Top Rated Talk Show Podcasts

Cobras & Fire: Comedy / Rock Talk Show
Cobras & Fire is a comedy / rock talk show with absurd discussions about music, life, and a mix of classic artists and bands on the rise. Join us as we make fun of what we love. In addition to our regular show, our interviews episodes feature members of Judas Priest, KISS, Anthrax, Motley Crue, and more. Rock's not dead. It's hiding. And you found it. Hosted by Loose Cannon and Bakko of the Decibel Geek Podcast Network.
Think to the Brink
The ultimate overthinking podcast! Fictional characters, song lyrics analyses, silly debates, social etiquette and much more.... Will Baker and Alex Prescot sit down every Thursday to apply an English GCSE comprehension style of nit-picking over-analysis to obscure pop culture topics!
Not Who We Used To Be Podcast
Mother-Daughter duo, Ingrid Lane and Leah Collie, bring you a whole new vibe: introducing, Not Who We Used to Be Podcast! These two ladies are bringing you sass and class with each episode discussing topics that might make you laugh, might make you cry but you'll end up coming back to listen each time! Tune in every weekend for new episodes, guests and topics!
On the Shelf Podcast
We are Soul and Cyrix, a couple of videogame nuts who are currently obsessed with the Nintendo Switch. We'll be here to talk Switch releases, news, game reviews, and more. Thanks for listening!
Nostalgia Be Damned
Nostalgia Be Damned takes your favorite childhood movies and asks one simple question: do they hold up?
Podcast 42
The World's Most Popular, Often Inaccurate And Sometimes Squirreled Retelling Of Pop Culture History Podcast.
Tiger Volleytalk
Tiger Volleytalk is a show about the Pacific Women's Volleyball Team and the members of the team. Each show will have an interview with a different member of the team.
Don't Forget the Football League
A podcast that discusses everything football league, from an alternative stand point.
Chattin' Bull!
We look at things going on in life with a healthy dollop of banter!
Conscious Talk - Podcast
Podcast from ConsiousTalk Radio Network
Wine Talk with Stu The Wine Guru
Find out what all the industry buzz is about, and who Stu The Wine Guru is. This is the Best Wine Show on the Planet! This is THE Source For Everything Wine on the Internet. You come here to sit back,relax,learn and be entertained by Stu The Wine Guru, and his guests. Email your questions to Tweet your questions on Twitter to @stuthewineguru, and Stu will read them live on the air! Call in and ask all of your questions about wine directly to Stu and his guests. Don't be shy call in at 1-646-381-4860. Join the rest of the world and be part of something big!
ESN: Eloquently Saying Nothing
Eloquently Saying Nothing is a weekly podcast discussing current events, politics & entertainment whilst answering listener questions and dealing with lifes big issues, all with a dash of humour. Find us @esnpodcast on all social media & use the #ESNpod hash to connect with us. Please send long form questions, dilemmas and business enquiries to
Two Idiots vs The World
Marfan Mike and JT Mutt raise hell and talk about things they know nothing about.