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Merge Conflict

Merge Conflict is a weekly discussion with Frank and James on all things development, technology, & more. After years of being friends, Frank and James finally decided to sit down and start a podcast about their lives as mobile developers using Xamarin. Much more than just another mobile development podcast, Merge Conflict, reaches all areas of development including desktop, server, and of course mobile. They also cover fun things happening in the world of technology and gaming and whatever else happens to be on Frank's and James' minds.

Depression Baby

True Stories from the Great Depression in Appalachia...and other things.

Hell's Breakroom

Hosts Craig, Ben, and Gordon answer off the wall hypothetical questions and give their off brand opinions on current events.


Singularity.FM is the 1st and best singularity podcast - the place where we interview the future. Singularity.FM is a series of podcast interviews with the best scientists, writers, entrepreneurs, philosophers and artists - such as Ray Kurzweil, Noam Chomsky, Michio Kaku, Vernor Vinge and many others, debating the technological singularity. The podcast is a conversation about the impact of technology, exponential growth, transhumanism, artificial intelligence and ethics on the future of humanity: because technology is not enough!

The Numbers Station

The Numbers Station is a weekly scripted podcast of mystery, wonder, and terror. Now broadcasting season one: The Sound. New episodes every Wednesday.

All That Is Podcast

“All That Is Podcast” with Sergei Davidoff is focused on gathering stories of how humans navigate their existence in search of peace, love and understanding.

Olive Hill

In 2001 two girls, on opposite sides of town, in the dead of night, stopped what they were doing and walked into the Daniel Boone National Forest. Now, a journalist who grew up with the girls is coming home to find out what happened that night in Olive Hill.

Tony Martin’s SIZZLETOWN

Welcome to SIZZLETOWN, the world’s first late-night call-in podcast, hosted by comedian and broadcaster Tony Martin, with Matt Dower on the Pots n Pans. The concept is flawed at best, the callers are highly suspect, and the whole thing is in constant danger of flying off the rails. Enjoy! (Sensitive listeners should note that Tony has done his best to ensure the podcast is free of problematic content.) WARNING: Problematic content.

MADIVA Podcast

MODERN AUDIO DRAMA INDIE VOICE ACTING PODCAST Ever wanted to voice act for audio drama? Awesome! Best job in the world! Well here's a guide as to things to do, think about and how to go about letting folks know you're a safe bet, vocal chameleon or a dependable quirky little firecracker that they will NEED on their show. Find your voice. Find your brand. Get up and get out there and show them what you've got! Want to improve and hone your understanding of the craft? Want people to see your name and go 'cool, they're in it, I'm definitely giving it a listen?' Then give this show a go. The Seasons work through the basic how-to's of what to be proactive about, as well as focusing in on audition techniques, warm ups, demo reel creation, remote recording, CRM's, studio recording and more. Much...much more....and probably explored in different accents....maybe...just for funnnn. Follow @QuirkyVoices for Ep info....ahgwan

The Dream

What if we told you that with zero experience and only a few hundred dollars down, this podcast could change your life? Well, we’d be lying. This season on The Dream, Jane Marie dives into the world of pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing, and all the other businesses that require their members to recruit their nearest and dearest in hopes of a commission. Join us as we trace the path of get-rich schemes from Jane’s roots in rural Michigan all the way to the White House. 

Hapless Heroes: A Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

The Hapless Heroes Podcast is a homebrew D&D comedy podcast and campaign set in the world of Telduria that consists of a rotating cast of players and DMs with an aptitude for rolling poorly. This NSFW podcast also features some hilarious table banter, punishing critical failures, immersive-yet-questionable roleplaying, and an ever-evolving, completely improvised story. Tune in and join the cast at their table every Monday as they embark on an epic journey of fame, fortune and failure.

Full Court Digress

Each week Mike Dupar and Dylan Barnes delve into the happenings around the NBA from the Litter Box Arena.

Coffeehouse Blunders

Join Daniel "Danny" Rensch and James "Motz" Montemagno each week on Coffeehouse Blunders as they discuss the latest in chess, coffee, tech, and anything else happening in their wonderful lives and around the world. Danny's life as an International Chess Master collides with Motz's mobile development and public speaking background for absolutely adorable and astonishing conversation.

Letter Talk Podcast

Letter writing is a dying art. With the advent social networking, text messaging, and ignoring your problems and loved ones, nobody writes letters anymore. I’m here to push against the trend, to be that letter writing equivalent of that hipster guy who still rides a pennyfarthing. I’m just one stupid person who writes letters to anyone about anything, and I’d be honored to write one to you. My name is Alyssa and this is Letter Talk.

Nintendo Dispatch

Nintendo fanboys Michael and James breakdown the latest news, game releases, and happenings in the Nintendo universe. No topic or game system is off limits as we discuss at the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Nintendo's mobile games, theme parks, merchandise, and whatever else awesome Nintendo is doing. Join us each week for a new episode of awesome. Now you're playing with power!

Movie Day Podcast

Podcast by Movie Day Podcast

Cosmic Tortoise

Propagating the Transhumanist Hivemind. Longform chats on Tech, Science, Society and Culture.

Magus Elgar

Magus Elgar is a Radio Comedy for Podcast Created by Kennedy Phillips and Melodygun. The First Episode will be released here next week! Season One will be released March, 2018.

You Are All Alone

Welcome to You Are All Alone, a narrative podcast following our main character DuPaul 1,100 years from the present 1,000 years and after the fall of man.

The V Spot: Vegan Podcast

Dani and Katt are vegans and sometimes they get angry about things. But mostly they talk about whatever's on their minds and laugh.

The Documentary Life

Have a passion for making documentary films? Want to learn how to best lead a documentary life? Join award-winning commercial and documentary filmmaker, Chris G. Parkhurst, and special industry guests as they candidly share their filmmaking stories, insights, and experiences, for all to learn how to best lead and live their own documentary dream lives.


A radio show about people who make radio, hosted by Mooj Zadie and Mickey Capper.

Describing A Rock

Rocks are great, come and enjoy some! Listen to some descriptions of rocks and everything that the rock is. Music by Podington Bear 🎵 Rocks by The Earth 🌎 Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/miloaxelrod/support

Alain Guillot Show | Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship

Show about personal finance and entrepreneurship. We discuss how to save money, how to make money and how to invest your money. We do dialogs and interviews with authors, bloggers, personal finance experts and entrepreneurs.

Not Just Yesterday: The Roddy McDowall Podcast

Not Just Yesterday is a podcast in tribute to the legendary actor Roddy McDowall; who's amazing career spanned over 6 decades in both Hollywood and print.