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Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes

Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes is a weekly podcast where a group of gentlemen get together and blatantly argue about different nerd topics. They also report on the biggest, fattest, juiciest news in current geek culture. When fans send in questions to the NWGLS Mailbag, The Nerds love to take that opportunity to make fun of them, and sometimes enlighten them with their knowledge of all things nerdy. They'll also give you a big ole NerdOn when they tell you what they've been up to from week to week. You can look forward to this irreverent romp through all your favorite nerd topics each Monday.

Saving the Game

A Christian tabletop and roleplaying game podcast

Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast

A trivia podcast for ladies [and gents] who love cool trivia and sticking it to annoying teams at pub quiz.

On the Shelf Podcast

We are Soul and Cyrix, a couple of videogame nuts who are currently obsessed with the Nintendo Switch. We'll be here to talk Switch releases, news, game reviews, and more. Thanks for listening!

Would You Like to Restart?

A podcast where a man and his computer friend go on adventures from way back when. Interactive Fiction is a video game format where the user types their moves into a terminal instead of click clacking around and whatnot. Now in podcast form!

CARDBOARD! with Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer loves board games. But we're not talking about the stuff of your grandparents’ rec room - things have changed a lot since people started to gather around the bridge table. Whether you're a serious player or a newbie, give a warm welcome to your personal board game evangelist. Every episode Rich will discuss the games he loves, introduce friends to new ones, and take on games that went way wrong.

Gaming and BS RPG Podcast

Brett and Sean (BS) are two of your friends talking about tabletop roleplaying games. We don't take ourselves too seriously and don't always agree. That's our charm. Segments include Random Encounter to field comments from listeners, Main Topic, and Die Roll which is 2-4 links to gaming-related stuff. We aren't a dungeons and dragons show, but it's hard not to reference the 300 pound gorilla.

PFF Fantasy Football Podcast

PFF's Fantasy team brings you all of the latest football news and analysis to help you dominate your season-long fantasy football leagues and DFS contests using the cutting edge data and information from Pro Football Focus.

The Waypoint UK Podcast

Formerly the VICE Gaming Podcast. Waypoint is the new gaming website by VICE.


(chRP2) '고전에서 발견하는 다양한 즐거움. 본격 고전게임 탐험방송' (SINCE 2014)

Really Pathetic Gamers

Most excellent podcast discussing everything video game related.

Rules As Written

Four friends discuss D&D and tabletop rule sets and how to capitalize on interesting moments based on the specific wording of rules within the game.

Now Streaming Podcast: Aiding Your Netflix Addiction

A podcast about Netflix and helping you find out what's new, leaving, on there you might not see, and much more. Filled with games and guests from all over the entertainment spectrum.


Composição Artística com Figuras de Ação


A weekly show that sees a few thirty-somethings come together to talk about life, love, and laundry while reminiscing over pop-culture and philosophizing about social issues, like the best corn dog condiments to use at your niece's piano recital. The topics change each week, the maturity level may not.

Fantasy Garage Podcast

Just two car guys talking about cars they can't afford and ranting about the bad things in the world of cars. Come listen and hangout to these sometimes funny non-expert car guys.

The Good Life Podcast

Every week on Nightlife Jono Coleman brings you the best in travel, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, and property.

Home and Holiday Podcast

Every weekday Tim Webster takes you travelling, while also getting your house and garden looking its best! He’ll help you plan your next trip with the best travel ideas and deals and loves to hear your travel stories. On the home front, Tim’s got all the best experts who can help you transform your home - after all, DIY and real estate are some of Australia’s favourite pastimes. And if you’ve got a question about your garden, you can’t go past Linda Ross, giving you the best gardening info on the open line.

OK Squirrel Podcast

Join us for our strange but sometimes interesting take on life.

Is Dat Rite Podcast

The purpose of this program is to talk about Film, Music, Comic books, Video Games, technology, language, culture, what ever is happening in the news with current events.

The Past Tense Podcast

Do you like listening to nerds talk about video games? Tv shows? Movies? How about complaining about their coworkers? You're in luck, I guess, this is the podcast for you! Join Ed and Noah as they go through their many journeys, both in-game and out, and complain about them. Or wax nostalgic, you pick.

Hit The Ropes Radio Podcast

The Hit The Ropes Radio Podcast brings you thought provoking, entertaining talk from the world of professional wrestling. Join Daris, Demetrus, Courtney and Shane each week for all things wrestling!

3 Nuances 2 Geeks

Une vision décalée de l'actualité Geek !

The thegeekroompodcast's Podcast

The Official Podcast Channel where we discuss anything and everything from movies, tv, video games, current events, and more!