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In Sight

What do you get when you mix a true crime enthusiast, a recording and editing adept, and a third party that’s way too busy? A podcast run by strangers that manages to grow to monetization in only a little over two years. Wasn’t exactly what I was expecting the recipe to yield either, but Ali Mclennan and Charlie Worroll from In Sight have cooked up exactly that, and I got to talk to Charlie all about it.

You may be wondering what happened to that third party, so let me explain. Ali and Charlie actually “met” in a Facebook group for fans of another podcast where the host was looking to start a more serious true crime show. Charlie had the skills to make it happen as she had been teaching herself to record and edit audio and Ali volunteered out of a longstanding love of true crime.

After only three episodes, the third party decided the show was too much work and dropped out, but Ali and Charlie decided to keep going despite not knowing each other. The rocky beginning didn’t slow the duo down for long and In Sight has been on the rise, building a steady fan base because of its unique focus in the broad genre of true crime: they focus on either an unsolved historic case or a solved case with a little more to it.

Often times [we look at solved cases] because it’s some type of larger sociological issue like domestic violence or homelessness or poverty or LGBTQ, something else to talk about other than just the crime.

The topics are carefully chosen and researched and then the show is scripted in order to keep the story really tight and the narrative as compelling as possible. The pair do their best to make sure they are always bringing something new to the table and not just repeating what listeners may have heard on another show. From newspapers to books, Charlie sorts through dozens of sources before even thinking of writing in order to make sure she is putting together something unique.

Because Ali and Charlie want to examine the crimes critically, they do their best not to intrude on the lives of the family and friends of the people they discuss. Being compassionate is always on their minds, but they don’t want to shy away from family and friends that may be suspects or at least suspicious because of a bias toward those loved ones.

Most importantly, Ali and Charlie make their show for their listeners and are excited to get to share new stories with their audience. Charlie loves any time they share a case that may have been overlooked by other true crime outlets because it means that they are doing in-depth research and offering fresh content to a thoroughly saturated genre.

Beyond In Sight, both women run other podcasts. Ali hosts Mysteriously Listed, which counts down unsolved mysteries that match a certain theme. Charlie also hosts Impact Statement, which allows those left behind after a crime to share their perspective and life changes post-tragedy. So, if you love crime, mysteries, investigations, or a little bit of tragedy, check out Charlie and Ali and leave a review of their shows so we know what you think!


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