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Cool Facts About Animals
This is a podcast by and for kids giving you the coolest facts about the coolest animals. We research our episodes carefully, distilling the information into manageable segments, focusing on the things that really make these animals unusual. Thanks for listening!
This Podcast Has Fleas
What happens when rival pets have dueling podcasts? Find out as Jones (Jay Pharoah), a slick cat with a taste for auto tune, faces off with Waffles (Emily Lynne), a dog who can’t help chewing her microphone. Also starring Benny the gerbil (Eugene Mirman) and Mr. Glub the goldfish (Alec Baldwin). WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of podcasts including Radiolab, Snap Judgment, On the Media, Death, Sex & Money and many others. © WNYC Studios
The Radio Birdsong Podcast
The original and famous Radio Birdsong, as heard all across Great Britain on FM and DAB radio
GTPKeeper Radio
A podcast dedicated to the captive and reproductive husbandry of Green Tree Pythons.
Talking To My Puppy
Communicating with pets
Your Dog Matters. With Dog Behaviourist Nick Jones MA.
The 'Your Dog Matters' Podcast looks at all aspects of dog ownership with an emphasis placed upon dog behaviour and dog training. Gain first-hand accounts of my work and insights as a Dog Behaviourist and Dog Expert Witness with 20 years of experience. Typically, I look at behaviour problems in dogs, ranging from aggression to dogs and people both in and out of the home, through to cases of separation anxiety and everything in between. My work as a dog expert witness offers independent advice on cases that involve aggression to people and assess the dog accordingly for the courts.
Animal Stuff
Facts on Animals
Mind Heart Horse
Using mind + heart to learn how to be a better human for the horse. Discussions about all things horsey from a force-free, R+ focused, holistic perspective.
Dog Communication for Celebrities
Our main goal is to give you the secrets on how to communicate, understand and build a strong bond with your canine. We will share our personal experiences with severe cases, common problems, games and we will provide you with all the information to be able to achieve a good relationship with your pups! Anyone with dog training questions or dog behavior issues send us a message for free help. Donations for our startup company are very welcomed and appreciated. We want to teach, help and save as many life’s as possible! Thank you all! Much Love 🐶🐼 Support this podcast:
Dogs & Daiquiris
DiOGi Pet Services
Don't Bite The Brush
Pet grooming and care without the stress. A #positivegroomer podcast.
Bedknobs and Broomflicks
Join Linda and Jane every other week as they discuss witches, man-witches, sorcerers, wizards, and other magic-practitioners in movies, television shows, history, comics, and novels. They'll also be discussing their favorite familiars (awesome animals in history) and witch's brews!
Planet of the Pets
Welcome to Planet of the Pets. The fortnightly podcast where we learn everything there is to know about cats and dogs. We talk to experts who share their experiences and advice to help you with your pet problems. Do you have a burning question about your pet you would like answered? Get in contact and have your question answered on the podcast by Alan or by one of the many experts he'll be talking to.
WILD-le podcast animalier sauvage
🦍🦁🐅🐫 Mettez vos chaussures de rando, armez-vous de jumelles, je vous embarque sur les traces des plus beaux animaux sauvages ! 🌍  Entourés d'experts, de passionnés, nous allons mener une véritable chasse au trésor à la découverte d'espèces fascinantes pour mieux les découvrir. Un voyage à faire avec toute la famille.  Fermez les yeux et laissez vous guider ! 
Jump Racing USA
Jump Racing USA is the official podcast of the National Steeplechase Association. Every week during the fall and spring steeplechase season, listen in to learn about all of the goings on in the sport of jump racing, from the social events and fun fashions to the elite thoroughbred athletes. Jump Racing USA: Your go-to source for steeplechase news.
Episode 2 of Mixed Science
Learn about Animal Breeding and Animal Selection.
This podcast episode is about the history of Halloween, horse fever tips/prevention hacks.
Hunderunde - Die ganze Geschichte
In diesem Podcast wird alles über Hunderunde erzählt. Wie kam es zu der Entstehung, welche Hürden kamen uns in den Weg und vor allem welche erschreckende und auch schöne Geschichten und Erfahrungen wir auf unseren Reisen nach Rumänien oder anderen Ländern bei dem wir Hunde in Not unterstützten gemacht haben.
