburgh. Sail out to the lonely and abandoned island of St.Caillic. Visit dingy pubs, run-down industrial estates, and obscure non-league football grounds. The show contains strong language, “adult situations” (whatever that means), and isn’t for the easily offended.

The Marc Jeffrey Podcast Show

Do you like to be entertained ? Do you enjoy listening to music and visiting festivals ? Dipping your nose into current affairs and politics ? Perhaps your a more hands on and enjoy fitness and outdoor sports ? Perhaps you just enjoy relaxing with a drink and a takeaway ,with your headphones on listening to your favourite podcast or audiobook, radioshow or interview? As a parent i love to do all of these but sometimes cant due to lifestyle demands..... Well now you can. This podcast gives you all of the above and much much more!! Join Marc and guests on his weekly bespoke podcast show. Entertainment brought to your ears where ever , when ever you choose....


A weekly podcast that provides discussions, opinions and theories on all the most recent geek news.

The Podience

The Podience is the flagship show of Orbital Jigsaw, bringing podcasters the information they crave, direct from the source!  This show contains interviews with some of the top vendors and developers in podcasting, with Founder & CEO Nick Howell asking the questions that podcasters want answers to.  Inside scoops and behind-the-scenes information, why things happen the way they do, and insider tips on how best to make your podcast a success!

From da Bottom Episode's

Come tune in and take a listen to two guys who just like to joke around and have a good time. We answer listener questions as well as have guest on. There's no telling what the next episode will be like. If you like what you hear feel free to like, subscribe , and share. We appreciate it.

Podcast Junkies

Podcast Junkies was born out of a genuine interest in and curiosity for this growing league of podcast hosts. It's hosted by Harry Duran. It features wide-ranging, authentic and sometimes candid interviews with this family of voices behind the microphone. The shows themselves cover a variety of topics such as Business, Finance Entrepreneurism, History, Comedy, Storytelling and more. Podcast Junkies explores the motivations behind the podcast's inception and allows the listener to connect on a more personal level with some of their favorite hosts.

Podcast Brunch Club

Podcast Brunch Club: like bookclub, but for podcasts

The Audacity to Podcast

I believe anyone can share a message to change the world, and podcasting is the BEST way to spread that message! I'm Daniel J. Lewis and this is where I give you the guts and teach you the tools to launch or improve your own podcast for sharing your passions and finding success! I cover all things podcasting: audio gear, video equipment, editing software, WordPress and plugins, social media promotion tools, marketing, and more with understandable in-depth information and easy-to-follow steps. If you want to know how to podcast or grow the show you already have, this show is for you! Have a podcasting question or suggestion? Email or call (903) 231-2221. Please subscribe and I will give you THE AUDACITY to podcast!

Unión Podcastera

Unión Podcastera ( busca dar a conocer nuevos podcasts a nuevos oyentes por medio de entrevistas a su creadores, y así descubrir sus proyectos e historias.


The Backstory to Great Radio Storytelling, hosted by Rob Rosenthal, for Transom and PRX.

Women of Color

Loi Laing and Tobi Taj are on a mission to provide education, resources, and inspiration that amplify the voices and tell the stories of women of color. The Women of Color podcast features interviews, news, and stories that highlight women of color carving out a niche in this digital space. You'll also hear dialogue with people who support and champion diversity within the podcasting landscape.

Fiekster's Club Culture

Big room house, progressive house, trance and uplifting trance at its best.

Nos reiremos de esto!

Las cosas no salen, el cuerpo envejece y uno se sigue sintiendo de 20 (Hasta te quieres seguir vistiendo como de 16), la vida en pareja tiene su nivel de complicación y te quieres comprar una camioneta con quema coco y no tienes ni para comprarte el agua de coco. No importa ¡Nos reiremos de esto! Jean Mary y Alex Goncalves son locutores y animadores que se conocen desde que eran famosos, con dinero y éxito. Son amigos, compañeros de trabajo y jamás han sido novios (eso que tuvieron fue una noche de alcohol y necesitaban el dinero). @JeanMary_ + @Elalexgoncalves


Hitch is a collection of unusual stories. Get on your Hitch app and take a ride with Bryan as he tells you about his scary, bizarre, and mysterious encounters while working at Hitch.

Strange Times

A weekly comedy & satirical podcast presented by Davian Dent, with hosts Kat Sorens and Samantha Pett.

Just Make The Thing

Ever felt like starting a thing but then didn't? Or started a thing and then stopped? This podcast is all about how humans get creative and why they do it. Host Claire Tonti (CEO of Planet Broadcasting) talks with creatives, makers and friends about how they do what they do. Episodes alternate between interviews and an open hearted chat with her friend Chanel Lucev as they track their journey in living creatively and developing new creative endeavours.

Fragmented - Android Developer Podcast

The Fragmented Podcast is a podcast for Android Developers hosted by Donn Felker and Kaushik Gopal. Our goal is to help you become a better Android Developer. We chat about topics such as Testing, Dependency Injection, Android Patterns and Practices, useful libraries and much more. We will also be interviewing some of the top Android Developers out there. Subscribe now and join us on the journey of being an Android Developer.

TDR: Unscripted

TDR Unscripted is the uncut unfiltered version of all the Original Programing here at Tonedefradio. We cover popular topics and whatever is on our minds but in our own unique style. Each show will bring you a variety of news, comedy, sports, music, and much more. These are different podcasts that are guaranteed to get you one step closer in the destination of life. So what are you waiting for? Press play already!


As hacking leaves the dark corners of the internet and makes its way into our daily lives, we set out to paint a picture of this curious, enlightening, and occasionally criminal world. Join us on Hacked, as Jordan Bloemen, communicator and storyteller, and Scott Francis Winder, technologist and computer security hobbyist, delve into a new topic every episode.

Geek:30 Happy Hour | Celebrating Geek Culture and Craft Beer

Alex Albisu and JoJo Maldonado come together with their friends to talk about all things video games, geek culture, and BEER! Join us to celebrate and share what we're passionate about!


The podcast home for HooPod, a podcast where we get to meet the many members of Team Hooman and Force Ghosts, a Star Wars podcast where we talk to people about their experiences watching Star Wars evolve over the years

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Latest Hacking News

We aim to provide the latest credible, non-biased IT security news and tech information to ensure many are kept abreast of what is happening in these constantly evolving sectors. TWR Internet Solutions Limited was formed as part of a collaboration of experts specialising in networking, forensics, programming and ethical hacking.

Brit Pod Scene

A podcast dedicated to the Brit Pod Scene network.