Top Rated talk Podcasts

The Dummy Room Podcast
The Dummy Room is a talk show about pop punk and other cool things.
Bigfoot and Bob
A monstrous comedy podcast out of Seattle, with hosts Ryan Brown (@RAlisterBrown) and Laila Vafaeezadeh (@RowdyLaila).
On the Shelf Podcast
We are Soul and Cyrix, a couple of videogame nuts who are currently obsessed with the Nintendo Switch. We'll be here to talk Switch releases, news, game reviews, and more. Thanks for listening!
Nathan Bramsen: Unfiltered
Where we explore the Scriptures, ask hard questions, and consider the repercussions.
Nandy y Cristy
RSE - Radio Scuola Europa
Il podcast di RSE - Radio Scuola Europa
(re)branded - Bryan Mortensen
A second attempt at a podcast about different approaches to, and interpretations of, advertising.
Kyle and Joe's Super Awesome Podcast
Kyle Fray and Joe Megginson sit around and talk about all the nerdy things they enjoy and recap events in comics, movies, television, science, and pop culture.
Court Jesters
From the creator of Trash Talk comes Court Jesters. New people, same great show! Our web site is where you can listen to archives of past shows.
Happy Soup
Stuck No More Radio
Dr. Nicki Monti, MCFT, is a Motivational Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Teacher, and the foremost authority on emotional and psychological defenses that keep us stuck in the stories of our lives. This is her periodic radio program.
Kicks Wake Up Krew
Welcome to the Krewcast! Here's where you can hear a replay of the Kicks Wake Up Krew's early morning shenanigans with Cash, Jenny & Dub on Kicks 99! You can also listen live each weekday morning from 5:30-9:00 and subscribe to the Krewcast on iTunes (just search for Kicks Wake Up Krew). Wanna chime in on what we're talking about? We'd love to hear from you! Text us on our hotline anytime at (706) 922-9999, and also like our Facebook page (@Kicks Wake Up Krew).
--Schroeder and English All Star Sports Show - Beebop Studios
Schroeder and English All Star Sports show brings you New England sports news and discussion every week! Tune in to hear the hilarious banter between these two, and participate in the conversation! Produced at Beebop Studios:
All About Nothing
Really it's just a hodgepodge of my opinion and reflections of what is going on in the world. Sometimes I'll have guests either in person or by phone, but for the most part it's just an excuse to make no sense, and probably less fact, and more fiction.
Talk about how to make things and do things in an interesting way.
OH! Shrubbish
No, this has nothing to do with horticulture. Just an outlet for stories and other such sorts. Amateur at best, but like wine it'll get better with age...
That Damn Nerd Show
Ever wonder what makes a nerd mad? Or what they are really thinking? Tune in every Sunday from 9pm - 11pm EST to find out for yourself.
Talk and Guitar
We talk about random topics we think are remotely interesting and play guitar. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store
Canal Familia
¡Escucha todos nuestros podcast aquí!
Talk - Orleans Radio
My first episode of "Talk"
Medessec Online
Here you can listen to the latest insight on the Medessec Organization and the latest on The Ginever Block and affiliated services. Also listen to Medessec's hot topics!
Shinri's Little bit!!
はじめまして、ラジオDJシンリです。 このポッドキャストでは、自分が面白いと感じたことをインタビューや現地の生音などと合わせてお届けいたします! オススメスポット、オススメ音楽、調べたこと、雑学など、いくつかのコーナーに分けてお届けするエンターテイメント番組です。