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Announcing: Podcast Taxonomy Version 1.1

Podcast Taxonomy, the international, multidisciplinary collaborative standard for recognizing roles and credits in podcast production, has released an update to its podcast credits taxonomy featuring new roles, a board of directors, and more!

In the latest version, Podcast Taxonomy has expanded its recognition of different roles and responsibilities within the industry, different names of roles dependent on context, and includes the recently announced Board of Directors.

Here are the changes in greater detail, and If you would like to participate in and contribute ideas to the next iteration of the Podcast Taxonomy, please join the Community Slack.

Updates to Podcast Taxonomy

New Roles

Nine (9) new roles have been added to the whitepaper:

  • Podcast Concept Developer
  • Talent Manager
  • Player
  • Transcriber
  • Music Supervisor
  • Booking Coordinator
  • Community Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Consultant

Recognizing Titles for Similar Roles

As the podcast industry grows, Podcast Taxonomy has started to notice more job titles emerging in the space. These titles have been added as alternative names (or AKAs) for current titles in the whitepaper. 

11 new AKAs of current roles. The roles in bold are the current roles, and the unbolded roles are the new AKAs.

  1. Podcast Concept Developer: Managing Producer
  2. Producer: Podcast Project Manager
  3. Host: Co-Host
  4. Guest: Guest Host, Guest Writer
  5. Narrator: Imaging Voice
  6. Player: Game Master
  7. Songwriter: Lyricist
  8. Marketing Manager: Podcast Marketing Coordinator, Podcast Marketer
  9. Assistant: Virtual Assistant

Recognition of unscripted vs. scripted roles

The industry is now seeing a divergence in what constitutes a Producer and Writer role, depending on if the podcast is scripted or unscripted. To reflect that change, Podcast Taxonomy has added extra clarifications to both of those roles.

Community Board of Directors

The white paper includes the Community Board of Directors for the Podcast Taxonomy. These are the members:

  1. Emilio Moreno, Chief Executive Officer at iVoox
  2. Amber Smith, Audience Development at Slate
  3. Sandra Yee Ling, Vice President of Production at QCODE
  4. Ona Oghogho, Founder of Blk Pod Collective
  5. William White, Staff Product Manager, Podcasts at Pandora
  6. Cole Raven, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Podchaser

Declared Metrics of Success

The current metrics of success have been updated to focus on raising awareness, industry adoption, and closing the feedback loop from key players in the industry.

About Podcast Taxonomy

Podcast Taxonomy is an international, multidisciplinary collaborative initiative focused on standardizing roles and production credits within the podcasting industry. Their goal is to improve job search and discovery, providing networks and independent creators with a standard list of clearly defined positions. Read the whitepaper for a full overview.

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Questions about the Podcast Taxonomy?

Cole Raven, Co-Founder
[email protected]

Norman Chella, Podcast Librarian
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