Podcast Taxonomy Announces Inaugural Community Board Members

Podcast Taxonomy Announces Inaugural Community Board Members

June 22, 2021Podcast Taxonomy is thrilled to announce the Podcast Taxonomy Community Board (PTCB). This collection of industry leaders brings comprehensive expertise from every part of the podcasting universe, representing the interests and experiences of industry professionals, big and small. The PTCB will guide strategy for standardizing industry-specific credits and production roles to improve job search and discovery, further professionalize the podcast industry, and ensure the language of podcasting is inclusive of people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Clockwise from left: Amber Smith, Will White, Blake Day, Emilio Moreno, Daniel Rosenberg, Cole Raven, Ona Oghogho, and Susan Yee Ling

Appointees include:

  • Amber Smith, Audience Development at Slate
  • William White, Staff Product Manager, Podcasts at Pandora
  • Blake Day, Talent Acquisition Manager at Spotify
  • Emilio Moreno, Chief Executive Officer at iVoox
  • Ona Oghogho, Founder of Blk Pod Collective and Podcast Community & Events Manager for Buzzsprout
  • Cole Raven, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Podchaser 
  • Daniel Rosenberg, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at Staff Me Up
  • Sandra Yee Ling, Vice President of Production at QCODE  

“Seeing organizations on every level come together to work towards a common goal is inspiring,” said Podcast Taxonomy Co-Founder and Podchaser COO Cole Raven. “I’m grateful for the industry’s enthusiasm and willingness to support the Podcast Taxonomy movement and couldn’t be happier with the members of our inaugural board!”

“Our board illustrates what we hope to see in the podcast industry of the future: diverse in thought, career status, and professional background, and inclusive of people from historically underrepresented communities,” added Podcast Taxonomy Co-Founder and Staff Me Up VP of Business Development and Strategic Alliances Daniel Rosenberg. 

The PTCB will convene quarterly to discuss priorities and initiatives, with their first meeting scheduled this summer. 

About the Podcast Taxonomy

Podcast Taxonomy is an international, multidisciplinary collaborative initiative focused on standardizing roles and production credits within the podcasting industry. Their goal is to improve job search and discovery, providing networks and independent creators with a standard list of clearly defined positions. All Podcast Taxonomy determined roles are inclusive, representing people of all backgrounds, gender identities, people of color, and marginalized voices.

Podcast Taxonomy was organized in 2020 by Podchaser and Staff Me Up with Arielle Nissenblatt of Squadcast as Head of Community and has grown to include over 100 international businesses and industry professionals. 

The organization released the first draft of its white paper last fall, effectively launching its effort to establish industry standards for professional and creative role descriptions through a living breathing document updated in time with the movement’s progress. Anyone involved in the podcasting industry, working independently or professionally, is encouraged to join the community and contribute to the white paper.

Those attending this year’s Podcast Movement can learn more at the Podcast Taxonomy panel discussion on Thursday, August 5th. Several members of the board will come together to speak on why this is an essential initiative for the success of the industry.