Pet Talk Naturally - Caring For Our Pets Naturally - Pets & Animals on Pet Life Radio (
Two women, one podcast "unlearning" to care for your animals naturally. Veterinary naturopaths, Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason, now in their third year of online talk radio, include weekly guest experts on their show and daily short segments called "Animal Crackers" - audio commentaries from other animal loving friends. You and your animals can be "ears up" for the podcast every week, in iTunes and here on!
Pet Peeves - hot-button pet issues that make owners growl, wag and purr, or bare their teeth - Pets & Animals on Pet Life Radio (
What Makes You Howl? What Hisses You Off? These pet podcasts on Pet Life Radio shine a light on hot-button pet issues that make owners growl, wag and purr, or bare their teeth. Host Amy Shojai brings together an array of top animal experts to discuss, explain--and sometimes argue about--common and not-so-common pet peeves. Do you have an opinion about breed bans? What about declawing cats, or keeping “exotic” pets? Has your city limited the number of critters you can keep? Opened a dog park? Closed the shelter? Maybe pet food choices raise your hackles, your nasty next-door-neighbor critters potty in your roses, or Mom treats her Chihuahua better than you. Do “whispering” dog trainers make you shout with joy--or scream with frustration? When does veterinary costs become too rich for your (pure)blood? People love pets with a passion, but not all passionate pet lovers agree. PET PEEVES showcases pro and con opinions about deadly-serious to seriously-funny issues that irk pet-aholics of every purr-suasion. Dare to join host Amy Shojai each week for lively discussions that (gasp!) may even change your mind. Prepare to be challenged, entertained, and potentially PEEVED... but never, ever bored... on Pet Life Radio.
My Dog Digs Dirt - A fun, upbeat, educational show all about pets and animals and the humans who love them on Pet Life Radio (
"My Dog Digs Dirt" is a fun, upbeat, educational show all about pets and animals and the humans who love them! Lauren interviews guests from across the globe about everything and anything that animal lovers need to know! It's all about having fun, and feeling good about our love of pets! Lauren's Co-Host for "My Dog Digs Dirt: is her great big 132 pound Bouvier Des Flandres "Enoki" who many people think is a black bear cub!!!! "Enoki" is a fashion model when she wants to be, a good will ambasador... and will do just about anything when a biscuit is involved!
Pet Pardons News Radio
Join Tawnee Preisner and Jeromie Williams from Pet Pardons, as they discuss pet and animal news from North America and around the world. Support Pet Pardons News Radio with a donation today:
Hundpodden med Kicki & Fanny
Hundpodden - En livsstilspodd för hundälskare! Hundpsykologerna Kicki Fellstenius och Fanny Modig djupdyker i olika ämnen; Hur lär man hunden att hitta kantareller? Vad ska man tänka på när man nyss fått hem en valp? Hur tar man de bästa fotona på sin vovve? och en massa massa annat. Ibland tar de hjälp av specialister inom olika ämnesområden. Vi får också träffa några folkkära hundägare och inspireras av deras hundliv! På instagram och facebook finns extramaterial till varje avsnitt! Ha en HUNDerbar dag!
DSPN - The Dog Sports & Performance Network - Pets & Animals on Pet Life Radio (
DSPN Channel (Dog Sports & Performance Network) - DSPN is for the dog sports and performance enthusiast in all of us! Have you and your dog been skijoring lately? How about mushing? There might even be a scootering competition coming to your town! Are you boggled? Not to worry, now you can learn all about the multitude of dog sports and activities out there that you can try with your best four legged friend! We'll hear from the leading sports and conformation dog show stars who are at the top of their game as well as learn training tips and get the scoop on their secrets to success! Time to get Fido off the couch and JUST DO IT... on Pet Life Radio!
WingsNThings - Birds & Parrots as Pets - All About Pet Birds - Pets & Animals on Pet Life Radio (
What do you look for when choosing a pet bird? Find out what to look for from the experts! In these pet podcasts our host and guests discuss choosing a bird to fit your lifestyle, compare pet stores and breeders, and talk about how to keep your bird happy and healthy. Other topics include species of birds, your bird's habitat and which are the best foods to feed your little feathered friend! Find out what common household dangers you need to know about, as well as how to train your pet bird and more. In these fun pet podcasts, you'll find everything from taking your pet bird to the office to tips on what the best perches are to keep your bird's feet from getting tired or damaged. So take a beak, we mean peek at the world of pet birds... only on Pet Life Radio!