Top Rated Games & Hobbies Podcasts

Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes
Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes is a weekly podcast where a group of gentlemen get together and blatantly argue about different nerd topics. They also report on the biggest, fattest, juiciest news in current geek culture. When fans send in questions to the NWGLS Mailbag, The Nerds love to take that opportunity to make fun of them, and sometimes enlighten them with their knowledge of all things nerdy. They'll also give you a big ole NerdOn when they tell you what they've been up to from week to week. You can look forward to this irreverent romp through all your favorite nerd topics each Monday.
Saving the Game
A Christian tabletop and roleplaying game podcast
Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast
A trivia podcast for ladies [and gents] who love cool trivia and sticking it to annoying teams at pub quiz.
Would You Like to Restart?
A podcast where a man and his computer friend go on adventures from way back when. Interactive Fiction is a video game format where the user types their moves into a terminal instead of click clacking around and whatnot. Now in podcast form!
On the Shelf Podcast
We are Soul and Cyrix, a couple of videogame nuts who are currently obsessed with the Nintendo Switch. We'll be here to talk Switch releases, news, game reviews, and more. Thanks for listening!
CARDBOARD! with Rich Sommer
Rich Sommer loves board games. But we're not talking about the stuff of your grandparents’ rec room - things have changed a lot since people started to gather around the bridge table. Whether you're a serious player or a newbie, give a warm welcome to your personal board game evangelist. Every episode Rich will discuss the games he loves, introduce friends to new ones, and take on games that went way wrong.
Gaming and BS RPG Podcast
Brett and Sean (BS) are two of your friends talking about tabletop roleplaying games. We don't take ourselves too seriously and don't always agree. That's our charm. Segments include Random Encounter to field comments from listeners, Main Topic, and Die Roll which is 2-4 links to gaming-related stuff. We aren't a dungeons and dragons show, but it's hard not to reference the 300 pound gorilla.
The Waypoint UK Podcast
Formerly the VICE Gaming Podcast. Waypoint is the new gaming website by VICE.
The Good Life Podcast
Every week on Nightlife Jono Coleman brings you the best in travel, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, and property.
Irrational Interviews
Irrational Interviews features Ken Levine and Shawn Elliott sitting down with members of the entertainment industry and having a frank and open discussions on a wide variety of topics.
Three Rad Guys
Welcome to The Random Gamescast. A show where three guys (Sean,Anthony, and Mark) discuss video games and try to entertain you with their mouths. Subscribe if you like us and check us out on Youtube at The Random Gamescast, Facebook @Rndmgamescast, and Twitter @Rndmgamescast1.
The Plug In Podcast
From gaming to youtube media to professional gaming, the Plug In Podcast looks at the changing face of internet media.
Basement Heroes
Basement Heroes is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure podcast. Follow our misadventures as we bungle our way through goblins, kissing kobolds and the evil drow. RPG related podcasts that focus on DnD, DM'ing and Games drop sporadically. Follow us on the following: Twitter: Facebook: and search for Basement Heroes on Youtube. Artwork for podcast created by Ingvard the Terrible at
Fighting Chance
Members of Fighting Chance play and talk about gaming in its many forms.
Wild Ride Radio: Motorcycle Talk Show
This program covers any and all things motorcycle; from tips, trips, maintenance, recommended rides, groups and organizations to the newest events and motorcycle models coming soon. See why this is an outlet for you, when you’re not out on the road.
G.A.P - Gerador Aleatório de Podcast
O Gerador Aleatório de Podcast, ou G.A.P é, como diz um grande membro da “Esfera Podcastal Brasileira”, um programa em áudio distribuído em larga escala na internet. Facilitando um pouco as coisas, é um podcast onde nos reunimos para falar sobre os jogos, séries, filmes que temos consumido diariamente. E, como o “Aleatório” do título diz, no meio do Cast sempre surgem papos aleatórios de coisas que lembramos ou que acontecem no nosso dia a dia. Portanto sempre que surgir um “Falando nisso” ou um “Bah, agora que tu falou..” pode saber que a conversa pode desviar para qualquer lado imaginável! Normalmente (uma palavra estranha de se usar aqui) nossos programas tem diversas referências dos mais variados assuntos, tanto em áudio como faladas por nós mesmos, estas normalmente precedidas do já clássico “Como diria aquele(a) pessoa...” que será bastante ouvida por você, nosso fiel ouvinte! Hehehe. Então adicione o nosso Podcast no Feed (sim! use o FEED! Ele atualiza sempre que sai algo novo e baixar automaticamente) coloque os fones de ouvido e Aperte o Botão da Aleatoriedade e “Como diria o Filósofo Ned Stark: Brace Yourselves... G.A.P is Coming)” (^^)b
On the Stick
On the Stick is a bi-weekly videogame podcast from four cool cats that are on the stick.
Sincere Beer
Hosted by beer nerd and homebrewing fanatic, Brandon Smith, Sincere Beer explores the world of craft beer through conversations with cool folks in the brewing industry.
Coches KM 0
Guía Útil de los Coches KM 0
PFF Fantasy Football Podcast
PFF's Fantasy team brings you all of the latest football news and analysis to help you dominate your season-long fantasy football leagues and DFS contests using the cutting edge data and information from Pro Football Focus.
New Weeks Resolution
A podcast about achieving goals and improving yourself, one week at a time
Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar
This (student) guitar music and guitar lessons are available as sheetmusic at If you are a complete starter, take a look at the Guitarmoves E-book (also for iPad) and guitarcourse.
The Game Over Hangover's Episodes
Your new favorite podcast from Chris, Nikki, & Desirée as they talk video games, drinking, and everything in between. New episode every OTHER Monday and one game review every month!
KCFiresides Hearthstone Podcast
Centered on Hearthstone, focused on the joys of gaming communities, and surrounded by Kansas City eSports. Join your hosts Sam & Robert as the KCFiresides Podcast strives to deliver Hearthstone & eSports content that serves to up your love for gaming and your knowledge of the world of eSports. Bringing special guests each month, and catering topics to deliver fresh content and discussion.